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  1. The reason given for URI and UNH was covid protocols and numbers, rather than UA’s reason of too many injured players. In any event, the CAA and it’s spring schedule looks like an overall disaster. I agree with dslyank, that a new Northeast based conference makes sense. Albany, Maine, Stony Brook, UNH, URI are a nice starting point. Maybe add in Colgate, Holy Cross, Monmouth, Fordham. That would be a solid and competitive conference. The way UConn and UMass are going, they probably would consider a drop back to FCS (although their fans would scream).
  2. You can really see the talent level difference in a game like this, with ACC vs AE. The Orange defensemen were like a wall. I can’t complain about the officiating, although there were a couple of fast breaks that got snuffed out by untimely whistles. 2018 is right though, so far no one has emerged to fill the shoes of a Thompson or Fields. Plus, on the defense side, a few of those close in goals to or from Rehfuss were way too easy and no one was putting a body on the ‘cuse attackmen. I do like what I see from Gash and Ron John had an amazing move, fighting off three defenders. Just not enoug
  3. Watched the whole game. Syracuse was just better. Their defense more aggressive. Their execution better. Decent effort by the Danes, but they were outgunned.
  4. I didn’t want to start a new thread for this, but did you all know that the long time head coach of WBB at Stanford is a 1971 graduate of Milne? I didn’t. I believe she is now the winningest coach in WBB history....and just won her second national championship.
  5. Lol. When I saw that name I actually went to the transfer portal on the off chance there was a Robert Redford.....no such luck.
  6. My first game was 1970. I remember names like Jack Jordan, Quatrocchi, Koln, Sheridan. One old memory...didn’t they have a freshman or JV team back then? I think I was at the gym waiting for the court to clear for an intramural game I was playing in. There was a Freshman or JV game going on and just before the game ended, a UA kid dunked on a breakaway and got T’d up. For you youngsters, they outlawed dunking for a while.
  7. I’d be firmly opposed to that too. No special assistant roles or coaches hired only for the purpose of landing a specific recruit.
  8. I don't know why anyone would have a problem hiring assistants with ties to strong HS and AAU squads. It really seems like a no brainer to me. If they can coach and bring the added dimension of a potential pipeline for recruits, how is that bad? It seems to me that a coaching staff should be well rounded, with recruiters, teachers, breakdown/scouting skills. etc. What it shouldn't be is a home for ex players who need a job. OK, maybe one, the best, but there needs to be some outside perspective that wasn't built off of the head coach's resume and techniques. IMHO.
  9. Interesting reading. As for me, I’m gonna let the engine cool off on DK’s car before commenting on his player choices. WB had some hits and had some misses. Having said that, the guy from Bucknell looks far better than Hanks imho. Everyone is going to have to learn a new system. Nothing wrong with good D2 players.
  10. Should’ve named it Thompson Family Quad....there, fixed it.... Somehow Aunt Jemima missed a list. I had an open box of that when it was announced. Thought about putting it in a safe deposit box in case it was worth something some day. As for me, I’m looking forward to the Final Four from Indigenousapolis. Ciao!
  11. They seriously do not care about fans....unless they are sending in $. Another dropped ball by the AD. You can't figure out how to put 1000 fans into Casey safely, you really should look into another line of work.
  12. In other words, stay home. Send $, but stay home while we cancel seasons and dismiss star players with no explanation....FloSports is history. Sick of the last 12 months...really sick of it.
  13. My point wasn’t that they hired the coach in order to get the recruit, but that the coach, once hired, can recommend and have some pull in getting, a recruit from his former HS gig.
  14. Just a side note, Skillings plays for Roman Catholic in Philly. One of DK’s new assistants has been his HS coach. That can’t hurt.
  15. I think this might boomerang in some cases. Most mid majors are looking for the diamond in the rough kind of player that attracted little higher level interest. They land them, develop them and they blossom. You wind up with players like Lamb, Coppenrath, Warney, etc. Are recruiters going to still take these kids, when the expectation is that they’ll bolt after one or two years? I can see it from both sides. Why should a player be stuck and lose eligibility to be able to transfer vs why should a school give a scholarship to a player without expectations of some loyalty and appreciation in retu
  16. Ok. See what happens when you have a QB who can pass AND run? I’ve got lax on the iMac, FB on the TV and March madness on the iPhone. Should I seek help?
  17. Football on, Loyola Chicago in two minutes....lax in 22.....oh my.....a sports rich environment....unfortunately it looks like UA FB will lose out on the screen time.
  18. I should record the Dane offense. It might come in handy as a cure for insomnia.
  19. Yea, the unforced errors are a shame. The team showed a lot of scrap and grit and fought for the ground balls. UMass is good and had a killer fast break. Donnelly can crank it deep with amazing accuracy. Wish he was a freshman!
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