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  1. Catbob welcome to the board. I promise this isn't going to be the mandatory compliment or the proverbial "smoke blown up... well you get the picture." Montana State really looks to be a fierce team from what I can gather. You guys have my utmost respect and as another poster here has stated MSU will probably be our toughest opponent sine our FBS game against Central Michigan. Physical teams like MSU that pound opponents into the ground with a running game scare me. When we were dominating in the NEC (6 conference titles) we had that same type of offense and would just beat teams into subm
  2. I was not detailing the weakness of our schedule when mentioning Delaware, NH SBU and CCSU, I was indicating that every team we played had zero respect for us on various sites.
  3. My observation is Albany has gotten ZERO respect from anyone this year!! From the coaches in the league to the columnists to the opposing players but all we do is keep winning. Delaware was going to beat us at their place and UNH had a devastating defense, SBU was going to ruin our playoff hopes and CCSU were going to "pound us!!!" We pissed away Richmond but so be it. And still if you look on the other sites there is little mention of Albany anywhere. Maybe they fear us I don't know but a win on Saturday would force them to pay attention. I agree 100% with Click. The pressure is all on #5 MSU
  4. CCSU is showing UA absolutely no respect at all. But then again no one has paid UA any respect this season. That may be a good thing but they think this game is an easy W according to their board. They are talking about pounding UA? really? I hope the UA kids read this!!! HOF 2013 is correct about their schedule. It is a powder puff compared to UA's. I believe CCSU will be good but I doubt they have seen team speed at this level since opening day. IF CCSU played our schedule as soft as its deemed, do you think they win 11 games? Would Rhode Island and William n Mary get beat by Duquesne o
  5. That wind can /will play havoc with a passing offense and an unsteady kicking game. Did I mention this is another one of those "MUST WIN" games?! I think they will need to win out for a berth.
  6. I will admit that URI scared me to death before the game, during the game and was very relieved we came out on top. A much needed bye week. Sometimes bye weeks are needed and sometimes they disrupt a team on a roll. We shall see. Going forward I am cautiously optimistic. Maine should be a W, Delaware on the road will be tough but they don't seem to be invincible. I love our chances with New Hampshire at home and an overrated Stony Brook team. A win over Maine and we are a 6 win team. Our kicking game still scares the hell out of me. Our D thankfully is being opportunistic and winning the turno
  7. This week and next week ARE MUST WINS!!! RI is better than their record but lost to an average Stony Brook team. URI played New Hampshire tough and lost but UNH is better than people realize. Maine is a sinking ship!!! Delaware is also a dumpster fire!!! This Saturday we MUST WIN
  8. Lets just hope and pray it doesn't come down to our kicker. Lets hope he kicked 300 XP's and 300 FG's this week in practice.
  9. I have never turned a blind eye to it. I am well aware of the state of the program. The difference is bitching about it week after week even when they win doesn't change anything. If they lose, the sky is falling. Sometimes that is the case. When they win it was a bad team or they got lucky. No question they need a successful season this year. I was at Saturday's game and with weather like that it should of been a sellout. Winning should take care of that. By the same token I have seen games at Syracuse, UCONN, Buffalo and Villanova from the CAA and they also play to 1/2 full venue with the ex
  10. Before everyone piles on GG understand the facts first. My bet is no one on this board knows a thing so lets save "the coach can't coach" , "the coach is a moron" or "he runs kids out town" etc. GG has/had a Jr. Antonio Brown on his hands. I say GOOD RIDDANCE!!! His feelings got hurt because he has not done a thing since mid season last year and he is frustrated, I get it. If I were a confidant of his (I am not) I would tell him to make the most of your upcoming opportunities and I would also say play better!!! He has a full ride in place I bet. Don't screw that up. He is just pissed be
  11. The schedule is a favorable one so I could see 6 - 7 wins IF THE DEFENSE PLAYS BETTER than at Monmouth. Agreed with Reeder that Bryant and Lafayette are bad teams. If they had made one stop or not be horrible in the kicking game vs MU they are 3-1 heading into CAA play. The O will continue to get better as the season continues and if they remain injury free. You can say what you want about the OL they have kept Kuff upright and the sacks have been limited. The backs are getting space to run. They can beat Wm & Mary and Richmond Same as last year and I am not saying they will. Neither WM
  12. Yeah, my bad. I meant to say they should probably be fired after the game. Sorry about that.
  13. The good news is Lafayette game is a W!!! They lose and the season is over and an overhaul with staff should follow right after. The better news is, should they win, is the next two games much like last weekends game are very winnable games. Wm & Mary and Richmond are also deemed weaker opponents in the CAA. Rhode Island and UNH are also winnable games. Maine, Delaware and Towson not so much. SBU does not impress me either. The Good: QB situation and receivers (once Dev Holmes starts to pick things up again) looks good for the future. The RBs are fine. Mofor gained 100 yards Satu
  14. Who gets to park and tailgate in the parking lot next to the stadium? If I buy Gold Section seats for a game am I allowed to park and tailgate in that lot?? Also are the Police still pushing folks out of the lot 30 minutes after the game ends?
  15. If he wins 8 and goes to the 2nd round of NCAA's this place will have quieted down a whole lot. I support GG all the way! That doesn't mean I would be upset if he got canned should he have a bad season. I feel confident he will get this turned around. Remember he had quite a run at Duquesne. I know he has been at it a while but with this powder puff schedule it can be done. Now with that said, does anyone have a projection of the win total? Please leave the bickering at the door. On a final note I don't love the gameday experience that much. The stadium is great but the tailgating i
  16. The football program will survive long after GG is inducted to the Hall of Fame or Fired!!! Many posters on here are calling for the program to be shutdown. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! If anything it will move up with SBU to Buffalo's conference (the name is escaping me now but I know its an awful conference). The program will be fine. It didn't always run smoothly for Fordie. He had a couple tough years (not many). He managed to get things turned around from the God Awful early 1990's and so will GG. If GG fails he and staff will be gone. As I have said several times on this board this job is a ve
  17. This is an easy schedule. No excuses, we need to be 4-1 or 5-0 after the first 4 weeks!!! Central Michigan is not a great team but they still are FBS. Bryant, Monmouth, Lafayette and Wm & Mary HAS TO BE W's!!!! Richmond and Rhode Island are very beatable teams. Towson, Delaware and Maine will be real tests for UA. New Hampshire and Stony Brook fall into the category of overrated. Last season we lost 4 games in the 4th QTR because of a horrific secondary. A Seven or Eight win season will be successful. A 6-6 record means there is still work to be done and anything less than that is a disa
  18. If he thinks at 5'8" he can play at the big boy level FBS on a consistent weekly basis he is delusional. Yes, he had a great game against Pitt. Yes, he is a great talent and very fast, no question. Could he play at UCONN, UMASS, Buffalo, or Temple? Yes he can. Could he return kicks/punts at the low end FBS? Yes. Could he play in the SEC? No chance. If he transfers then prove me wrong and I will eat my hat. If he wants to transfer to a low end FBS school he will lose tons of games and the prospect of the NFL is a stretch.There is a reason major colleges didn't beat his door down coming out of
  19. This season has been a major disappointment no question. I really thought with this powderpuff schedule a 6-5 team would be attainable. I was wrong. The good news is we have another cake schedule next season. The Offense does have talent but Click is right the OL has regressed badly. If we can keep Mofor, Hanks, Holmes and McDonald that is a good start. The coaching staff should play every single young player/redshirt/benchwarmer etc. at every position they can tomorrow to see what they have. If this staff is getting another crack at it next year they need to scour every D1 transfer- JU
  20. Boy, I hope that is not true. If they can keep EB Hanks, Dev Holmes and McDonald we could be OK. That is a very good starting point on offense. They will add new players to the OL and hopefully the OK State QB transfer is the real deal. Click, I Agree 100% on D. Eliminate virtually everyone and bring along 2nd teamers, Red Shirts, JUCO's (wont take that long to jell) and transfers. That's how Chuck got it going at SBU and Fleming at Rhody. I would literally revoke any scholarship or outright cut the players in the secondary.
  21. I would grade them at 50%. EBH (Only a Jr. be back next season if he doesn't transfer) and Mofor have had some good games running the ball but VT has been sacked more than he should. The OL will be better next year. I am sure there will be players on the OL in the mix next year that are not in the mix this year. JUCO and 1A transfer city. I agree we should play everyone over the next 4 weeks. Get the OK State transfer QB some reps for certain. Our Secondary is why we are in the shape we are. With a serviceable secondary we probably get to 6 wins with this schedule. Our O is scoring enough
  22. Pete Rosso would of been in over his head (young and first HC job). KC Keeler for results alone would of been my choice baggage and all. He won a National title at Delaware. as soon as he gets another he will move on to the show with an FBS job. Rumor is UMASS is interested in him. I don't care how much is owed to GG if he goes 2-9 he will be gone. My hope is he turns it around. I cant see that happening though. They need a winning FCS coach or bring in a real FBS assistant. No way will this program stand still for 4 years if he goes 2-9. THERE HAS TO BE A BUYOUT CLAUSE!!! What say you la
  23. I would be surprised if he is still employed here next year especially if we go 2-9.
  24. That's the frustrating part, this team does have players. EBH, Holmes, McDonald and sometimes a QB. They are awful on D, a complete overhaul is needed. This wont be a long rebuild if a new coach comes in. He will bring players from 1A, JUCO and probably his former school. Rhode Island got good overnight when they brought in D1 transfers. Rhody's QB is lights out and so are their receivers.
  25. If they make a change and that may not be the case, they should throw a truck load of money at Jim Fleming and Chuck Priore. Find somebody at this level who can get it done.
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