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  1. yes, i saw the new SBU indoor facility (just from outside) and it's a pretty cool structure. Definitely looks impressive to prospective football recruits. We need that.
  2. Wonder if they could use this as an excuse to totally enhance rather than just restore it.
  3. These uniforms make no sense. Unless we were acquired by the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  4. Cornell now has a cluster of 39. Of those, 36 are student athletes.
  5. Of course, every school studies these metrics and aims to improve them not just for rankings purposes but also for student/faculty recruitment and retention. The point is, Albany is not succeeding in any of these areas, at least in relation to its peers. Many years ago, I believe we topped out around a ranking of 120, and I was hopeful we'd crack the top 100. Northeastern U., as an example, used to be below us but has skyrocketed to #49. But at this rate, we're heading closer to the third tier rather than the first. This is more disappointing than anything we do/don't achieve in sports.
  6. Just got a sneak peek at the new US News rankings for 2021: Albany is at 160—tied with Hofstra, Mercer, UMBC, and others. One spot ahead of Adelphi. Binghamton, Buffalo, and SBU are all tied (oddly) at 88—right behind Michigan St, NC State, and others. When I was applying to schools in the 90s, long before the Nanotech debacle, Albany was #2 with a bullet, right behind Binghamton as the best SUNY. What happened? What can we do—or are we doing—to get some mojo back? Back in the day, we felt like we were competing (academically) with UMass and Maryland—not Hofstra and Adelphi. I
  7. looks great. i vote for the purple-
  8. Big 10 officially postpones football... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/11/sports/ncaafootball/big-ten-postpones-football-season.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  9. not official, but getting close... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/bigten/2020/08/10/big-ten-votes-against-college-football-season-due-coivd-concerns/3332196001/
  10. Since this is a broooooad forum, let's wish a happy birthday to the Best Dane Since Hamlet, who, ironically, is technically the 4th best dane since Hamlet.
  11. Also, his eyebrows look like lightning bolts. Might need a disclaimer for those.
  12. Original Damien had a similar stare.
  13. I kind of like it. I was in some meetings for a D-3 sports rebrand, and the priority these days is a mascot that is intimidating/fierce, so this is timely. And the font feels playfully 1980's futuristic, which kind of offsets the angry dog. I mostly dig it. And the state image is great for those who wonder where Albany is. Plus, the star reminds them that we're the capitol of one of the country's biggest states.
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