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  1. Nate Oats has been at Buffalo for five years. Two years as an assistant and three as a head coach. He was Hurley's main recruiter (Bobby was the face but Oats picked the targets).
  2. Yea I can't imagine why we did not start Jackson straight away. He is the future of this team...
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to come over and say congrats on the win. If we play that game 100 times I think Buffalo wins it 90 of them but that's an opinion, and everyone has their own. The fact is we came out soft tonight and you punched us in the teeth. Stay healthy and have a nice season -Tim
  4. I a writer for www.ubbullrun.com and I am looking for a blog swap partner to talk Albany football. Google has not been too helpful so maybe The Big Purple Fanbase can point me at a site. Thanks and here is to a good injury free game -Tim
  5. http://www.ubbullrun.com/2015/4/13/8403223/stony-brook-tries-to-trick-tax-payers-into-a-stadium-upgrad In this years state budget Stony Brook had just over 22 million dollars earmarked for a "computational biomedicine visualization and drug development magnet facility". And really why wound't they. After all biomedicine computational fields are sexy. In fact UB's New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences is a feather in the cap of our university. The problem is that at the last hour somebody in the New York State Senate changed that the purpose of this $22.2 million dollars. The school tried to put that money towards more facilities upgrades to their football stadium. If I had to guess I would say that senator Kenneth Lavalle had something to do with it. Yes it's a wild guess a this point but Lavalle has aimed a lot of state money at Stony Brook athletics over the years. But wait! There's more! If you thought it would stop there than you don't know Empire state politics. There’s another $2 million which magically found it's way from academic purposes to Stony Brook Athletics. That money was originally allocated to the SUNY Stony Brook magnet facility but was converted this year to cover an indoor practice facility/exam center.
  6. That's far different than your first characterization: "Buffalo was in financial do-do, and went to the State for help." And it's in line with my characterization: "What UB did not have was the capitol to move to the next level as a research university. They traded their private status for an Amherst campus but the school could have stayed private and been fine." I'm not Conrad.
  7. Equal to Albany? Please open the Buffalo News or watch sports coverage and tell me who gets talked about more. Niagara or Albany.. Right we avoid it... That's why we have played Stony Brook twice in football and why we play Bingo in hoops.. "Taken over by the state"... Ummmm ok. Actually, the quote is correct: The private University of Buffalo was in financial do-do, and went to the State for help. The State agreed to absorb the school, and merge it into the SUNY system. But, let's not let the facts get in the way of your comment. BTW, nice game against WVU. The SUNY's acquitted themselves well today. Umm not so much. It was a growing healthy school with a ton of good programs and who's athletics were already bowl worthy. What UB did not have was the capitol to move to the next level as a research university. They traded their private status for an Amherst campus but the school could have stayed private and been fine.
  8. "Also, worst conference in hoops? lol. Cause the MAC is sooooo amazing (mid-major conference just like us). #homer" MAC was 10th in RPI with four or five teams below 100. AE was *29th* out of 33 in RPI with *1* team below 100. Yes the MAC is much better and deeper than the AE. "Bingo is WNY? Even Syracuse (further west geographically than Bingo glancing quickly at Google maps) is not WNY. " I said "More WNY" as in closer school where more kins from WNY go. Please don't put words in my mouth. "Binghamton hasn't won more than 8 games (including OOC) since 2009-2010 when they won 13 overall." And my sources in AD at the time said UB was in the process of setting up with Bingo in 2010. "If it's about ticket sales, as you say, then why schedule BU?" Because it's closer than Albany and more families in Erie and Niagara County send their kids to Bingo than to smAlbany. Scheduling a 106RPI Stony Brook or a 96RPI Albany does nothing for us. I know when you're in a conference like the AE those games are rare but we played teams between below a 120 RPI 14 times in conference play. What UB needs to do is schedule more 25-75 teams out of conference and they won't be finding that in teh AE any time soon.
  9. Right because scheduling in college sports is *all* about just picking up the phone and saying "lets play".. The Bingo Series was being set up before that department imploded and it was being set up because they are a more WNY team than Albany. I love this statement.. "don't say it was because of date conflicts" "if Buffalo wanted it, Brown would most likely do it." You have to put "most likely" in there because you're speaking out of your rear end. Has Albany picked up the phone to ask UB? Are you positive? Maybe Albany is avoiding UB because playing 6-7 out of the AE before going 18-1 against about the worst conference in hoops looks ok. Lord forbid you risk looking bad by losing to a SUNY school out of conference. By not playing us you can keep beating the false SUNY parity drum. See I can post speculative bull-chit just like you. -- Look a loss to Albany in hoops would sting, I ain't gonna lie about that. When we lose to the Purps it hurts but such things happen. I don't think the Bulls would have too much trouble with UA but you never know what happens on the floor, by all rights you were a better team than NU this season and look how that worked out. I will sat that If UB was "afraid of embarrassing themselves" they would not avoid the minor risk of a hoops loss, they would avoid the major risk of a FBall loss. Since were playing football I think we can put down the "scared" card. Seriously if we played Albany in hoops and lost it would bug me for a few days, if you guys beat us in football I may call for the coaches job. I don't think UB is avoiding UA and I don't think UA is avoiding UB. I think neither school really sees a big benefit to the game vs some other more strategically placed OOC games. FWIW I have said UB should begin to consider if its time to trade the Big4 for the SUNY4. At the end of the day the decision will likely fall to ticket sales and home and home games against the Purps and Griffs will always out draw the Danes and Wolves.
  10. Equal to Albany? Please open the Buffalo News or watch sports coverage and tell me who gets talked about more. Niagara or Albany.. Right we avoid it... That's why we have played Stony Brook twice in football and why we play Bingo in hoops.. "Taken over by the state"... Ummmm ok.
  11. What you said regarding scheduling another OOC contest makes sense. You do have good rivalries with the schools you mentioned. Regarding this season's UA contest versus Niagara, it was by far our worst outing of the season. Multiple players on our team had the flu. Every team's allowed a bad game every season. I'm quite sure you can think of a bad game UB had this year. It's not just NU. It's Quinnipiac, It's St. Francis and Holy Cross. Up until you hit AE play you were not winning a lot of games and you were losing to some really ugly teams. At any rate I don't want it to look like I came here to crap on Albany. You and Stony Brook are doing a lot to try and drag the AE up in the world but right now it's an uphill fight. My point was that the idea UB is "dodging" Albany or Stony Brook is a fairy tale. It's a matter of the opportunity cost involved in consuming OOC games with AE teams in NY State.
  12. Like I said NU is pretty down right now and there is talk that *perhaps* they and Canisius are in death spirals. Right now though if you were *that* much better than them one player at home sick would not translate into a 20 point loss. As things go forward I could see you both permanently surpassing the MAAC schools in the Big4.
  13. Yea for hoops games local awareness trumps state awareness. If were talking Fball I could see Albany fans traveling well (and WNY fans caring) but for Basketball we draw well for the Griffs and Purps. Same with the Bonnies... I'd rather play Saint Bonaventure at home than UMass. Just because their fans travel well to Buffalo.
  14. On par with Griffs and Purps...lmao... In terms of WNY brand awareness and overall performance do you think you're way batter than Niagara or Canisius? You were 6-7 out of conference and one of those was a nearly 20 point loss to Niagara (who is having a really down few years). Like I said. You and Stony Brook are playing at the level of a decent MAAC team, no shame in that and it's why you're the only two programs in the AE with an RPI better than 193. If you were in the MAAC I think both schools would do fine.
  15. UB is not scared of playing Albany but there has not been a lot of reason *to* play Albany. Maybe if Albany fans come out well to UB stadium this fall the department will see the value in future games (worked for Stony Brook). Football - We get 4OOC football games a year. Typically one seven figure payout game and two 1:1's with mid majors. That leaves *1* FCS game a year. Twice we have played Stony Brook. Why has Albany not worked out? Well when I talked to UB's athletic director he said that last season he could only work out scheduling with the dukes. Basketball - UB is already tied up in the "Big 4" games with Niagara, Canisius, and St Bonaventure. Though I have said I do see some reason in shifting away from that and toward the SUNY4. Albany and Stony Brook are now on par with the Griffs and Purps. Though Bingo's state is far worse than anyone in the Big4 and should be for some years to come. The problem in hoops is that we don't have the room on our schedule to do both the Big4 and SUNY4. Right now it makes a lot more sense for UB to play historical cross town rivals than Albany or Stony Brook
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