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  1. From what I understand the neutral site will cost the conference too much money. In the old format the host schools paid for the right to host the tourney and that is how the conference made money. In a neutral site format the conference would have to pay the site to host the tourney there and it would cost too much. I don't know if this is truly the case but what I have heard. Actually what really needs to happen is the conference needs its "One Bid Wonder" to make it to the Sweet 16 two or three years in a row (starting with UA this year) and then the money thing becomes a non-issue.
  2. Umm, I have been to a bunch of games this season and a bunch last year and before a few weeks ago, I didn't know it was there... and several employees at SEFCU apparently did not know either. I do not remember seeing it there as recently as the Stony Brook Game. You sure it's been there all season? I must be blind.
  3. BTW - Apparently someone is reading this board in UA Administration ... suggestions from this thread taken... and...
  4. Honestly, I am really impressed with the attendance outside of students during the last few home games. Today would have been much closer to sell out if the students cared. Looked like you could have fit another 100-150 in the 2 baseline sections. Add to that the fact that I doubt that the pep band counts in attendance numbers, there goes another 50-60 seats. The only other empty seats were behind the Vermont bench, so I assume those were allocated to Vermont. I did see a few students in the normal paid sections though. I have been to 4 home games this year + the Siena game. I can neve
  5. Don't know how much they cost, but they are great. They fill in that empty space in the corners and make the place feel even more full than it was. Need 2 more and have 1 in each corner. How greedy am I? LOL
  6. Don't know if I have ever seen a worse reffed game. I know it is SOP for refs to run off the court, but I think they had extra motivation today. They probably would have been attacked if they were anywhere near the floor for 30 seconds longer. Great win. I haven't looked at the stats since leaving SEFCU, but it felt like UVM shot like 20% from the line. That was the difference IMO.
  7. Just follow realtimeRPI's bracket and sportsranking.coms brackets. Both of them pick us to lose in the conference tournament. To them we are underdogs!
  8. Don't want to Jinx it - I mean the underdog team did win the last few years in a row! That said, if for some reason UA does get upset in the tournament, we will have missed out on all of the speculation fun that we get to have now!
  9. Not a consideration, this isn't a popularity contest... That Niagara loss is killing us.. If we run through the AE tourney, we'll have an RPI somewhere in the 110 range. That coupled with the fact that we would be in it for the third time in a row which always gets some love from the panel means probably a 15 seed. I don't see a way to get 14 unless there are some massive upsets in other conference tourneys that they can then take those teams and slot under us. The blowout loss to Holy Cross hurts almost as much. They were so good against us, but fell apart as a team. The
  10. Well - I do love this time of year. We don't know if UA will be in the tournament yet - but every website and it's brother has a prediction thread of how the seeds will shake out. I pulled up a few of the sites that many people reference, trust, or happened to be at the top of a google search ESPN: http://espn.go.com/ncb/bracketology 2/27 update: 15 Seed Vs Wisconsin in Omaha Teamrankings: http://www.teamrankings.com/ncaa-tournament/bracketology/detail/ 2/27 Update: Albany as a 14 seed. No location or opponent, but based on order of seeds (last #14 would play first #3 - Iowa State)
  11. Even though losing Sam will put a large hole on the floor ... I really do think that this team will be better next year. Another year of time in the gym for Peters could make him a force in the league if he can get his legs in shape. He is getting stronger all the time, but with injuries like he had and other issues take time to build. Sam Rowley says that Mike will be better than he was. He is taller, and the potential to be stronger - he just doesn't yet have the touch that Sam has on the glass. If that comes, watch out. Greg Stire can be a beast with work. I can see it in the wa
  12. Stupid AE2GO app doesn't have the game working....
  13. Just noticed that the #72 highest scoring D1 team in the country is the Houston Baptist Huskies Leading that time in scoring (12.5ppg) and assists (2.8) is none other than Anthony Odunsi who played all of 5 minutes last year for the Danes. I watched him play a little, and thought he would be huge for us. If he stayed, I am not sure where he would have played though, so I wish him the best.
  14. wonder why it will hold 1k less. Probably because they are doing it right. Lots of locker room space to hold conference tournaments. Lots of concessions and other space. Probably weight rooms etc that UA has in the old gym. Stuff like that. Good for them. Building a high end, nice space, that has enough seats for an electric atmosphere without being so big that it feels like Siena at the TUC.
  15. I know the play you are talking about. It was Sanders but the replay showed he passed the ball prior to his foot dropping on the 3rd step. There should've been a blocking foul call on SBU on that play for blocking Sanders but I'm glad they didn't call it since we hit the three from the corner. Thank you for that. That's the downside of sitting courtside. When the play is on the other end, it's hard to see stuff like that. The other plays I mention were right in front of me.
  16. Anyone know when the replay will be available? I'd love to hear what the commentators said on some of these calls
  17. With as physical as SB played, I still don't know how they only had 3 team fouls at the end of the second half while they were in the bonus. I know we have had some foul shooting issues lately but part of the strategy always seemed to be to make more free throws than the other team takes. It didn't happenlast night. I forgot another one where the ball went out of bounds neamid court across from the scorers table (near where I was sitting) and they gave the ball to SB. It was clearly last touch by SB from my angle. The refs talked about it after and I believe I heard them admit to each othe
  18. How much do scoreboards cost? Can SEFCU even fit a new video scoreboard? The ceilings are kind of low. I know Stony Brook's new place does not have anything hang from the ceiling. They're video/scoreboards are all at the corners of the arena. I was thinking about this last night myself. A video scoreboard would have to extend horizontally instead of vertically. Scores and numbers on the right and left of the video screen instead of below. That's why I always say...just win and people will come. Forget arena, advertisement etc. NOTHING has as big an impact as winning, the uptic
  19. No mention of the suspected second goaltending late in the second half? From my angle that ball certainly appeared to be on the downward trajectory. apparently looking at replay (according to UA fans) it was not a goaltend. You and I sat near each other up top so our viewing angle may have contributed to what looked like a goaltend. Haggyland, my original post mentioned the so called goal tending. From where I sat, it seemed pretty clear. It looked to me like it was swatted off the backboard before it had a chance. Click, you may have been speaking Haggyland and not me, but
  20. 3883 seems low to me. I have been at games that 3,000 was the official number and the place felt empty compared to that. A few comments: Reffing seemed bad where I was. They missed a travel call on UA early that led to an Ennema 3 There was a foul on SB near the end that also had a goaltending that wasn't called. Should have been 2 points plus one instead of 2 shots. 1 point at the end in a game like that could have made a huge difference. If Albany gets that call it's a completely different game . Not sure what it looked like on TV, but from where I sat it appeared there was a
  21. We ran into Puriefoy in the midst of a major slump. He has gotten much better since then. Being the pessimist I am, and considering the conference winning streak that I doubt can last for the season, I fear that tonight will not be pretty. That said, this will be a great game for my first time ever sitting in a courtside seat! Prediction: Stony Brook 78, Albany 71 What I want to happen: Albany 81, Stony Brook 40 - would be nice to more than double their score...
  22. I'll go back to what I said much earlier. The biggest things to get me, and more people like me (30-50 year old local, familiy, dual income, kids), to additional games is not ticket prices, is not more winning, it's all about the arena. Although a bigger overhaul would be better, the actual things that would improve it for me are fairly minor... 1. Chair backs throughout the sideline seats. It might remove a little capacity, but that would be fine if all the seats were full 2. Video scoreboard 3. Renovation to the Western Ave side entrance to the facility. Make an actual entrance there,
  23. #19 now Vermont (3) and New Hampshire (1) both receiving some points - along with NJIT (1)
  24. Am I the only one that hopes Peter Hooley starts tonight symbolically but doesn't score more than 3 points, so I can watch him get 1,000 at home vs. Stony Brook? Am I greedy?
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