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  1. UF is not a very big team with the exception of the center Young and he's not so tall but he's thick and insanely strong. Billy will start, and those heights probably match, Wilbekin - 1 Frazier - 2 Prather - 3 Yeguette - 4 230# Young - 5 245# Finney-Smith 6'8" is the 6th man and he can play from 1 to 5, but mostly plays a bigish 3 / smallish 4. Kasey Hill 6'1" Point guard is next Devon Walker is 6'6" guard that is 8th Chris Walker 6'10" but skinny forward with insane athletic ability but he's not a mature player. The key to UF is their defensive execution and relentless, in your face, effort on the defensive end without fouling. UF gives up very few easy shots. UF wins it's games on the defensive end, with turnovers and middle zone breaks. You'll see constant 3/4 court pressure but it's not likely to be too aggressive, unless you're having trouble advancing it (When Billy finds a weakness, he never gives it back). The press is desgned to burn the shot clock and make you go faster than you want to go. He'll go man, match up zone, tranditional 2-3 and 1-3-1. 5 or 6 times a game we'll trap the ball right over the time line. Offensively it's screen after screen after screen with very precise spacing that will make the defense have to choose who to cover. Wilbekin can shoot but he's more dangerous driving and dishing. Frazier shoots 45% from 3 and will go on spurts. He made 12 or 13 in a game against USCe. Prather is stricktly a go to the basket player. He shoots sparingly from beyond 10' Yeguette couldnt throw it in the ocean from the beach Young is a good inside scorer but will get blocked a few times from behind by a bigger 5. DFS scores from everywhere but has not shot the ball well this season.
  2. I don't know who that guy is, but he's not a normal UF guy. That's such a great response! How sad is it that someone outside of Albany doesn't even think he could be an Albany writer. Oh Times Union... The "mighty" Gator football team lost to Georgia Southern .... IN THE SWAMP. I don't care what the Kahleesi's slave girls say, nothing "is known."
  3. Thanks for the hospitality. I hope to circle back later and hopefully we can talk more about the game. I like to know as much as I can about the teams we play, so i'm interested in whatever you'll share. If I don't make it, good health tomorrow, in any case.
  4. I don't know who that guy is, but he's not a normal UF guy. He's OUR Albany/Times Union beat writer (if you can believe that) that has more interest in covering the Saratoga Race Track in the off-season then he cares about the Great Danes. Again, we all know what the reality is here...but be a professional about it. If he were in Florida and did that he'd have to hide his family. If i weren't a guest here, I'd refer to him as an assclown, but that's indecorous. The reality is the UF is a very good team that no one expects to lose, but the reality also is that March is madd and very good teams lose games that no one expects them to lose.
  5. We are 13-0 when we score 70 this year including last night. That's the only stat I remember right now haha. I'll defer to someone else on pace. We have given up 70+ a couple of times this year, so it's not out of the question by any means. You'll likely have to shoot a good % from behind the arc.
  6. I don't know who that guy is, but he's not a normal UF guy.
  7. Yes, Damien the Great Dane I should have guessed. none of us can resist the alliteration.
  8. Reading up on your team I expected a slower pace than I saw last night. Which is more likely? UF will apply constant steady pressure but not a true full court press, so that will have something to do with the pace, but what is Coach Brown's likely preference?
  9. I'm not sure why but one question has been raised by some on our board; does your mascot have a name? Like our 'alligator' is Albert.
  10. Lately yes as Will Brown has shortened the rotation to go with guys he trusts...welcome to our message board. Thank you. I hope some of you get to Orlando; it's going to be insane. Sadly, I'll be forced to watch on the computer. Rowley had some moments last night I'm sure he'd like to either have back or forget. I assume that's out of character, since he saw 37 minutes.
  11. I haven't seen much of Coach Brown, but I wouldn't doubt it one bit. Cal is a great recruiter. As far as an Xs & Os coach? He's a great recruiter.
  12. Great game last night. Lots fun to watch for me, stressful for you all I'm sure but stress or no, great games are great. I'd be lying if I said I was hoping for something similar tomorrow, but I'm sure you understand that. I noticed that you played seven players, is that the norm?
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