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  1. I am a graduate of UA and Albany Law. This idea would make far too much sense, especially to the faculty at the law school.
  2. If some "Bigger League" comes looking for the Danes it may be because of the Women's program.
  3. Sorry I wasn't there but it looked good on tv. It was hard to get a sense of the crowd size?
  4. Black's performance is not surprising. He is very talented and we all knew he was going to have a game like this at least once this season. Rowley is the one stepping up. He has a beautiful left handed shot down low.
  5. Not a must win. But, a loss could result in some self doubt creeping in. Confidence and doubt are the two big unmeasurables in atheletic competition. A nice strong win would help erase the Vermont memory.
  6. I think the truth is that just about any team is capable of getting its but kicked big time. The real question is how does the team react to the beating. In golf the question always is: how do you respond to a bad shot or a bad round, because both are going to happen.
  7. The Big guys get a lot of opportunities but they have butter fingers. They can't make those 6 footers and everyone has figured it out. At this level you need one big guy who is a major scoring threat.
  8. Vermont has done a fantastic job. They are smothering Iati and Black. The Danes need to find some firepower elsewhere.
  9. Nothing would make me happier than a strong win. Going to dinner with some friends and might treat them to a glass of wine.
  10. Wish we could go but other commitments to take care of. There still is some doubt about whether the team is really vey good. This is not must win game. But, a nice victory would put all the doubts aside. Go Danes!
  11. Yes, I was there. If the could hit the "simple" shots the Danes would pose a threat to just about any team. Incidentally, I know it is harder than it looks.
  12. Nice start. I still wish the big guys could add more to the offensive game. A balanced attack would drive every opponent nuts. And, what about the women! Wow!
  13. For sports fan it's a great night out. The game is over early enough to go to one of the many nearby restaurants. Why not do some promotional work with Fridays etc.? Once you get "hooked" you can't wait for the next game.
  14. First class. The young men and women at the service academies are special. I'm glad our "kids" see the bigger picture. Go Danes!
  15. Now, now. He is a very good player. He has made a few machismo comments. What 21 year old hasn't ? From what I know, he is a wonderful young man: A credit to Siena. Let's put this aside and help The Danes take names and kick ass.
  16. Nice win. The team is playing so well together. If only the "Bigs" could become scoring threats the team would be much harder to handle. I don't want to jinx things but could we be looking at 25+ wins?
  17. Annapolis is a beautiful little city. I would not be surprised if the arena is full. The Midshipmen don't get much time, if any, off for the holidays. In some ways these games are the most dangerous. Any time you should win there is more pressure on you.
  18. All of this league realignment is interesting. UA must be in the mix somewhere. At a gut level I have to think that stronger student and alumni support is a factor in how "desirable" we are. Of course, winning makes the Danes desirable also.
  19. It somehow seems inappropriate to be commenting about any topic before the victims, especially the babies, have been laid to rest. Frankly, I'm not much on prayer, but I think we should all say a prayer for the families. UAlbany is first and foremost an educational institution. I hope we can help find out why these things happen. I'll be there on Friday rooting for the Danes but with a heavy heart.
  20. As Alums we have some responsibility to get out support for the team. Has the student body ever been "questioned" about why it doesn't support the teams more? Watching terrific sporting events is a nice part of the college experience. Program success and strong student and community support would make UA more visible.
  21. A win but not a real confidence builder. They played with good poise at the end when they could have panicked and that is a positive. 700 more students in the building would have made for a better atmosphere.
  22. It is frustrating not to see more student support. Whenever UA succeeds at something it enhances the value of the degree. Besides, it is wonderful watching these talented young people play roundball.
  23. I'm new to this site. I am an UA grad and a proud one. The basketball team looks real good. I think the key is confidence. As a fairly decent athelete I know how easy it is when you are confident and how hard it is when you are full of doubt. Winning breeds confidence.
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