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  1. From what I can tell it's a pay service…looks like $5.95 for 24 HOURS. BLAH
  2. Kid have an offer yet? http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=14325797&ex_cid=sportscenterFB&sf16761067=1
  3. I am normally as anti Stony Brook as I am anti Red Sux, but as the husband of a late stage Breast Cancer survivor, and a Peter Hooley fan, I really feel for the kid and their team. I guess I can hope they go 12-2 in league play (2 losses to UA), have then lose to UA in the championship game, and possibly get the America East's first at large bid. Hard not to root for people who persevere through tragedy.
  4. Anyone know if the marist streaming link (above) is free or if it requires registration or anything? I'll be at a commitment, but will be able to stream via my phone and possibly a laptop.
  5. Noticed that Travis Charles and Richard Peters got almost no PT at all. Is this because of the cold I thought I heard mentioned? Nice to see Dallas get so much time though: Ennema: 20 min Peters: 7 min Charles: 5 min Andrews: 3 min
  6. Albany made a run. 36-35 holy cross leads at halftime.
  7. 27-19 HC with 4:30 remain in first half. Time out Albany.
  8. In my prediction thread, I guessed 13-2 non conference. I thought Kentucky and Yale would be the 2 losses. I would happy with 12-3.
  9. 11/30 Update - Men's Teams of Local Interest: 21 Yale (this poll was after they lost to UA and dropped them from #13) 35 (tie) Albany 35 (tie) NJIT 40 Stony Brook 56 $iena 60 Vermont It seems the voters are still very undecided as the "others receiving votes" typically only goes 15 teams deep or so. 12/1 Update - Women's Update: (I don't follow women's as much as I should, so I really do not know which teams are of interest outside of the AE) 15 Albany (dropped from 13 due to the loss. I would have thought the near win against the Vols would have moved them up not down) 22 Maine 54 (tie) Stony Brook 60 (tie) Hartford 60 (tie) New Hampsire
  10. Thought the refs were pretty good all day, but these last few possessions have been terrible. No goal tending call, travel with no possession....
  11. I haven't heard anything, but this team seems so deep that it would take a lot of injuries before I think it affected anything. Dallas started a bunch of games for the team last year, and is getting very little playing time as it is. The team is really 10 deep at the moment, and although he hasn't played much, David Nichols impresses me during warm ups with some acrobatic dunks. Something tells me that he will be good in a year or two.
  12. I haven't heard any recruiting news lately. I know we have had some great visits. Anyone know anything on dates and such of the signing period?
  13. Regardless of Hooley's shooting issues he had some great rebounds and some great passes. I am still confident he will come around. Regardless of Yale missing their best player, UA has its best player in an extended funk and a starter out with injury. This team is coming around.
  14. Should darken the screen of the TV during intros, It loses some effect with the light. I'd like to add new speakers to the want list. It's hard to understand the PA announcer sometimes, especially when speaking number of fouls on a player.
  15. Ilko, looks like you sit right near me...
  16. Pretty good game sneaking out with a W. It felt sloppy for much of the game though. Big Rich with the play of the game to end it. He impresses me all the time with his moves around the basket. I wish he was more aggressive with the ball. I had forgotten how quiet it can be with no students, no pep band, and only 7 cheerleaders. Still a pretty good crowd being the holiday. Something has to snap Peter out of his funk. One play he was wide open at the top of the key, looked to shoot, then backed down and passed it. The other team wanted him to shoot, knowing how cold be has been. He needs to be a threat. Reffing was terrible. I mean it was bad both ways, not just against UA. Ticky tacky junk fouls on one possession then no call when someone gets raped the next time down the court. So many opportunities to yell bull$iena at the refs...
  17. I was talking with my 9 year old a little while ago and he asked me why Hooley is missing so many shots this year. I told him that it is early and he will turn it around. My son looked at me and said "maybe he would do better if he kicked it in." I laughed out loud. At least he has humor
  18. I really want to comment on this game, but I just can't. I don't know what to say. I laid in bed with my 9 year old watching the game from my phone. When it ended, we both shook our head and said good night.
  19. I gave my tickets to my brother and nephew last night as I had a conflict. What side is the board on? Just curious if I will be able to see it from my seats. I'm in 200 (across from the benches. Is it placed where I can see it, or is it visible from the team bench?
  20. I was impressed with the crowd. Lots of students in attendance. I hope they keep up the support. They announced the championship team, but I didn't see any banner dropped. Lights off for the intros was nice. Video monitors not there. It got messy for a bit with about 4:00 left and it looked like Colgate could make a run with the pressure D and when they pulled to within 13. A pretty impressive performance. Stony Brook is beating #17 Vanderbilt at the moment late in the second half on ESPN3 if anyone is interested... Go Danes!
  21. I was just saying the same thing. Something tells me that the team will go off and shoot 50%+ from 3 this game. We will all leave SEFCU wishing a few of the made shots happened in Boston or Kentucky.
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