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  1. Sidenote: whatever happened to Zee Roberson? Did i miss something in the off season?
  2. Daily reminder gentlemen, always wear your lucky hat
  3. They knocked us out in 2010, 2011 and 2012. We knocked them out in 2013, 2014 and..of course..2015. hmm, 2015 you say. I think something important happened that year.
  4. Has Stony Brook beaten us in the post season recently? I can't think of the last time we lost to them in the AE tournament.
  5. And Albany dropped 100 tonight. Stony Brooks address is 100 Nicolls Rd..
  6. Guiltyyyyy I've only had it for 6 months and I haven't been pulled over yet. *knock on wood* They should have made it a factory option. The Porsche 911 GT3RS looks great in Purple (with gold calipers).
  7. Thought this forum could use some lighter topics Check it, swapped out the ugly NY plates for some custom UA plates. Looks great on my Cadillac ATS-V No front plates cuz I'm an outlaw Thoughts?
  8. I've already bought 2 tickets and a hotel room . Gonna drive my ATS-V up there.
  9. NIT invite is doubtful with a loss like this. Hate to see Hooley go on such a low note, but Hartford wanted it more.
  10. Jesus, Hooley 1-10 in the paint. Rough day.
  11. I couldn't watch the game so all I have is the box score. Holy crap, how is Maine 6-11 when they shoot 57% against us? Bad defense or were they just really hot tonight?
  12. UB player Jordan Collier still down down after kickoff. Hasn't moved yet. Hope he'll be ok, really sucks seeing these young kids take massive hits like this.
  13. Rebel without a clue. They're a dime a dozen in undergrad.
  14. My D3 alma mater (Alfred State) has a much better athletics site. deadhorse.gif
  15. How lovely, I have a wedding to go to that day. Go figure it's on a day when we have our biggest game ever.
  16. Yup! Check it out http://dmv.ny.gov/custom-plates/university-albany
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