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  1. Wow. I don’t know you, but I know people like you. They’ve been eliminated from my orbit. Too toxic. When a difference of opinion evokes that type of a response you really should consider some anger management or something. My opinion is worth every bit as much as yours, never forget that. And who or what and how much I support with my dollars is my own f’ing business...not yours. Time to leave Big Purple Fans for a while again. Or permanently ... I’m sure ‘99 would approve, since only his opinion matters. Over and out. Delete app......
  2. After seeing a picture of UA players kneeling during the National Anthem, my interest in UA basketball has gone from low to zero. Glad I saw it before sending in my GDAC money.
  3. https://dailygazette.com/2021/01/09/looking-back-50-years-ago-today-kramer-scored-63-for-schaefer-brewers/ This has zero to do with Christmas trees, but I didn’t have a good spot to put it. For those of you who are older and grew up in this area, this is not anything new. I grew up in Rotterdam, next to Schenectady, so I remember these players very well. I was in the Linton HS gym watching this team play college all stars, including Dr J, Artis Gilmore and Austin Carr. Another time we saw them play Big Boston...basically a barnstormer team of Celtics players with some add ones. The
  4. Most years we would be thrilled with a split against the Cats, so overall I’m not disappointed. Yesterday I was otherwise engaged so I listened on the radio. Roger and Charlie call the game from a monitor in Albany because they are not allowed to travel. Is something wrong with Hank or is it that he provides zero offense and whatever he contributes on D is negated by what he fails to provide on O? It seems like it would be beneficial to put him in for a while to lean on their best post player and make him work a little harder or tire him out....even at the risk of picking up a few Personals. B
  5. I guess. Still, 56 of 63 points came from new players. That’s pretty remarkable. The team needs some time at the charity stripe in practice. WB must be having nightmares over missed FTs.
  6. Amazing how many minutes were played by guys not even on the team last year.
  7. These UVM announcers are pretty good. Fighting back. We got a game!
  8. Based on the Fordham score, it looks like the team has left the building. Work in progress I guess. There’s been so many disruptions that I must give major leeway at the start of the season.
  9. The stats say it was a close game. Lost it at the foul line. Glad to have games with a rooting interest.
  10. Is Hank hurt? What do the coaches see in Champion? He seems lost and out of control. I’m willing to cut the team and coaches a whole lot of slack during the covid crazies. If they can avoid any pauses and injuries, then this group may do ok. UVM so early won’t be fun. So they get #1 and #2 out of the way early. Let’s hope to see some progress as they get their game legs using conference as preseason.
  11. Horvath is a terrific player. Healey has color coordinated head bands. They put up screens today. Better, but needs something.
  12. Today’s women’s game is almost unwatchable. The refs apparently get paid by the whistle.
  13. Very happy to see UA sports! Happy with the effort and nice to see so many athletic players rotating in and out. With the back to backs it’ll be the norm I’m sure. Nothing glaring in the stats except for rebounds and fast breaks being dominated by UMBC. Our shooting stats for all three categories went down first to second half, while theirs went up for all three. Perhaps sixth game versus first game? Not sure I like the SEFCU covid19 set up. Having the seats retracted gives it a cavernous vibe. It’s bad enough to not have fans, but why not try to make it a little more intimate? Con
  14. I watched most of the game today. They can put a whole lot of overall height on the floor at once. Some tall guards. Nice win. Fun to set Descortes getting some good time. There was a good article about her in the paper just this week. Due to covid19 she couldn’t get back to Italy so she’s stayed at her boyfriends’ parents house over the summer.
  15. You really need to keep the roster in front of you this year!
  16. The two from Sweden make a great 1-2 punch. Coach should cultivate that connection and get a Scandinavian pipeline going like WB has with the Aussies. If she hasn’t already. There’s also six players whose names begin with H. Meaningless, I know. Looking forward to seeing some games.
  17. Walmart? Hewitts? Not sure, but prolly the ChiComs made it.
  18. Back a ways I said the UMAss game would be our easiest in the first 3 or 4. It's too bad the Danes didn't get a crack at them because they finished their 4 game "season" 0-4, having been outscored 161-12.
  19. Today I watched most of Buffalo vs Kent St...both 3-0. They scored a total of 111 pts in a regulation game with UB coming out on top 70-41. Defense was nowhere to be found. Their star running back, Jaret Patterson, scored 8 rushing TDs and put up 409 yds on the ground! The first tied an FBS record and the second was second all time. Very entertaining game.
  20. My extended family Thanksgiving and Christmas get together shave been cancelled for 2020. Sad indeed.
  21. Yeah. I don’t expect immediate answers or anything, but just keep the fans in mind and let us know as soon as you can what the plan is going to be. I totally realize that it’s really an unprecedented situation and they are making decisions on the fly while basing them on a foundation of quicksand. I don’t envy them at all.
  22. I wonder when we will know if fans will be allowed because right now they aren’t. I wonder if we pass on season tickets due to health concerns if they’ll hold them for 2021 fall. I wonder about a lot of stuff. If anyone from the AD’s office monitors this forum, we need communication. Please keep us up to date, please don’t take us for granted.
  23. Just checked and both Green and Williams are still on the practice squads of the Falcons and Giants. Way to go! $8,400/week ain't chump change.
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