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  1. I agree. There is no sense in trying to stop Warney from doing what he does. The most important thing is to keep the bigs out of foul trouble, because if that happens and they wind up having to defend him with Ennema, well, good luck Dallas. When you do foul him, make it count and don't let him get the and-1's. If you're going to put him on the line, make sure he's shooting 2. They also cannot give up as many turnovers as they have been. Have to be smart with the basketball and value each possession.
  2. Nice to see Carter have a game, and always nice to see Shereesha hit the occasional 3 when she has an opportunity. This Binghamton team is on the rise.
  3. "Very improved"? Improved, sure...but more like getting a small bit of help from refs. I'm not one to regularly complain about refs and usually give them the benefit of the doubt but some of those calls were bad (and before our homeboy MaineJeff chimes in - even the announcers said some of them were bad so relax Jeffrey)...just as bad as some of the CRIMES committed during the UNH game. No surprise though...old whitey was reffing. I CAN NOT STAND THAT GUY. I think Tim Donahue is his BFF...dude HAS to be fixing games. How often do 2 players foul out of a game in college ball...on the same team (Stire and Sanders)? We need more players in the rotation for this type of scenario. Eight players is not enough. Interesting that though UMaine had 24 fouls to our 18, none of their players got five. It also is an issue of the fact that we just don't have that many players. Don't know why Peters did not get in as much, and Nichols got a few minutes, but we have 5 true guards, 4 of whom play regularly, 3 healthy big men, and Dallas, who is sort of in the middle. That's not all that much. Edit- Forgot about Andrews. If he could play defense and spell Ray that would be incredibly helpful
  4. As has been mentioned already, this team cannot give up 81 points and expect to win very often. Additionally, they cannot allow 47 points in the paint AND allow a team to shoot 40% from 3. One or the other, if that's the way it's going to be. Nice to see Hooley get going on the offensive end. One thing that is worrisome, is if Sanders is hurt, and he definitely looks to not be 100%, there is not that much depth on this team to account for that. Singletary Hooley and Cremo are your 1-3 guards, and beyond that is Nichols and playing Dallas at the 3. Defensively, they need more.
  5. Baily Hixson got back into the game today, so she's definitely still with the team. 78-52 final.
  6. Not sure, but I do know that Amarri Trueheart left the program.
  7. It is both incredible and troublesome that this team can win a game with players outside of Richards, Tate, and Saunders scoring a combined 6 points. Also, while Bose played alright on both ends of the floor, it is hard to generate as few number in 35 minutes of play. 0 points on 0-1 shooting, 1 rebound, 3 fouls, 2 turnovers. Coughlin also was a non-factor. The trio of 25, 23 & 12 have proven that they can be the best in the conference, and when Carter is on her game she can be solid as well, but it would be really nice to see if they could get consistent production from whoever else is at the other guard spot between Tate and Saunders.
  8. This had me thinking about the "What if's?" if Baker had stayed. They would have made quite a scoring duo. Been saying that all year to the fans in our section. Those two would have been something when Baker would be a Sr and Cremo a Jr. They'd run the AE from the guard position. The hilarious thing is that Baker had to sit this year (if I'm not mistaken), which means he didn't get to play at all. So it's not like he left for instant playing time (assuming that was his gripe in Albany). IMO, his decision to leave is right up there with Suero's decision to declare for the draft lol. Minneapolis (his home) is still 4.5hrs from ND...although it's not 19hrs like Albany to Minny is... I think he wanted to be closer to home and family...as much as I think he would have been great I can't begrudge a 19 year old kid for wanting to be closer to family. We'll be OK without him. Oh I agree, I wasn't arguing that he should have stayed, just pondering at what could have been. Hoping that he does well in North Dakota. As for the team as currently constructed going forward, like many here have said, they have plenty of places to improve, but being 10-4 (really 9-4) after what looked to be a bit of a rocky start isn't half bad.
  9. This had me thinking about the "What if's?" if Baker had stayed. They would have made quite a scoring duo.
  10. Was a fun time at the game last night. Crowd was mostly purple, and I know I lost my voice. The alumni event was great, excellent food, nice atmosphere. As for the game, the 5-minute blitz at the end of the first half covered up an otherwise sloppy period. Twice in the first half StF-B long offensive rebounds led directly to 3's, as they often do, which was a bit frustrating. The team also needs to be more efficient at scoring in transition and on the break. A number of times either Joe, Pete or Ray found themselves with numbers, with either a turnover or a miss to show for it. That will make a difference in conference play. Also, defending in the post was worrisome. If we couldn't deal with their big (which I am not sure why we didn't double him at some point), things will be interesting going up against Warney when they play SBU. As for the good, it was nice to see Dave get minutes, always nice to have more options on the bench, and for a freshman he looked pretty calm out there and hit a nice "Tate-like" mid-range shot. Hopefully Trav can make it back into the lineup soon, his presence is missed on the floor, especially when the bigs get in foul trouble.
  11. Yay Australians! I was worried that the pipeline was closing.
  12. I watched the second half livestream, and the game environment was embarrassing. Essentially had an emcee working the game, and every time a UAlbany player stepped up to the FT line, they played Queen's "Pressure" over and over again. I mean, really? You're supposed to be a big-time school. If you want to generate an intimidating environment, get students, a band, etc at the game. Not some phony emcee.
  13. I will be there, probably the most convenient game for me to get to from my office. Should be fun!
  14. you were in their version of a sky box haha! What a crappy and tiny gym that is. Also, we complain about the parking situation at UA but at Marist you literally park on the opposite side of the campus and take a shuttle bus or walk 15 mins to the game. We opted for the shuttle bus but waiting a good 10 mins for it and thought we might miss the start of the game. I will echo that. I went up there for the women's game last year, and the parking situation is pretty terrible. The fact that it was snowing did not help either.
  15. She is injured. Edwards and Fequiere are hurt as well, but they were in warmups at the game. Anyway, I was up at West Point on Saturday, and foul trouble really hurt them. Also, they had issues boxing out on the inside, and there were too many times where they played 25-27 seconds of good defense and gave up a foul at the end of the shot clock. Army also had a player go 6-6 from 3. That didn't help. Also, I am no 0-4 on the road (outside of Siena games) when I go to see the team play. They have to win at some point, right?
  16. I agree 100% with Forster, was very impressed, outside the foul shooting....Lavergene is way more of a work in progress for sure... Once Lavergene muscles up a bit she will be a force. You can already see she has solid technique down low, (probably learning from Shereesha), and that will develop through more experience.
  17. She also hit another 3, and you could tell that Providence was taking away space from her when she got the ball up top. That can only open up more opportunities for her to drive and for others to hit. I was impressed by what I saw from Forster and Lavergene, they played solid minutes together.
  18. Beat toothpaste. But seriously, Colgate always tries to go haywire from beyond the arc, we will have to defend and hit some shots of our own.
  19. I also think one plan this year is eventually to have Shereesha play the 3 (I am pretty sure that if Megan had stayed last year, that was the plan). Coach Abe had talked about it while we were in Baton Rouge that year, but when Megan left, she didn't have an alternative to play down low, so it had to be her and TJC. Now, with Lavernge and Forster on the squad, it will allow for a bit more roster flexibility. Shereesha hit a 3 yesterday, and I have a feeling we will see more of that from her this year. While they won't shoot as much from behind the arc as they did when Lowrie and Henry were roaming the floor, they will get enough from other sources, and more than last year.
  20. Quick recap of the trip to Rupp: Sat with the Stires and Cremos, who both made the trip down from New York. The Singletary's Andrews', and I think Rich's mom were in attendance as well. I was really impressed with Joe and Jamir, came right in and looked very comfortable. With them in the lineup, we're 5 deep at guard (6 if you consider Dallas a guard). We outscored them in the paint, which was crazy, and Greg and Charles looked good. Mike Rowley, as strong has he is, did not look all that comfortable, and had a few too many turnovers. Charles will be a huge help in the paint. Overall, I was very impressed with how they played. LET'S GO DANES!
  21. I'll be at Rupp, a loud speck of purple in a sea of blue. GO DANES!!!!!!
  22. Anyone looking to go to the game? Considering heading out there and making a trip out of it
  23. "With O’Donnell gone, Brown said he will not have an associate head coach on the staff. Jon Iati and Josh Pelletier are still assistant coaches and Jared Knotts also moves into an assistant’s role after serving as the director of basketball operations. Blake Metcalf, who was the video coordinator last year, will take on the job of director of basketball operations." And Metcalf has left as well: http://blog.timesunion.com/collegesports/good-news-for-ualbany-charles-back-on-the-court/20616/ Brown also said Monday that assistant coach Blake Metcalf. who spent the last two seasons as video coordinator for the Danes, has left the program. Brown said that Metcalf, who played for the Danes from 2009-2013, has gotten a job outside of basketball. “I think he was not sure if he wanted to coach anymore or not,” Brown said. “He had been looking for something through the summer.” Brown didn’t waste any time replacing Metcalf. Simon Clement, who worked on the Danes staff as a graduate assistant coach for two years before spending last season working as an assistant coach under former UAlbany player and assistant coach Brent Wilson at Sullivan County Community College.
  24. 1) TJC might be quick in getting up court, but I don't see her having a quick release on a jump-shot. 2) I didn't really recall Julie expanding her range, and while she may have added more of a mid-range game, her 3-point numbers don't show a dramatic difference. Still, in her senior year she was 4-17 from 3-pt. range, which was an increase from one attempt in her junior year, so I concede that point! 3) Agreed about Heather. The Forster family seems committed to this university, and you have to appreciate the dedication they have exhibited so far. 4) While I agree Duke had great size, I think there is likely to be some difference between a 4-year ACC 6-footer and a two-year AE 6-footer, especially in terms of coordination and quickness. Here's to getting 5 in a row...good to see Coach Abe is sticking around! Oh I agree on Carter about her release, definitely not a jumpshooter at this point. Julie might not have been all that effective from downtown, but teams had to defend her, which kept Eb and Lindsey open for their looks. And I also agree on your 4th point. I was just pointing out that there are taller guards that can shoot the rock.
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