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  1. If the investigation shows the contact was not planned, occured in a normal setting such as a practice and it was not meant to physically hurt the stident- DK should be able to keep his job.
  2. I'm not sure whether this thread's primary theme is to support Will's record or to fire Benson. Quite frankly, I am all about the school, its reputation and standing. The deed is done. MB should be talking to donors, the players and the public. Better yet, this national search has to be done expeditiously and a new coach introduced. I hope the new coach will see the wisdom of defining a role for Jon I.
  3. Need to get in rhythm...so far so good. AC- better passing!
  4. Sorry for the late review. We are a better team when Tuna (Hank) is in against smaller teams. He defends well and we saw some determined moves in the opening minutes. Now don't go hostile, but I think he would do a credible job shadowing Lamb. Clark is the tale of good and bad play. We need him, except when he enters me zone. When we need a charge, no one better. This was apparent the last half of Columbia and in the Maine game. Keep it up. Cam had an off shooting day, but most of his 3 point shots were made when he was open. Healy so made a couple of nifty passes to Hank. de Sousa is similar to Clark- which means... which player shows up? I see a lot of potential. Few has him jumps and defense. Just gotta keep plugging. Got to admit that Trey is a good add. Shots well and rebounds. Goes to the hoop as well. From a stat point of view, one of the more consistent players. Have to agree with some comments on Ludka. Maybe he is still feeling affects of the injury. Hard to tell because he appears so quiet. Maybe the Tuna can get him mad? JJ looks like he is hindered. You can see that he has talent and gives us a strong third player to attack the basket. Game play. The Maine game started out like many of our contests, we were in control, made lots of passes and took open shots. A few substitutions later and all is forgotten and the team reverts to individual style play. Momentum is loss and we find our great lead has evaporated. oh well. Glad to see the 2-0 start and our ability to regain the lead for a win.
  5. Bad shooting and no offensive rebounding was the story. Regarding rebounding: we simply are not in position. Lowell had three or more crashing versus our one, typically on the short side of the rim. Our offense has a lot of wasted motion around the perimeter. 3 point shooting was maybe 50-50 of reasonable open shots versus being defended. But.. no one following shots or having bigs to rebound. Definitely a humbling game. Guess what? The lanes and underneath was open. Lulka did a good job. Malachi showed his talent on defense. He made a 3 and also made one strong move to the hoop. Rizzutto looked like he was in the dog house on offense, relegated to a corner and not part of the action. Again, too much waste at the perimeter. BTW- it is the same pattern we use on nearly all games. At D1, the opponent has the book. An aside, the placing of Clark at the post in the SBU game was creative.
  6. My take. We went stale once Clark was sitting. Hated to see Lulka patrol from the perimeter. Little penetration until.. Clark re entered the game and became an effective foul line post. I think getting the ball in that position was something new( and good) , which may explain the poor shooting. Surprised he didn't take it strong to the hoop ever so often. Give Healy an open shot and he will convert. Glad to see him and the other guards attacking the boards for rebounds. Both Lulka and Hank must get stickier hands and stop putting the ball to the floor when a strong move up will do. Lulka can be a beast and looked great on some of the short layins. Rizzuto labored except he was intense on defense. All together a decent effort against a so-so team. Lauderdale is a smart player and helped both the defense and rebounding. Dev should position himself down low. AT 6-6 in the AE, you can gather bounds and a few chip ins. Notwithstanding the stats offered about his shooting percentage, he should fog up a three pointer only in the rarest situation like the clock running out. Hey, we got three sharp shooting guards. Not sure what happened to Malachi. He was on the floor when Ahmad was out and he looked confused. We need to get him fired up.
  7. We were an inch from the turning point. I'm not frustrated because our goal is to get shaped up for the AE playoffs and I am confident that we will make the final 8. Hank, Rizzutto, and de Sousa earned high marks. Healy demeanor shows determination with hard nose defense. CB made some great moves. He kept de Sousa in and wow we saw some flashes. De Sousa can be a monster on defense as well. When Hank is on the floor we are different. He patrols the rim area. Last night he got 6 offensive rebounds, which is so important with a 3 point shooting time. Quite truthfully, he should keep Hank in regardless of fouls. Campbell was ok and helpful. Still, he is awkward shooting. Clark is the guy that is confronted with a changing environment. Early on the freshman were timid (except Healy). Now with Rizzutto established and hopefully de Sousa coming of age, he needs to show leadership by using these guys. Stop the out of control drives into 7 footers. Young team. Close to the turning point where we win by a point. BTW, I am certain that the rest of the league took note that we are dangerous. All good.
  8. I'm new to the board but have followed our team for years. Regarding defense: I cringe when our 5 is above the foul line and our point is left with their 4 or 5 underneath. Hank moves well but his game is patrolling near the hoop. Trying to trap out front should be the exception, not the rule. Can't count the number of times our bigs leave their post only to have the ball dumped in for an easy layup. Also, BU moved the ball well. No unnecessary dribbling... led to solid looks. If we play zone, need to move faster- Can not allow easy three point looks. BU was exceptionally hot in the first half but still there needs to be more in the face. Additionally, we must have two or more positioned to haul in the rebound. Offense looked best when Malachie was in there. He is long and creates opportunities. Healy a gamer. I though Ahmad played well, although he missed a couple of easy layins. On the other hand, I agree with the board that he trying too hard. Some shots are not meant to be. My line up would be Healy, De Sousa, Clark, Campbell and Luka. Campbell plays 4 and is only allowed to drive and shoot bank shots 10 feet in. Coach still hasn't broken the bad habit of chewing a guy out on the sideline. Looks bad and doesn't get a the affect sought. Ditto- for the foot stomp.
  9. Well, in the TU today, Joe thanks everyone except WB. This is not a slight against WB. Joe needs a family feel which is not part of business of the Div I basketball. Good luck to Joe.
  10. This is not a zero-sum topic. Congrats to UMBC. UA is not lessened. UA can use this to get over any hump that we seem to place in front of us when playing up. We can beat Vermont et al. What UMBC showed me was 40 minutes of staying to plan. I don't think Maura was more than 3 feet from his assignment all evening. You bet Muara bothered them. That was the plan. Coach Brown should have the same take away, IMO.
  11. My hat is off to UMBC. Had a game plan and stuck to it for 40 minutes. Game shows that there are no excuses going forward. All teams can be beaten.
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