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  1. Preseason Rankings were posted today... Teams of Local Interest: 17. Iona (311) - MAAC 26. Siena (71) - MAAC 28. Manhattan (51) - MAAC 46. (tie) Stonybrook (13) - America East 55. (tie) Vermont (7) - America East 65. Albany (2) - America East Also, the women's preseason rankings are out as well: 6. Albany (549) - America East
  2. I'm not sure I have heard anything about him... how did Peters look in the scrimmage? His size is very interesting. I am thinking we see a good amount of him against Providence and their 2 bigs...
  3. For the longest time, I just wanted the game and didn't care how it was played. UA needs to grow a bigger set and demand that at the minimum it is considered a road game for both teams in the next contract - thus counts in neither season ticket package - or it needs to be a contract with an even number of years and it is a home game for each team every other year - giving UA season ticket holders the best seats in UA years. Keep it at TU for the fans. The $aints played at VT last year. Silly that the Catamounts have a better deal with $iena than we do...
  4. Winning does cure all, very true - but back to back tournament appearances with a win sounds like winning to me. Mark told me on that site that there was no interest in UA so they don't report. Siena fans mock the attendance. Siena releases a video highlight reel of every game that the Times Useless posts on the blog. They seem to be a much more media friendly school. To me its the old chicken or egg scenario. Get the press to report and push it and the fans and interest will follow. Thanks for the answers btw. I have been reading the site for years, but finally registered and jus
  5. Has anyone with interaction with Will Brown or the Athletic department spoken with them about media exposure and availability. It seems that Siena gets most of the coverage in the local media and their games draw more fans even though they have a smaller student and alumni base and haven't been nearly as successful over the last few years? I think a lot of this is the amount of access Siena gives to press vs. what UA does. Many of us are frothing at the mouth for more coverage. The TU college blog guys says it is because no one cares and Siena articles get more clicks (I stopped clicking
  6. Still waiting to be validated....

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