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  1. I was looking at Verbal commits today and it has Albany at -1 for scholarships available for next year. I seem to remember someone saying that Cremo is paying his own way in 2015. Is this confirmed or is it because of something I fear... The team is planning for a Peter Hooley graduation and him not playing his last year of eligibility?
  2. So, then Albany actually is...wait for it...keep waiting...the Gonzaga of the east. Funny enough... Today's update of ESPN's Bracketology had Albany as a 16 seed, playing against... Wait for it... Gonzaga
  3. Back up to 11 points (#40). Vermont and Stony Brook no where to be seen. If UA can get convincing win's this week at VT and at home against Maine, it might put UA into the top 25...
  4. Just curious... Will we see more of Tre Green in the Hartford game? I watched him play in the Maine game. He made a few mistakes, but it was his first significant minutes. Beyond that I was impressed with what he brought to the team. I thought for sure we would see more of him in the Stony Brook game without Hooley, but I do not remember him seeing the floor - even when the last minute subs entered the game. He seems to have a lot of talent. I would hate to see him leave the program because he is upset about no PT. I guess as long as we keep winning it doesn't matter - but he seems like a good
  5. Back on the board with 1 whole point in the poll. This was before last night's win. On a side note, Vermont got 5 points, Stony Brook fell off (again before last night's game)
  6. My thoughts are with Peter and his family. The greedy part of me wants to ignore Will Brown's comment saying that he doesn't know if he will be back. The family part of me (the part with a wife going through breast cancer treatment) hopes he does what's best for his mind and his family. Peter, if you ever happen to read this: all of Albany is with you. Good luck to you and your family. On a different, less serious and more amusing note: I watched most of the game on ESPN3, but missed the last 5 minutes of the first half and various other times with family stuff. Any mention of the mascot f
  7. The thing I am most looking forward to in watching tonight's game? THE REMATCH!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Buvy2fsUZRI Damien needs to kick some butt!
  8. Well I just bought courtside for the Stony Brook Game. Used the directory on uasports page to contact the sports department ticket manager. Apparently they don't sell them on-line because they are so limited. $28 each and going to be mailed to me. 442-DANE is the box office direct. I couldn't find that number anywhere - so now I have it.
  9. I've never sat up there, and I posted in the LCC thread about how badly I wanted to win seats in the courtside leather couches back in the mid 90's but never could win the spot. Would love to try and get courtside for a game like SB if I could, but would even settle for another game.
  10. Speaking of going to games and buying tickets. Anyone know how to order the courtside tickets, or are they all sold out for the season? When I go to Ualbanysports.com and try to click on that section it says it can't find the section. Would love to get front row seats for when we beat Stony Brook in February.
  11. Outside of Syracuse and the TUC - I think we actually have better attendance than most if not all of those schools as well. It is a walk to the TUC from wherever you park, but it is on city streets with bars and restaurants and structures to block the brutal winds. Then you walk up to a huge welcoming entrance and enter into an arena with dozens of places to grab a bite or a tasty beverage. Getting students to go is one topic. Getting people with decent incomes, possibly kids, say the 25-55 crowd to go to the games is another. I fall in the second category, and some of the suggestions I m
  12. Thanks for making a new thread on this topic. This will be my last post in the thread unless the topic gets back to LCC, the Albany Cup, and how much I wish that UA would just walk away if they don't get 100% parity - if not a kicker because it has been so bad for so long. Any more suggestions on how to make attendance better and how to improve SEFCU will be in the new thread.
  13. Like my comment above RE: the doors in the back by the parking lot that don't have handles or signs that you can enter that way - do not go off of people for saying there is no beer. I was at the Maine game and I was thirsty. Would have loved a cold beer. I went to the concession stand just before halftime. I grabbed a poweraid, or whatever it was, and then joked about wanting to buy a beer - but they didn't have any - with the cashier. Halftime was going to start in just a few minutes. Did the cashier tell me I could go to a special room and buy a beer to correct my assumption that I couldn't
  14. With all due respect, if you park in the SEFCU lot why on earth would you walk around the building unless you needed to buy tickets? Well, before earlier this year, I had no idea you could enter from those doors in the back. They are always closed and there are no signs saying you can go in that way. I went to the school, I live less than a mile from campus, and I attend a half dozen or so games a season - and I did not know you were allowed to enter there. So you are right 'Why on earth would anyone walk around?' is a great question. The answer is because most people don't know they c
  15. When I was in school, we had just gone d2. I went to a bunch of games, but once the weather was cold - I stopped. Making the walk from Colonial Quad to the RAAC was not happening in Jan/February. Maybe if the added a shuttle across campus and advertised it heavily more would go (they probably do this today, but I have no idea). I remember after every 3 pointer hit by UA they gave away a free Mild Wally's Pizza to a random seat. At the beginning of each game, a random seat was chosen for an upgrade to a courtside leather couch seat for up to 4 fans, and they delivered food and beverages to
  16. Huh. Complained about an official and the conference schedule in the post-game for Iona. No action by the MAAC. CB did only one of those things a couple of years ago and got a suspension from the AE honchos. Well apparently he is now complaining about the ages of sophomores and juco transfers (after he complained about not convincing Singletary to join Siena instead of UA (according to the TimesUseless blog). The comment was written like a complaint against Iona and their transfers but it felt like a complaint against UA. Hopefully the series ends for a while. We don't need Siena on t
  17. I'm curious if anyone has any updates on what some of the best UA players from the D1 era are today and what they are up to? I started thinking about Gerardo Suero the other day and his failed bid at the NBA draft. Last I knew he was playing for the Dominican National Team: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/gerardo-suero-of-the-dominican-republic-national-team-news-photo/453878532 What are some of the others doing? Evans/Johnson/Puk Tim Ambrose Will Harris Brian Lillis Jamar Wilson Jason Siggers Lucious Jordan Kirsten Zoellner Any others? Anyone outside of Su
  18. Mens Basketball fell off the rankings again yesterday, but Stony Brook rejoined the rankings at #29 with 33 points. That is what a big win will do for you.
  19. Move the bubble and build up and out. $20 mil is a lot of dough
  20. Well with as terrible a team that Siena is become, I almost feel that the UA inferiority complex is starting to hit me. Kind of like when I was a fan of the Yankees as kid in the 80's and early 90's in High School. I started to honestly believe that my team was going to find a way to blow it every day. It's how a Mets fan must feel today. I think it is time to stop worrying about $iena. They have become the second class team in the area and not worth the time any of us spend fretting about contract status or how they do. Maybe they will regain some power with some good recruiting, but thei
  21. Albany listed again with others receiving votes ... 2 points this week.
  22. Interesting that commenters on their board mentioned that UA would be near the top of the MAAC if it played in that league. Compare that to what Siena's board says about UA...
  23. Anyone know how to watch this game without paying?
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