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  1. After reading through the thread AFTER posting, seems as if mostly everyone agreed Nichols was out of control. Why I like reading this board. For the most part knowledgeable fans. Getting so close hurts so badly. Damn.
  2. Did someone really say Browns clock has "struck midnight" ?????. Ive spent too much energy on this game today to even respond to this. Better hope Coach Brown doesn't get a big time offer and forces midnight! I assume you weren't around 2000-04 or you'd thank God Will Brown has been here as long as he has! Just went wire to wire with a VT team on a 20 game (longest in NATION) winning streak! Now 5-1 in conf championships. Please don't tell me there's a such thing as a "spoiled" Great Dane fan. It's the America East & when you have success like this & your coach remains with the program you should be thankful.
  3. Haven't read through the thread yet but here's my 2 cents. I hate to get on Nichols bc without him we are not in this position BUT: He was playing "hero ball" ALL game especially in the 2nd half. Trying for the "dagger" 3 pointer that would be on SC highlights when they were leading and obviously at the end. He I feel if he had acknowledged even mid 2nd half that he was just "off" today and played fascilitator they win! Again we aren't in this game without Nichols & really hate to get on one kid but he was gunning all game & I really think it played a big part in the loss. As per usual Coach Brown put us in a position to win, certainly can't bench your best player but he was out of control. Cant take that many shots & hit 6, 1 3 pointer out of wat? 9?? Give Cremo (or ANYONE!! )5-10 of his shots and we are dancing! On the bright side Nichols, Cremo, Campbell SOPHS!! Great year! Great group of kids enjoyed rooting for em!
  4. I believe I heard during a UA broadcast that UA the only or one of handful that their coaching staff is filled with former players
  5. Been trying to figure out how to post my personal "Hooley Shot: video. Glad someone got it up! Best live sports experience of my life!
  6. I cannot understand after all the success UA has had how the students have not come around. I graduated in 2004 & my friends made fun of me for following the team. But those same guys (all big sports fans) have made trips to tourney games with me. Was at the "Hooley" game. Philly for Duke couple others. I personally believe it's the schools fault for not marketing the TEAM more ! Not so much each individual game. People have plans. Pump the team up pre season. Give students season tix. Have eating/drinking events. Tailgate in the bubble. ANYTHING. Coach Brown & the players have done they job and had enough success. Just my two cents. Probably comes back to $$$ like anything else.
  7. Ive said this multiple times but Nichols is a SOPHOMORE! Cremo is a SOPHOMORE who made All Conference team and still looks like a HS kid! Campbell is a SOPHOMORE! Have we ever had 2 Conference super stars and someone like Campbell all playing this well as Sophomores?? Obviously Jamar was a stud from day 1. Jon Iati played great from day one but that was due to a lack of talent around him in the early D1 days. I cant think of anytime we had 2-3 players playing at such a high level as sophs. I know Vermont is really deep but think building around David/Cremo/Campbell next two years going to be great! 40 points on 8 3s in his second tourney game??. Back to this year. 100 points. 29 point win in round one. Team rallying around David (feels like 2015) Vermont very good (whatever year(s) we won up there. Starting to have a special feel to it. O yeah it's March. Will Brown does pretty well in March. Haha. Trying to rally up the old roommates from UA and get to SB. When we beat them trying to get them to VT (or hopefully UA) great great win!!! Cant say enough about David!! These kids are amaZing!
  8. Don't know how Coach Brown selects who he gives scholarships to but these KIDS are absolutely incredible!
  9. I posted this somewhere else but must post again. I had no idea Campbell was just a sophomore! Think about how much past players grew from year to year (Hooley Black etc etc) Nichols Cremo AND Campbell with TWO more years! WOW! That is some core to work with. I usually don't care if we recruit JUCOs or HS players but must admit it is a lot more fun to get 3-4 years to watch these kids grow (especially the really talented ones)
  10. Nice to see Campbell & Charles stepping up so that UA can win games if Nichols or Cremo are off!
  11. I guess my sarcasm didn't come through via my text. I am well aware ONE vote in the top 25 not getting an at large bid. Just thought it was quite uncommon to see an AE team with even that.
  12. Vermont received a vote in the AP Top 25! RPI of 61. Could this be the year the AE gets an at large (after UA beats em of course) probably not but the 1st time I can recall seeing a top 25 vote for an AE team
  13. Ive been trying to be patient with Rowley because seems like a good kid & his brother was such a huge part of past UA success but you guys are right! I'm pretty certain he was touted (from Coach Brown) as "more athletic" than Sam!?!? I thought he could at least occasionally be the #3 scorer!! He's been a huge disappointment. Have been waiting a long time to see if his "potential" ever came out. Obviously not. I think he's a liability as a starter. Should be used to give Stire a breather & nothing more at this point.
  14. Fair enough. Everyone entitled to their own opinion & without a lot of your opinions wouldn't be much to read on here so appreciate that. I just have ALOT of confidence in Coach Brown as you can see from my post lol.
  15. I was reading through the 2016 recruiting thread because I was VERY bored just to see who actually came & what everyone was saying about all of the recruits & possible recruits. I came out thinking some people seem to doubt Coach Brown quite a bit. I graduated in 2004 & my friends at UA used to make fun of me for following the team. I used to say "we are going to see UA on the March Madness bracket one day" & my UA friends abused me! I remember cheering when they cut the lead to under THIRTY vs Syracuse at the Pepsi Arena. Do some of you guys realize that Brown inherited a fledgling brand new D1 team that once finished a game with four players!! Has been to FIVE NCAAs!! If this year is a "down" year I'll sign up for that anytime! Nichols & Cremo only SOPHOMORES! My point is I think some people should trust Coach Brown a little bit more! He's done an absolutely positively INCREDIBLE job from the hand he was given! Just my 2 cents. Don't post often but read the board quite a bit & enjoy reading all who participate. Let's hope a usual Coach Brown better as the season goes along team just taking a little bit longer than usual this year haha. Go Great Danes!!
  16. I am surprised with all of the Patsos & Brown drama that there is only 2 pages on this board. Do all of you speak about UA on twitter or FB or somewhere else? If so please let me know. (Have read this board for many years & enjoyed all of you guys posts, not intended as a slight) just thought would be more than 2 pages. Thanks!
  17. I cant see how close to 1000 students dont show up. In 2000-04 when I was at UA I was the only one of my friends (would grab one other) that attended a regular game at the RACC. All of my friends and large % of frat, aquaintances would attend the Syracuse and/or Siena game at the Pepsi Arena? Cant see how after all the success & recognition that 1000 would be difficult ON CAMPUS? Well see I guess! Lets go danes and have fun to all on here who will be attending!
  18. Exactly. It'll be a "sellout" because those student tickets are already accounted for. Those student sections were not even full for the America east championship game two years ago.
  19. Click- NO WAY it compares to any of the championships!! I should have been more clear of what I meant with "all time". I was at the "Hooley Shot" so NO an opener versus Penn St ranks nowhere near any of the post season or tournament games we had success in.
  20. Will Brown just continues to re-load. I cannot remember an opener where I was trying to figure out who everyone was more than this one. And naturally Coach Brown puts a brand new squad together who goes on the road to Penn St and wins!! The announcers said it best "fearless". They weren't flinching at the free throw line at the end! I had no clue what to expect from this team this year because of all the new faces. This certainly has me excited! Great win!!!
  21. "The Great Danes of Albany come into State College & beat the Nittany Lions"!!!!!! Where does this rank on the all time win list? Washington Penn St Utah?? What do you think?
  22. @playorbplayd: UAlbany MBB released Kyle McKinley from his LOT on 4/8 #purplefam Assuming friendly with Wheeler Baker (from MN)
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