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  1. Updated Nov 16: MBB: Ranked #41 (tie) 2015-16 UA Opponents: Yale: #14 NJIT: #30 Stony Brook #34 Vermont #47 $iena - not ranked even though they are Gonzaga of the Northeast (Gonzaga is #2) WBB: Ranked #14
  2. Kentucky beat UA by 13 Kentucky just beat Duke by 11 Duke beat $iena by 18
  3. Wow. That ending was just sad. For a team that was supposed to rely on all conference guards, the only thing that was working was the big guys. So many drives with circus shots. So many missed 3 pointers. This was a game that should have been a W, if not an easy W. Hopefully a game at SEFCU will steady the hands.
  4. Don't we have a D3 team on our schedule this year, or did Oneonta move up to D2...
  5. Mark did a poor job of covering UA when he did cover it, but not nearly as bad as Tim does. UA was also not what it is today then. Mark seems to be a Siena fan, and probably was then as well. I'm not dismissing the bias, the TU Center, or the fact that Siena has a richer D1 history, those are all facts. I'm more saying that Tim is obviously not a fan. Regardless of bias, if the person who was covering UA was a fan of the team and not more concerned about what horses were running today there would be more coverage.
  6. The problem is that the TU has two writers for Mens College Basketball. Mark Singelais covers Siena. He could do a better and provide more coverage, but all in all he does a pretty good job. He seems to genuinely care about the team he follows and is a fan. Tim Wilkin is responsible for covering Albany. I know people who know him and say that he is a good guy, but he absolutely SUCKS at his job. He isn't a college basketball fan (as far as I can tell) and obviously isn't a fan of UAlbany. My 9 year old kid could provide better written more timely info on the team than he does. He says that UA and Will Brown aren't as media friendly as Siena is and that's why he doesn't write more. I say BS. His job is to go out and look for info. He obviously doesn't care to do so.
  7. Game got ugly during the last 2 minutes, but I'll take a 13 point loss. Kentucky just has too much talent.
  8. 384 works fine here in Albany. UA missing free throws and a few unforced errors, but all in all playing OK. Not getting blown out. Down by 11 at the moment
  9. True but Eastern Michigan was without their best player as well for a "violation of team rules" (1st team all conference in their league)
  10. Maybe it was playing in the AM or the rule changes, but Vermont looked unimpressive with a 20 point loss to a team that does not appear to be all the strong. Maybe I should have picked them 5th or 6th instead of 4th.
  11. Lots of fouls called in the VT game. Could come into play today vs. Kentucky, but I think it might hurt us more than help us.
  12. Interesting write up on UA by one of the fans on the Kentucky Rivals board: http://kentucky.forums.rivals.com/threads/scouting-albany.129833/
  13. Apparently the new men's rules are designed to have faster moving offenses, quicker pace of play, and higher scoring. I guess we will find out tomorrow how it works in practice, but I have a feeling that games are going to be won by who has less people fouling out and who makes more free throws. The clock might be stopped more than it is running...
  14. This video was shared on the America East Conference forum. I knew there were a few changes, but I didn't catch how many changes there were. I'm curious how this will affect the game this year. It seems to help teams that are less physical and more guard oriented... https://youtu.be/qkm6mrpHpYk [media][/media]
  15. Yes the article made me laugh, that's why I posted it here. I used to like the coverage on midmajormadness, but this one is laughable. I have no problem with them ranking UA 3rd, or even fourth if that's what they see, but the narrative appears to either be written by someone that doesn't know the league or is a delusional VT fan.
  16. http://www.midmajormadness.com/2015/11/10/9592422/2015-16-american-east-conference-basketball-season-preview-projections-rankings-stony-brook A little fuel for the team: "The reign of the Great Danes could come to a cataclysmic end in 2015-16" "Albany could struggle against length this year and more talented teams in both Stony Brook and Vermont"
  17. Maybe I answered me own question... I thought people said it wasn't on espn3, but it looks like it shows up in the watchespn app.
  18. Looks like their board expects Kentucky to win by over 30. While I think we are all realistic that the chances of winning this game are extremely thin, it does surprise me that not a single fan thinks the game will finish within 10. http://kentucky.forums.rivals.com/threads/official-catsillustrated-kentucky-vs-albany-prediction-contest.129278/#post-2674778 Anyone find a way to watch this game on-line yet? I know there was conversation on it before.
  19. Final standings: SB (14-2) UA (13-3) NH (11-5) VT (10-6) Bing (10-6) UA Non-Conference 13-2 UA Conference 13-3 Tournament Final SB vs Alb, Albany wins 67-57. No where near as exciting as last season Albany gets a 12 seed and wins in the first round easily, wins on a Singletary 3 in the last 30 seconds of the round of 32 and gets blown out in the sweet 16 Bold prediction: Richard Peters gets third team all AE (joining Mike Rowley on that squad)
  20. I'm surprised no one has done this yet, but it's always fun to look back at the end of the season to see how we did. I'd love to hear everyone's predictions on the following items: AE final standings for the top 5 teams UA non-conference record UA regular season record AE Tournament final teams and winner AE Representative seed in March How far the AE team makes it in March Bold prediction for the season I'll post mine in a few minutes
  21. FYI- the women start the year at #14 in the coaches mid-major poll
  22. A few schools have had preseason games on TV, possibly had fans attend, or at least had some updates from them. I haven't heard anything from UA on any we have or will play this season. Anyone have any updates? I thought a remember a few teams mentioned as possible, and I seem to remember UA always making theirs closed to fans, but I'd love to know how the team looks.
  23. VOTING PANEL: Casey Alexander (Lipscomb), Roman Banks (Southern), Randy Bennett (Saint Mary's), Horace Broadnax (Savannah State), Will Brown (Albany) Jamion Christian (Mount St. Mary's), Jon Coffman (IPFW), Jim Engles (NJIT), James Fox (Appalachian State), Tyler Geving (Portland State), Derrin Hansen (Nebraska-Omaha), Steve Hawkins (Western Michigan), B.J. Hill (Northern Colorado), Jason Hooten (Sam Houston State), James Jones (Yale), Mike Jones (Radford), Robert Jones (Norfolk State), Greg Kampe (Oakland), Danny Kaspar (Texas State), Tod Kowalczyk (Toledo), Greg Lansing (Indiana State), Jim Les (UC Davis), Dan Majerle (Grand Canyon), Gregg Marshall (Wichita State), Bob Marlin (UL-Lafayette), Ritchie McKay (Liberty), Niko Medved (Furman), Rob O'Driscoll (James Madison), Jimmy Patsos ($iena), G.G. Smith (Loyola), Jay Spoonhour (Eastern Illinois). * Portland State head coach Tyler Geving is the chairman of the Top 25 voting panel for the 2015-16 season. NOTE: The Mid-Major Poll is made up of teams from the following conferences: America East, Atlantic Sun, Big Sky, Big South, Big West, Colonial, Horizon, Independents, Ivy, Metro Atlantic, Mid-American, Mid-Eastern, Missouri Valley, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Patriot, Southern, Southland, Southwestern, Summit, Sun Belt, West Coast, Western Athletic.
  24. http://www.collegeinsider.com/mens-mid-major-top-25.php It is the official coaches poll. Will Brown is one of the voters, so I'd say it's a pretty good source.
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