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  1. No, I’ve intentionally avoided his interviews. His words are meaningless. His record speaks volumes.
  2. On the NY Giants website there’s an article titled: “Brian Daboll looks to instill winning attitude.” Whoa! What a concept for a head coach of a professional sports team. Maybe GG should pick up on that. Yeah, that’s the ticket!
  3. Yeah, figured that was the reason...but couldn’t resist. I don’t recall ever seeing so many local players getting offered at once.
  4. Did they cut the recruiting budget? You can bicycle to all of these guys LOL.
  5. https://caasports.com/news/2022/7/27/villanova-picked-to-win-caa-football-championship-in-2022.aspx Thank goodness for Hampton!
  6. Part of me says that this should have been all settled by now. Another part of me is thinking that this would be an opportunity to introduce UA basketball to some new fans by scattering the games among a few venues. As long as they don’t alienate existing fans in the process, that could be a benefit. I’d think any court from MVP to Glens Falls would be in play.
  7. I know I’d have had a hard time sleeping not knowing that. Of course I do have the disadvantage of not hearing the soothing sound of the surf crashing on goose poop covered rocks….
  8. Ha ha. Yeah, we’ve been to the Ogunquit, Wells Beach, Kennebunkport area quite a few times. Funny you mentioned the puffing bit. My original post highlighted that you can grow your own in Maine and booze is cheap, if you hop off of 95 in NH at the combo package store rest stops. But for some reason I was trying to be nice and deleted it. That WOULD explain a lot if it was written in a “haze.”
  9. Did ya know that I once thought your screen name was like diss-lank? Why would you want to diss a lank? Beats me. Then I saw that it’s really diesel-yank. But I ask you, why would anyone want to yank a diesel? Maybe a 5hp kicker on a sailboat, or a lawn mower. Lots of rocks in Maine. And geez...what’s with all the goose s#$@ena? Oh yeah, this is Goose Rocks Beach. Hope that clears it up for ya. Peace out.
  10. https://www.highlandparklacrosse.org Check out the sponsors. This is a very wealthy suburb of Dallas. Their stadium is bigger than Casey. Not saying he’s making D1 money, but if he was looking for a good place to retire, at a storied program....this could be it. Weather has to be better than Rhode Island.
  11. CW, CW....this is 53rd season as well, so you’ve got nothing on me there. My days of being pollyannaish are well behind me. Recruits are all great, until they’re not...draft picks are all great, until they’re not. The fact that this coach has the backing of the AD and administration (per you) is just one more troubling fact about the present state of affairs of the FB program. Ahh...why do I bother?
  12. “Gattuso is making an effort to recruit the talent necessarily to bring positive results....”. Isn't that what he’s been getting paid somewhere around $2 million over the last 7 years to do? I mean that’s pretty basic coach requirements. Recruit players, train players, coach players on game day. His seven year track record shows that he has only sporadically been able to do just that. What makes you confident that this year will be any different?
  13. Quite an excellent championship game today. Cornell took it in the chin early and was down heavy at the half. The Terps came out strong in the second half, but Cornell scrapped and fought, holding the Maryland attack scoreless for the last 26 minutes! Still, Big Red only managed to close to 9-7, which was the final score. The low score was a testament to some seriously strong defense, scrapping on every ground ball and a lights out performance by the UM goalie. Very entertaining.
  14. Seems like a reasonably good place to put this...with the changes regarding transfers and the increasing use of the portal, what are recruiters looking for now? Diamonds in the rough used to be a big prize for schools at the AE level. And they tended to stick around. Would players like Warney, Coppenrath, Brown and so on still stick around for four years? I doubt it. Just like UK and Duke et al are feeders to the NBA, will UA level teams be feeders to higher level and power 5 conferences? It’s got to be quite a balancing act to try and score the under recruited gem to add to a core of players who might stick it out four years and add a few transfers and grads of your own.
  15. I may have mentioned this before, if so...sorry about the repeat. Back in the early 2000s, we were making college visits with our daughter and Hartford was one of the stops. Our group of parents and prospective students was actually heckled by students as we walked between buildings. Telling us that they probably won’t tell us about such and such, and this has gone up or what not. A bit shocking, but otherwise hilarious. It didn’t happen on any other campus we visited. So the likelihood that an unpopular decision by an unpopular president and board would cause a reaction from the graduates is astronomically high in my view. They seemed like a feisty bunch.
  16. And it didn’t come from a disgruntled alumni, Feinstein is a heavy hitter in the sports journalism world.
  17. Cats down 10-1 in the second.......I think the data is trending in not a good way.
  18. Thanks for straightening me out. It was only once and I just sort of remember it being a really small gym. Memory of the place fades, but coming from a small school with short kids it was fun seeing four guys between 6-6 and 6-8 battling it out.
  19. Is that where Milne used to play? I saw a sectional class A vs B game there in the late 60s between Ravena and Phillip Schuyler. Four big men (for the day), including Curtis Blackmore from Ravena, who set all kinds of records at UB. I was there to watch my HS team play Milne in a C vs D game.
  20. I didn’t know where to put this, but I thought I’d toss it in here. The CAA was once the top or near top league in FCS or D 1AA football. In the 2022 NFL draft, there were 20 FCS players selected. Of those 20, exactly one, a CB from Villanova, was selected from the CAA....in the 6th round. That’s 5%. The Missouri Valley conference had 8, including first and second rounders. That’s 40%. 8:1. That doesn’t speak well of the talent disparity that’s evident right now between the leagues. And the best team by far, is leaving the CAA. Just an observation.....
  21. Yeah, it seems awfully weird to me that two new guys starting up with a new head coach would bail on the program and coach so fast. Maybe it’s a coincidence and maybe not.
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