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  1. I thought they were the next Gonzaga?! hahahahaaa!! Sucks for the players and students but happy their arrogant fans are having a rough time. They deserve it. This. As a college basketball fan, and someone who wants to root for both programs, I truely feel bad and hope $iena can find a way to right the ship and play some competitive ball. Thanks to the arrogance of their fans, and the TU writing staff, I find myself being overjoyed at their freefall.I shouldn't get so much satisfaction out of it, but it just makes me smile.
  2. Lets say the game is played at SEFU, sells out, no free or reduced tickets for students, and they charge $20 per ticket (which is more than they charge now - $18 for chairback and $3-$12 for non chairback), and do not include the game in season ticket packages (for max revenue) I am not suggesting they do this, I am only trying to look at best case scenario for $$$ 4,500 seating capacity X $20 = $90,000 in ticket revenue Add to that any sponsorship dollars, TV revenue, concessions, etc. I would say that $150k wouldn't be out of the question. I am not sure how many season ticket holder
  3. in the new Poll, NJIT still got 2 points. They are a mediocre team that got hot at the right time vs a major program that took them lightly. Looking ahead, the next match against Yale will be a tough one. They are currently #15 in mid-major poll with 336 points. For comparison sake Holy Cross got 6 points. This will be a real test. I guess we will see if the team that beat Siena shows up, or the team that lost to SFU makes an appearance...
  4. http://espn.go.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/post/_/id/101251/how-does-njit-beat-michigan?ex_cid=espnapi_public http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11988429&ex_cid=espnapi_public looking back at the NJIT thread, it looks like it was mentioned. I just didn't put 2 and 2 together.
  5. With how poorly UA has been playing, I kind of stopped paying attention to this, but I decided to look today. I haven't seen it mentioned, and being out of town I didn't notice until now... NJIT received 25 points in last weeks poll after upsetting #17 Michigan? WOW
  6. Wilkin needs to be fired. He is a sad excuse for a reporter. Although I like to argue with Mark, he does do his job - cover Siena. Wilkin needs a slap upside the head or a walk to the unemployment line. His coverage (or lack there of) is a pitiful for a newpaper that is supposed to be the main capital district rag.
  7. I made this suggestion on the TU forum, but the more I think about it - the more I would love to see it happen: Cancel the UA/Siena series in current form. Create an annual Albany Cup Tournament - Cohosted by UA and Siena, with all revenues split evenly Invite 2 additional strong mid-major non-league opponents - like a Patriot League Team and a CAA Team. In round 1 - Siena plays the Patriot League Opponent, Albany Plays the CAA opponent (because of Football) In Round 2 - You have a Championship and Consolation Game. UA Would play Siena only in years that both teams win or bot
  8. Didn't see the game today, but looking at the box score it seems like another poor shooting game. What was Dallas doing? Something needs to change and quick.
  9. I don't believe in the lets take their 3pt % down and now we have a closer game idea. They shot what they shot and we shot what we did. End of story. Dont get me wrong. I agree with you 100%. My only point was that although the game was painful to watch, a few different bounces and the result is far different. I think I would have felt bad even if my scenario happened and we eeked out a 1 point win. I was just saying that the game could have very easily been very different.
  10. The game was painful to watch - but a lot of that was how poorly we shot combined with how well they shot. Bring their 3 point percentage to just under 50% (9-19 instead of 13-19) and we pick up 12 points - that changes the dynamic and stops the keep away game at the end. The results could have been different. Up our 3 pt percentage a little - but still less than theirs and we are ahead by 1 (8-18 instead of 6-18). If you look at that way - I think many of us would feel better about this disaster of a game.
  11. Their board is pretty active. I enjoyed reading the thread. I would love to see that many people get involved in conversations here. By the looks of it, they may have a large contingent of fans coming to SEFCU tonight. Wish I could make it, but I can never do Wednesday night due to another commitment. Will be watching from my phone.
  12. Still not ranked. Siena fell off, Stonybrook got 10 points, Quininipiac got 4 points, upcoming opponents Holy Cross and Yale are 24 and 25 respectively Women's out some time today.
  13. Was it me, or was UNLV ridiculously hot from outside? I couldn't believe how open we left them on some shots, and how they somehow seemed to make the bad shots when we did get a hand in the face. Combine that with UA missing almost every shot (yet making all the stupid shots they took after the whistle). When it was within 5 in the second half, I thought we had a chance to pull off the upset - but cold shooting ended it.
  14. http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2014/nov/28/return-home-rebels-aiming-make-their-offense-less-/
  15. Unfortunately, I couldn't be at the game because of a family commitment, but I did watch it on my phone. Is it me, or does the offense seem more ragged and less controlled this year? I almost felt like I was watching street ball at one point. I know we have a lot of talent on the floor that can cut and slash, but I felt like there were lots of forced shots and silly mistakes. Maybe this will calm down as the season progresses. Everyone likes watching scoring, but I have grown to love the grind.
  16. Mens poll release 11/24 No major updates, and not worth taking the time to count out the other's receiving votes. Of interest: Albany still on listed Quinnipiac dropped and only received 5 points Siena jumped up to receive 13 points Both Stonybrook and Vermont no longer received any points Womens poll released tonight. I wonder what direction we will see the Lady Danes move after the loss to WKU?
  17. Lark St is doing well. A bunch of places that are fun City Line is very well done with GREAT food. Not my cup of tea though. I miss the dive Sutters. Across The Street Pub is always a spot for Wings No idea where the college kids go these days, but WTs is still kicking
  18. Women's Poll was just released... Your top 5: Rank | Team | First Place Votes | Record | Previous Rank | Conference 1. James Madison (26) 2-0 769 3 Colonial 2. Gonzaga (4) 1-0 719 2 West Coast 3. Albany 2-0 641 6 America East 4. BYU (1) 0-1 535 1 West Coast 5. Florida Gulf Coast 1-0 594 11 Atlantic Sun
  19. I only post as a relevent news item. It's a weekly poll and is only the second of the season. It is silly that there are still over 60 teams mentioned. It will change over the next few polls. It will probably get down to 35-40 before the 12/15 poll is released. We will be 6-3 when that poll comes out, coming off wins at Siena and Bucknell and will crack the top 20...
  20. Men's Polls updated last night (11/17). Teams of local interest: 11. Iona (461) - MAAC 42. (tie) Quinnipiac (14) - MAAC 50. Stonybrook (9) - America East 52. (tie) Vermont (7) - America East 56. (tie) Siena (5) - MAAC 62. (tie) Manhattan (3) - MAAC Albany fell off the board Women's Poll has not yet been updated.
  21. I really enjoy their articles. I have this book marked: http://www.onebidwonders.com/tag/albany/ Great spot to check and see anything written about the purple and gold...
  22. We have hear a lot about how much Stire has impressed, about Baker's abilities, seen Peter's size, and have gotten very excited about Singletary and Sanders. Any updates on any of the other newbies? The ones that Brown doesn't look like he will play this year? Redshirting? Any updates? Max Twyman - 6-5 SF - He was a ranked prospect with a score of 59 according to ESPN Mike Wells - 5-8 PG - Also ranked by ESPN with a score of 57 Geremy McKay - 6-7 PF
  23. From ESPN... http://espn.go.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/post/_/id/100636/albany-signs-11-year-old-with-rare-disease?ex_cid=espnapi_public
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