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  1. I couldn't agree more that the team needs some shooters, but she is listed at 6'1", and a forward... Where are the 5'8"-5'9" shooting guards? She could play the 3, let the guards drive and kick to her. I guess I am just worried about her quickness. Other than Shereesa how many fast 6-footers does women's basketball (particularly at this level) produce? Carter is pretty quick at getting up and down the floor. Also, Julie added the 3 ball to her arsenal her senior year and she had height as well. Will be cool to have her younger sister Heather on the team as well. To answer your question, it seems like many schools in the bigger conferences have more height in the back court to go along with post players up front. The Duke player who buried the 3 that beat us had some height. So I think there is plenty of height to go around.
  2. Good height as well. Will have a lot more size this year, with Lavernge at 6'5 to go along with Carter in the paint. Should free up some space along the outside if Tate and Saunders can expand their range, in addition to Hixson.
  3. Travis Charles, 6'6" JUCO from Brooklyn, has committed http://www.gothamhoops.com/charles-returns-to-new-york-commits-to-albany/
  4. Well then, that speaks to their ability to deal with 68 schools properly. Unfortunate, as it looked like a neat shirt.
  5. I had purchased the Under Armour Albany March Madness shirt, but I was shipped a Hampton shirt. By the time I got it, they were sold out of UA shirts. And the AE store is low on stock as well
  6. I got to know Sam a bit from the NCAA trips with the band, and he really is a great guy. Nobody really plays the game like he does, his "crocodile rolls", and his poise. Really nice guy, always said hi whenever I bumped into him, even before games when others were focused on getting ready to play. Will really miss seeing him in purple and gold next year.
  7. Anyone in the city scurrying during lunch to the Australian for the watch party tomorrow? I'll be there (and back there for the men's game)
  8. We have shown that we can work the 3-ball a bit. Between Sanders, Singletary, Pete, Wheeler, and Dallas, hopefully a few of those guys could get their stroke going. Hey, even Sam put one up against Stony Brook!
  9. At least no media outlets have referred to us as the "Scooby Doos" yet
  10. Sarah Royals got her 1000th point on Friday, and Shereesha Richards broke Ebone Henry's school record. Also, Richards is 18 points shy of 700 for the season.
  11. I read is tweet as being impressed that no AE team has been as high as a 14 since 07, not dismissive.
  12. I haven't made it on here since the games, but I was sitting with the band and I honestly don't completely remember what my reaction was when the shot went in. I'm pretty sure it was disbelief. I picked up my trumpet, went to play the first few notes of Purple and Gold, and then put it down and ran onto the court. We spent a good portion of the second half trying to get people on their feet to get louder, I was screaming my head off. Also, lost in Hooley's shot, how about Mike Rowley with the two CLUTCH free throws? Only points he scores all game and they were HUGE!!!!!!!!!
  13. If they can control tempo, find good shots, and get to the FT line they will have a shot to win. They won't be scared, they've been here before. Coach Brown will keep them loose, and they'll have their legs, as they won't be playing a First Four game. Let's Go Danes!!
  14. Just look at the pictures you see entering SEFCU. All well outdated. Should be refreshed every year, with names!!! I discussed this with the athletics department so they know that it would be helpful, and I hope it changes in the future. That would help immensely with team identity.
  15. I'll be there, taking the day off and driving up from Long Island. You'll see me with the band. Should be a good game, the team has really stepped up its game since the loss at SBU, their pressure has been great and having Margarita hit those two 3's to start the game at UMBC. That really was huge, as you prepare your whole gameplan to stop Shereesha and Imani, and then that happens. Can't wait to get up there!
  16. Mike really stepped up and made some big plays when UNH was doubling Sam. That one play when Sam quickly found him wide open under the hoop was great. He should be confident going into Saturday's game!
  17. Should be an intense game on Friday, always a bitter rivalry. It would be great to see Sarah get 1000, especially against Hartford.
  18. It would be great if they could play a game at St. Johns or Seton Hall. Get the NYC alums out. They played a game at MSG as part of a doubleheader against BU around 4 years ago which was a lot of fun (even though the team got smoked). It would be great to do that again.
  19. As a fan, I will miss the tournament atmosphere. It was always fun getting to meet and interact with all of the other bands that were in town for the tournament, and getting to see all the teams play. It turned into simply an epic weekend. While I understand that there is some appeal to spreading that "epic" weekend across a number of campuses, it is still a tough pill to swallow. Nevertheless, I can't wait to get started already! Let's Go Danes, get SEFCU rockin!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Yeah McKay hasn't been traveling for road games, wasn't at NJIT but had been at SEFCU.
  21. Strange note: Tre Greene not with the team in the picture they took. As for the game itself, took care of business. Good game to have towards the end of the season, not too physical, but got Peter going, as well as Wheeler. Good stuff
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