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  1. Another real tough opponent, another opportunity for growth and improvement. The Harvard loss was hard as I felt this team should have won that game with how they played. A win here would be great for the team. They can do it if they find a way to put the ball in the basket.

    I'm also hoping to see the team play a little faster. We were told they were gonna play fast, yet the pace has been Will Brownesque.

  2. 47 minutes ago, reeder said:

    Yes, the team is really struggling - especially on offense but the coach just started in March.  Sure, I’d like to see them shoot better and win some games but he’ll need some time.

    Not sure what you mean by the grand experiment continues.  We haven’t been above .500 in conference play since the 2017-18 season so it’s not like the cupboard was full when he got here.

    New only goes so far. UMBC lost their coach and their best players, and just beat an ACC team.

    I still have plenty of patience, and I like the team, but I'm not sure there is anything this team needs to practice other than shooting, layups, and more shooting.

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  3. Well the naysayers may be right, the shooting continues to be horrendous. The thing that gets me is that when the team moves the ball the shot selection has been pretty good, they just can't hit the broadside of a barn. After they miss good shots the ball movement stops and they force it.

    My original point is that these are all fairly highly recruited athletes that have all shown the ability to shoot and score in the past. How they can brick so many open looks is crazy. The ball has to roll a different way at some point doesn't it?

  4. And for clarity, they are still showing an extreme ability to avoid putting the ball in the hoop tonight.

    That said, the defense has been really really good tonight. Forcing turnovers, keeping KState off balance. My original point was that they can't possibly be this bad offensively all season. Some shots will start to fall. Keep the defensive intensity up and they will break out of the shooting slump.

  5. Kansas St is really an average/slightly below average offensive team, but really strong defensively. Doesn't bode well for a team that can't seem to get the ball to fall, but it would be a great game to break out of any slumps players are having. I know it's early in the season, but they really play hard year round now. People have been on Horton, but he was pretty good last year. He didn't start with the role last season, but ended with it, and earned it. He will shake out of it and be closer to what we saw last season.

  6. Too bad we couldn't watch to give it the eye test, but analytically, this was their second worst defensive effort (Townson being the worst) and their 3rd best offensive performance (worst of the last 3). 

    It looks like they are showing improvement over the beginning of the year, but I have to imagine that this road trip took a toll on their legs, and obviously coming off the Kentucky game it was probably hard to stay focused.

    While this game wasn't good, a win is a win, and a buzzer beater always helps get the adrenaline going. Kansas State is going to be another tough one on Wednesday, but hopefully the momentum has switched and we see another improved performance. Don't care if they lose the next two games: Kansas St. and Yale, but I hope to see growth in confidence and more team play. Come home and impress with a win over Columbia for the Big Purple Growl.

    The "mentality" needs to be improve as a team every day.

  7. 8 hours ago, UA'08 said:

    It’s literally five games and there are only 4 guys that have ever played a real game together against an actual opponent. Can you give them at least ten games? Lol

    I haven't given up on them at all. We knew the start of the year would be rough. Doesn't mean we can't look at the stats and talk about what they have done so far. I still think they will be fine come conference. This has been a great stretch for the team to know what needs to be worked on and for the coaches to help the players with. Adjust the offense. 

    The defense looks much better than the metrics show the last few games. Translates real well to conference play. Energy on defense typically fuels the offense. The good shots will fall eventually if the defense gives them opportunities.

    Will definitely evaluate again after 10. Then 15. Then 20.... 

    Looking at the stats is part of being a fan.

  8. Need to figure the offense out and figure out how to put the ball in the hoop. It's pretty simple.

    Based on the stats below, it will be a long season. That said, team is young, new coach, and has played a very difficult schedule. We can all see the athletic ability, and the pedigree is there. Just need to put it all together and make some baskets.


    Through 5 games, according to the Bart Torvik analytics site:

    Worst team in the conference offensively - 311 in all D1.

    Third best team in the conference defensively - 213 in all D1

    Ranked behind UVM, SBU, NH, UML, and NJIT for overall ranking in the league statistically. Currently sitting at 273

    Only 6 players on the team have a positive PRPG, while all players with minutes should be in the blue. Hutch is our best at 2.1, followed by Cerutti at 1.9 and Perry at 1.8. Neely, Drumgool, and Reddish are positive, but below 1.0. everyone else is in negative with Champion and Little both being below -1. The league has 52 players in the positive that play at least 40% of the teams minutes, only 4 are on Albany, and Hutch (our best) is 19th.

    We were supposed to be playing a fast paced game this year, but the team is #200 in tempo. Last year the team was #161 under Brown. (263 in 2019, 268 in 2018, 311 in 2017) So we are playing faster than under WB, but I wouldn't call the pace "fast".





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  9. I like Horton a lot. He hustles and plays hard, but I like him in the 2 role more than at the point. He handles the ball well and can get to the rim around most defenders. The problem is that he hasn't been facilitating others with penetrate and dish, opting to force up shots and they aren't falling.

    As a team that shooting has been horrendous so far this season especially from deep. If they get hot as a team there isn't a team we've seen yet that they wouldn't beat, and if they even shot at a half way decent clip they probably would have won 3 of the 4. Maybe the hot hand comes Monday and we can keep that game close. 

    Still feel they will be fine come conference, and the 0-4 doesn't bother me, but I'd definitely like to see Amica on the floor and see what he can bring. Horton need to be the backup or the second option.

  10. On 11/15/2021 at 1:42 PM, cwdickens said:

    After one week of basketball, this how the America East looks:

    2021-22 Men's Basketball Standings
    UMass Lowell 0-0 0.000 2-0 1.000 W2
    Binghamton 0-0 0.000 1-1 0.500 W1
    Maine 0-0 0.000 1-1 0.500 W1
    New Hampshire 0-0 0.000 1-1 0.500 L1
    NJIT 0-0 0.000 1-1 0.500 W1
    Vermont 0-0 0.000 1-1 0.500 L1
    Stony Brook 0-0 0.000 0-1 0.000 L1
    UMBC 0-0 0.000 0-1 0.000 L1
    UAlbany 0-0 0.000 0-2 0.000 L2
    Hartford 0-0 0.000 0-3 0.000 L3

    Definitely a poor start, but we've seen improvement each game. The defense these last two games has been very good. While I don't see nearly enough ball movement, it has improved. The shot selection isn't as good as it could be, but there have been plenty of good shots that just didn't fall. It's has the potential to be a real rough couple of days with these next few games, but I'm betting they are fine come conference time.

    UVM had a solid win against Yale. UML looks pretty damn good. A few surprises early but it's a relatively long season.

  11. 11 minutes ago, cwdickens said:

    To GoDamesGo99, I was at the Carrier Dome for the SU - UAlbany football game, what I witness if you refused to wear a mask, you were escorted out of the Dome unless you were consuming food and/or beverage.

    Their current practice at the Dome can be found here: https://www.localsyr.com/orange-nation/syracuse-university-changing-some-gameday-covid-guidelines-how-will-you-be-affected/

    While I do not expect the University at Albany to go the Syracuse University policy and practice, I expect the UAlbany to follow the policy and practices it has in place.  In particular, when the University at Albany sends reminder emails of their policy and practice.

    I was at the same game, but I was not in the UA section. I was in the front row of the upper section near the 50 yard line using my corporate tickets. Maybe they extra selected the UA faithful. In my area everyone was drinking their beers and eating their food as slow as possible. It was hard to find a mask. No one said a thing. 

  12. 20 hours ago, cwdickens said:

    The Capital District test results for 11-14-2021, showed some of the highest infection rates ever with the rolling 7 day average among the worst in the State of New York.

    I support the Syracuse University policy for attending in-door athletic events:

    • Proof of vaccination or
    • Proof of COVID free test result within 72 hours of the event and
    • Wear a mask at the event

    In essence, the University at Albany, failed to enforce the rules and practices to stop the spread of COVID-19, the University had in place to protect students, staff and others.  The University at Albany had sent a reminder email of the requirement to wear a mask while inside a university facility. With a reported 4200 people in SEFCU Arena, the area is a confined space.

    Eli, this is not about an individual, it is about protecting the greater community.  


    Umm I was at the carrier dome. Masks were extremely rare. Hold a beer in your hand and slowly take sips. I know it's unsafe to not wear a mask indoors without the magic of a restaurant table to protect you. Without that table you are at risk.

    I know you are concerned about protecting the students, but as I looked around, 75% or more of the people not wearing masks were students. SUNY employees and students have had a vaccine requirement for a while now. They are all vaccinated.

    14 hours ago, UA1882 said:

    If someone has an issue with the way UA enforces something then stay home.  Very easy.  Your choice.  

    This times 100

    At the end of the day, if you don't feel that your vaccine works, and you don't feel that your mask works, then stay home and watch it on the internet/TV. 

    If you can't afford an ESPN3/+ subscription to watch from home, PM me with your sob story. If you are truly poor enough to not be able to afford the couple bucks a month it costs I'll buy a subscription for you. Anything I can do to keep you safe as part of the purplefam. I can even provide you tech support so you can learn to watch it on a TV instead of a phone or laptop.

    Full disclosure: my wife is currently positive for COVID even though she had the vaccine and the booster shot. I'm negative and so are my kids. Multiple tests over the last 10 days. I bring that up to show that I understand the vaccine isn't 100% and I'm not coming from a place of ignorance. The vaccine worked for my family as only 1 out of 4 of us got it.

    If you can't take the risk of infection don't show up. The only real way to end this is for all the unvaccinated people to actually catch it anyway to build their natural immunity anyway.

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  13. Healy played 24 minutes in Monday night.  14 points while 4-6 from beyond the arc. 4 rebounds, a steal, and 3 assists.

    While he started slow, not sure if maybe he was injured or just slowly working his way into the rotation. I hope he comes back and has a huge season.

    I also noticed that his team plays at Kentucky this season. So you can add that to the fun weird items in CBB this season: Rizzuto opening the year at Albany, Bucknell coming to town (Newman's previous team) and Healy playing at Rupp this year if he had stayed at UA or where he transferred.

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