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  1. Ball state deal fell through late. At holy cross instead. Have to honor the home-home deal.
  2. Picked up this post graduate running back commitment. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4624315/highlights/200485379
  3. McCarthy was the qb coach for 3 of the most successful quarterbacks in program history. Please elaborate how is coaching had nothing to do with Fiacchi's success
  4. I know it has been a while since Gattuso has had to deal with this situation as a head coach. Not impressed on how it was handled. No doubt football is a game of emotions. In this situation he has to eat his humble pie and shake Talley's hand. There is no excuse not too. It sets a poor example for the players. As a coach, whenever my team is taking its lumps like Albany did, I usually sub out when the winning team starts to sub out. Not right away, but soon there after. If a team takes its starting and even second string D out, I will start to pull my starters slowly. If the starters can't get it done against the big boys, they don't deserve to get it done against the 2's and 3's. I know each situation is different, but that is my take.
  5. Had a conversation related to this on Saturday with a former alum before this happened. It was about running up the score. Coach ford used to say it all of the time, if you don't want a team to run up the score, get better. At the high school level running the score up can be suspect. You are dealing with kids. In this case we are dealing with recruited college athletes. Nobody feels bad for you. Just get better
  6. No doubt the kid from Maryland is a starter day 1. His brother will likely push, but don't be at all surprised if he doesn't start. We are no doubt updating the recruiting talent, but a jr/sr "nec" lineman is still in most cases better then a true freshman Caa kid.
  7. To expect true freshman to come in and start at the CAA level is a bold predication, especially on the offensive line. I would imagine several of the kids in the offensive an defensive perimeter will push for time, but the difference in high school and college ball up front is night and day.
  8. Fans want a legitimate college football tailgating experience. The university is doing a better job with a beer tent and the promotions in the racc parking lot, but this caters to a small group. The majority of others (students) want a place to drink beer, grill burgers, and not have to make the trek from Dutch quad lot
  9. The guy is one of the best coaches you will ever meet. They played this year with average NEC talent. It sucks when kids can't execute what you are asking an coaching them to do at a high level. It's extremely frustrating. Your scheme is your scheme. The meat and potatoes of this offense has been the same or years with much success.
  10. I don't think it matters where they come from. Just gotta get them.
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