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  1. http://www.collegeinsider.com/mens-mid-major-top-25.php It is the official coaches poll. Will Brown is one of the voters, so I'd say it's a pretty good source.
  2. I had fun keeping up with this every week last year. It looks like the first poll of the year was released today. Albany was in the 'Others Receiving Votes' behind Stony Brook. Also of note: NJIT made the top 25 for preseason.
  3. It's an entirely different world at the top of the top schools. Your Kentucky, Duke, NC, Kansas, etc. Something tells me that SUNY would not allow Will Brown to give scholarships to kids that be doesn't know if they will be academically eligible until after practice begins. "Last year at this time, five of our kids hadn't been cleared yet. So we're all feeling good, he's feeling good, and we're going to play the first game and we'll see."
  4. I noticed at the meet and greet that the video boards from the playoffs haven't been put back up. I thought I heard someone say that they would be back for the season. Anyone have any info on these? Playoff rental only or can we expect them back? They definitely made SEFCU feel a lot nicer...
  5. I can see them ranking Stony Brook higher, but Vermont surprises me. I have them finishing at #4 in the AE this year and probably being a force next season. New Hampshire scares me much more. Outside of wishing for more national respect for recruiting reasons, these rankings are probably good for the team. Will Brown teams have tended to do better as the underdog. I think it helps the players buy into the system more if they don't think they are top dog and need to work for the end goal.
  6. I think the only shred of chance that UA has is that it is a veteran team playing against a freshman dominated team in the first game of the season. I am relatively sure that the Wildcats will be ready to play and dominate, but I think the odds of beating them decrease every game as their talented roster gets used to playing with each other.
  7. Was fun, especially getting a pic of my youngest (age 6) with Richard Peters. The height difference is actually laugh out loud funny.
  8. FYI - Vegas has Albany as #77 and Stony Brook at 93... http://www.oddsshark.com/ncaab/power-rankings
  9. Had a dream the other night (it's sad that I am remembering college basketball dreams and not better ones, but I digress) that UA wins this game by 7 pts. Unlikely, probably a 20+ pt loss, but hey... You never know!
  10. Apparently Puriefoy is a finalist for the cousy award... It is just too fun to needle SBU fans though. http://www.basketballforum.com/13778874-post309.html
  11. Lol, very true. May have edited out all the mistakes. That said, these videos are of game situations so they show that the talent is there. The rest is coaching and practice
  12. sharing a video on Jenkins. Looks like he can play. I am so ready for this season to begin. https://youtu.be/pSvzAP-5IUk
  13. $10,000,000 invested in relatively safe AAA rated 30 year bonds would generate about $600,000 a year in income and you would still have $10,000,000 at the end of 30 years. So if the donation was a lump sum amount, you call the donation $28 Million dollars. Sounds a little better for lifetime naming rights. That said, anyone know if it is a lump sum donation or if it was set up as some sort of annuity? I mean it could be in a foundation and give the university $500K/yr for 20 years or $250k/yr for 40 years and they could still call it a $10 million donation...
  14. I'm surprised there aren't more names on Jakubs recruitment list. At 6'7" or 6'8 he seems to have a great outside shot and plays above the rim. He could be a big star in the America East. Bucknell has been pretty good in the past, but Albany is just as attractive or more so than those 3 schools. https://youtu.be/uITnOW5hcMY
  15. Is he willing to split them and say sell 5? I may be interested as I don't think my main UB connection has procured tickets yet (actually kinda mad about that - if this game sells out and I can't get in I'm going to be LIVID. Friendships will end. Just kidding ). I'll ask him. I think they are pretty good seats as he ordered them a while ago. Will let you know ASAP.
  16. Have a friend (UA Alum, living in Buffalo - his parents both work at UB) who bought 10 tix. I was supposed to go, but now can't as my wife is running in the inflatable 5k at Elms farms and I have to watch the kids (can't argue with cancer...) Anyway, apparently he can't go now either. I think he is asking $12 each for them. If anyone is interested PM me and I'll connect you.
  17. From what I read - UB has an entirely new system with a new coach. Depending on how quick the players will adapt will determine the success. I think Albany has a much better chance at keeping the game close with it being the first game of the season than they would if it were week 4... Prediction - 41-20 Buffalo
  18. http://www.hustlebelt.com/mac-football/2015/7/9/8920909/2015-football-previews-albany-great-danes
  19. I assumed as much, and I wasn't complaining. I am just surprised that I have not received a single communication from the school. I am not a football season ticket holder. You would think they would be sending me marketing about buying tickets to football games and such. Nothing.
  20. Is that for football season ticket holders? Haven't gotten even a single e-mail since making my basketball season ticket purchase, much less a packet....
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