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  1. Greene needs to get some reps, because as much as WB likes to go with a 7-8 guys, I think the bench has enough depth where he doesn't really have to. Also, its pretty crazy that UA only had four players make a basket: Singletary, Sanders, Mike and Sam. As for the second half of conference play, I am looking to see how Mike continues to progress, as he has been really solid over the first stretch of AE play. Also, a bit more consistency from Baker and Ennema, and of course, hoping Mrs. Hooley has a full recovery.
  2. #25 will certainly be retired for Shereesha. I think Hooley and or Rowley could get either a number retired or some form of recognition as well.
  3. Guess we gotta recruit the hard way with the four banners hanging in the SEFCU rafters! This road will get harder with UVM halfway to raising funds for their arena and UMBC spending obscene money on their new facility. UA will continue to fall behind in basketball facilities. Look at what Bing, SBU and soon UVM and UMBC will have. This IS going to be a problem down the road that UA will need to address. THIS. Time to invest in our Bball facilities. It'd be nice to build a brand new arena, using sefcu as our 'field house'. I say we 'invest' with bigger and better in mind. Logically we know what needs to happen, devil is in the details. As always...money, money, money. I know it's tough with the school having so many needs. I just hope that Benson and Pres. at least have this need in the back of their mind. If they go ahead with a renovation, I hope they can do so without moving the team to the PE building during the process. Would be worse than when SBU hosted at Pritchard. Even if it takes a few years, do a new scoreboard one year, seating the next, other additions (like maybe some updated pictures, that are not from the early 2000's?) That is the one thing that always bugged me. How expensive is it to have some fresh pictures around the arena? Mike Black, Ebone Henry, Tim Ambrose, etc.
  4. This next tough stretch is why these four wins were so important early on. Getting contributions from a number of sources, and if Mike can keep up his play, that would really be great as the season rolls along.
  5. Mike Black is in Bulgaria, Gary Johnson is in Japan, John Puk is in Durham, England (paired in the frontcourt with none other than Fran Urli)
  6. Of all the little things that can be done to make it even SLIGHTLY more fair, bring in a neutral announcer. Enough with the THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE POINT GOAL ROBBBIIIIEEEEEE POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLEEEEEE and then when Hooley hits its just peter hooley. Even our guy at SEFCU isn't so incredibly biased towards away teams. The Siena announcer even completely missed some of the announcements for the women's game. Also it might have had to do with the fact that Siena never went on a big run to grab a lead or any momentum, but there are ALWAYS students outside after the game to get into shouting matches with the band. This year there were non. We (I rejoined them for the game) were free to sing "Oh when the saints! Go marching out! Oh when the Saints go marching out! Oh how I'd hate to go to Siena, oh when the Saints go marching out!" all to ourselves. Such a great song.
  7. The "Beat Albany" is their current Twitter avatar as well. So fired up for this game, love seeing the $iena desperation.
  8. Was at the game, so some thoughts: The guards are only comfortable shooting from the perimeter if they are completely open. If they have someone on them, they don't have the confidence to hit the shot. As a result, they try and either a: get the ball inside to Richards or Jo-Carter, or b:drive to try to penetrate the defense, and either go to the rim or kick it out and start the process over again. The former has resulted in a lot of easy turnovers, as teams are just putting their hands up when Royals or Rosario have the ball up top, stealing passes meant for Richards. The best defense on Shereesha was not letting her get the ball. Also, Tate had a solid game, getting at least 3 offensive rebounds off of her own misses, and getting to the FT line. It would be great to see her develop a 3-pt shot, as she often has the ball out there, fakes a shot, but defenders know that she will never shoot it so they just prepare for her to drive to the hoop. They had at one point an 11-1 advantage on the offensive glass, but had trouble taking advantage of second chance opportunities. Ultimately, Coughlin got them back into the game making 2 consecutive 3's, which ignited their run, but they haven't been consistent from the perimeter since Lowrie graduated. Royals airballed one (which wound up being a great pass) and Rosario couldn't hit either. Nevertheless, the team played with some passion over the last 10 minutes and if they bring that through the rest of the season, they should be okay. Just need to improve and adapt.
  9. There will be six of us in section 108 tomorrow night. Hopefully a good game to get some momentum going into Saturday!
  10. Was there at the Hofstra game on the island last year on new years day. Hopefully the team remembers that L as well as I do...
  11. With the calendar turning over to December, I figured this would be a good time to post this game. A matchup of two of the premier mid-major squads in the northeast, if not the country shifts south to Poughkipsee on Wednesday the 10th. In the game last year, the Danes came away with a victory that was probably their biggest non-conference win prior to this season's victory over Penn St. As for some context of the game itself, Marist had a large contingent at SEFCU that night. The band was quite vocal (as was the case all last year), especially during Marist FT's. At halftime, after fans complained to the police in the arena, the police silenced the band for the rest of the game. We were not allowed to make any noise on free throws or any other defensive possessions. That was the first and only time that has ever happened, and was especially crazy to happen in our own building. We told Coach Abe after the fact, and she was incensed. Fast forward to next Wednesday, and I am hoping to have a solid purple crowd at the game at Marist. I will be attending, and will be providing tickets for up to 10 other band members (no instruments, just voices) to come down and exact some revenge and continue to show who is top dog in New York. Hope to see some of you at the game, spread the word!
  12. Wheeler's range is seriously impressive. But my favorite play of the half was Peters drive from the 3pt line. Big guy can move!
  13. The one thing this team is still searching for is the 3 ball. Coughlin has been looked to for that, but going 0-3 from downtown in limited minutes puts the team at a disadvantage when trying to come back. From the stat sheet, Margarita only took one shot. Last year their 3-point ball was the and-1, and its looking similar this year. They still figure to be a very strong team, but sometimes you just need to be able to get down the court and feel confident that you can hit a quick 3 to get back into the game. Nevertheless, a big win vs. Penn St., and I personally think this game might have seen a different result if it were played at home. On to the rest of the season!
  14. Nice win, things to clean up, but Wheeer Baker announced his arrival at SEFCU Arena tonight!
  15. UAlbany WBB Signs four for 2015-2016 Season: Heather Forster Khara Keane Veronika Lavergne Amarri Trueheart
  16. WKU wins 79-78. Danes play at WKU on Thursday. Should be a good one, ESPN had them as the #2 mid major, Albany #12 (WKU not accounted for in College Insider Mid-Major Top 25, as they do not include Conference USA). Let's Go Danes!
  17. I think there is a chance that UA could host the next round? Don't know how the seedlings work, but it seems plausible.
  18. First post on this board, but I started reading about a week or so ago. You have probably seen me or heard me at games, I spent five years in the pep band, and among other things, was responsible for procuring the big heads the past couple of years and orchestrating many of our chants. Will miss playing with them every game, but glad to have another community of people to talk UA with. As for the game, I think it should be a competitive one, the type of game where WB hopefully has the squad ready to pounce and get out of the gate quick with all the hoopla going on with their banner ceremony. I think Dallas and Mike need to play well, as Providence is going to key in on Sam and Pete.
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