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  1. Here’s how bad it was. I pulled in off of Fuller, the cop at the ring road looked at my hang tag and waved me toward SEFCU, the kid at the entrance to Dutch (blocked by barriers) looks at the tag, says no one else has done this, I told him that’s where the cop sent me, he pulls the barrier aside and I go in and park. We walk in. We find our seats. There’s so few people there that I didn’t realize we were sitting in the wrong seats until the third quarter! It was only my daughter’s second game at Casey so she had no idea. When I realized we were in 206 instead of 205, I looked over and there were people in my seats. We could have sat almost anywhere but the gold seats and no one would have been the wiser. When it came time for the “catch the punt” contest, the punt machine was firing punts about 20 yards into the turf and the contestant had no chance. Total misfire amateur hour. The highlight of the day was halftime. The spirit squads and band did a great job. Then the cheer organization from Ballston Spa took the field. The kids did a great job. Nothing like 4-5 year olds with Pom Poms. There was more fan reaction to halftime than there was during the actual game. Whoever the new PA announcer is....he needs to dial it back a few notches or quit. I almost went deaf in my right ear with the volume. The team looked utterly listless and uninterested on offense. KM was more his old self, but when your RB is the leading receiver, that’s not good. Maine is not the cream of the CAA crop by any means, but their offense was markedly crisper when they had the ball. Our special teams gave up a big return to start the game and again right after they scored to close the gap. Predictable. They try the same failed play twice in a row. They put in a wildcat QB in the most predictable situations. 96 is right....this program is broken. Oh, and the PA announcer was awful. The ref’s calls were not announced over the system. I had no idea Mistler was ejected for targeting until I read it in the paper this morning. No useful information, but booming “Death Wish Coffee third down!!!!!” Pronouncements aplenty. Benson should be embarrassed to put this product out in public. I’m done. Done going. Done watching. Done with season tickets. Done with GDAC.
  2. We left after the D folded and gave up the fourth quarter TD. Lots of other folks did too. VERY sparse crowd. Looking at the box score you would have thought the Danes won. This coach and this team seems not to know how to win anymore. Ten games in a row. You listening Benson? GG must go....
  3. In today's Gazette, there's an article meant to break down this team's 2 year tumble. It's not encouraging in any sense. The three areas cited by the reporter are offensive collapse, special teams mishaps/performance and "leveraging of points." The last apparently referring to the team winning close games in 2019 vs losing them all this year. GG says that there is no answer and that they just need to make plays in critical situations (Captain Obvious?). The article also points out how Mofor has been almost exclusively the runner...apparently only 12 runs by anyone else since the beginning of 2021! GG says "we have to get another running back going." Call me crazy, but how about putting another RB in the game and handing him the ball? There's 6 other RBs. Are they all injured? Incompetent? Again, put someone else in the game and hand them the ball. I plan on going to the game today...intend on cheering when appropriate. If they look like they came to play, I might stick around for the second half. Let's try Carino for a while too. A change of pace with a capable running QB might be a plus. I hate the Sussman play.....guy sits on the bench all game and then you bring in a running QB on a 3rd and short....and everyone on the D knows EXACTLY what is about to happen. Ah heck.....this season is toast. If they flatten again, the tix go unused.
  4. I can feel the excitement building....oh wait. 45 minutes to cocktail hour...never mind....
  5. It’s where I learned to swim...one of the more useful things I learned at UA. I sort of remember the teacher was Coach Kelly? Swimming coach? Kind of heavy cotton swimming trunks that I think we had to get from maybe Spud? Ahhh...the old days.
  6. OK, good. I was hoping he wasn’t running on empty. Having to load out all your stuff and making the trip back across the state would have been a hassle.
  7. Not to beat a dead horse, but I went back and looked at the botched punt. Take a look. Almost no one was blocked!! The poor punter had no chance even if he caught it clean. I'm not sure he even had time to fall on the ball. There were six Nova players within 5 yards coming full speed. It was a complete and total breakdown of special team execution once again. Coaching, coaching, coaching............his best move was to TRY and fall on the ball, but to try and kick it into six players...essentially on top of him?? Why? Why? Why?
  8. IMHO the best call at the end of the first half would have been to take a knee. I actually thought they would do that. But no. The D played their butts off again. But it’s only 1/3 of the team. The D is playing well enough to win, but the O is dreadful and the ST’s are providing negative points. This is not a winning formula. It was bad game conditions, but we didn’t see Nova make mistakes that cost points. They made us pay for our mistakes. We couldn’t cash the checks. Simple as that.
  9. 34% winning percentage in the CAA, 9 losses in a row...yup, phenomenal. Phenomenal that he still cashes a paycheck....
  10. I was just waiting for the special team meltdown. And here we have it. By the way, Wyland said that GG has done a PHENOMENAL job at UAlbany.
  11. The last homecoming they parked us off the end of the podium...and that was with a parking pass for a GDAC contri. I was prepared for another long walk this weekend. But it appears my long walk will be the 20' or so from my recliner to the kitchen for a fresh pale ale.
  12. Now up to 80-90% chance of rain. Six weeks ago I would have predicted me sitting in the rain to see this game. Now...not a chance. 0-5 and going no where fast. Can’t hold a lead. Can’t execute on special teams. Star QB benched because....why? GG wanted it that way? Only one RB used. If ANYONE from the the athletic department is reading this...I’ve been a fan since the program started in 1970....I’ve been a season ticket holder since Casey opened...you are losing a loyal fan base and based on long experience, the students aren’t interested most of the time. DO SOMETHING!
  13. The team plays a dominant first half and then comes out of the locker room unable to sustain any momentum at all. A WR offsides call in the first half on a 4th and 2 running play? Six fumbles? Lost 2. Back up QB fumbles two plays in a row. Snap over the head of the punter…one more special teams breakdown. Failure to prepare for and recover an on sides kick..special teams fail again. I see coaching, failure to prepare, failure to motivate at halftime. GG skirting the JUC decision. Had to be discipline related. You don’t bench your “star” QB without reason. Having said all of that, Carino is mobile and a real threat to run. And he can chuck the ball too. JUC is one dimensional. Hopefully Carino didn’t get too banged up.
  14. I watched the first few minutes and then none of the rest due to an event in my development. Wow. Talk about a collapse. Totally booted it after the half. I watched Nova JMU beforehand. Nova won I see. Next week will likely show my 0-6 prediction come true I am afraid. Not sure I want to waste the time driving to Albany and spending time watching this mess of a team. What a sad state of affairs.
  15. Is it time to break out the paper bags? Nothing to with this, but Lance Leipold went from UB to Kansas and quadrupled his salary. In year one, the first first game they eked out a close win over FCS South Dakota, and the next four were losses to FBS teams where they are giving up 50+ppg. Another year like this and he’ll be looking for a job and can afford to work cheap. Just saying. If GG is not on the hot seat, then our AD is asleep at the switch. If he gets extended....no more season tickets, no more support. 2/3 of the team were utterly unprepared to play against UD. That is 100% on the coaching staff.
  16. With the way the defense was playing, this was a winnable game. The offense underwhelmed. Special teams coverage and return performance was dreadful. Not too many penalties, but one or two in key spots. A couple of inexcusable pass drops that were costly. Difficulty getting plays in. Wide receivers and JUC on different pages of the playbook. Four games into the season those things are indicative of either massive breakdowns in coaching or terrible recruiting. In either case, the fault lies with the coaching regime. Kick/punt return yards 99-20 in the Hen’s favor. JUC 40% completion rate? No back other than KM got a carry? Their third string QB was almost unstoppable as a runner? GG seems to say that drops hurt them. Yeah, but what game was he watching? The problems with this team are systemic. Bottom of the CAA...in the mud. Let me say once more, that Verse and Lang are a heck of a pair of bookend DEs. Likely the best combo we’ve ever had. Speed off the edge, strength and totally disruptive in the backfield. I hope we can keep them.
  17. Since he was blamed for a lot in prior years, kudos to Joe Bernard on having his defense ready. Not so much for Will Fiacchi, who has a lot to straighten out with his receivers.
  18. Looks like those two weeks were wasted by the O. Miscommunications galore. Is it just me, or does one of the announcers have one of those “famous announcers school” voices? Verse and Lang are a nice pair DEs...maybe they should try the 480 lb guy though.
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