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  1. Be glad he is not in the portal. Why would he? He was Rookie of the Year and is the guaranteed starter for the next 3 years. If we can manage to put a defense together and replace Sibley at RB we "should" have a winning product. Also the CAA is not what it once was and we may have a a legit shot to be very good over the next three seasons
  2. When you are right you are right. If Poff wins a few games this year I think/hope/pray he will be back. Not that he couldn't play at the FBS level as I am sure he can but two schools/programs in two years seems like a bit much. Id like to think he has made friends etc. We shall see but he will own all of the records in the CAA if he stays.
  3. We have all the horses we need on offense! This is probably the best offense we have ever had. We have never had a QB on this level. On Defense I couldn't agree more!! We would struggle to stop a D3 program. Gotta keep Ambrose as OC or HC in the mix as I believe he is attached to the hip with Poff. D has to be rebuilt from the ground up.
  4. I agree. I also believe the reason Poff came to UA was because of the OC Ambrose. I doubt he would leave.
  5. While it doesn't give me the same pleasure to see them lose as it does for others on this board, Its Time! Keep Ambrose as HC and the Offensive Staff. Nice crowd wasted. Its over! Defense has cost us every game.
  6. We got screwed on a TD that Poff scored in the first half that didn't get counted as the ref was out of position. The replay indicated he was in for the TD. Even the announcers were stunned they didn't call a TD. He put the ball out front and over the pylon in bounds. We got hosed by the refs and I never bitch about the refs. Also no one was offsides on the onside kick. 31points is enough to win any game. Defense is killing us. We "should" win next week. Villanova is winnable and we must win vs Stony Brook. We have the offense to stay with any CAA team. Elon and Rhode Island will be tough outs. Lose any one of these next three games and the season will be a lost season. If we can get to 500 we may have a shot at a winning record IMHO.
  7. We lose by 30-35 we win or take second in the CAA with a playoff birth. Baylor's second unit would kick the hell out of North Dakota State and every CAA school.
  8. What are they charging for parking next to the stadium?
  9. Agreed 100%.I like our chances of having a decent to a good year if things break our way. The schedule is light after we survive Baylor and no one is expecting anything from us. IMHO Delaware and Villanova are pretty good and they and barley beat us last year. This new RB from Pitt is the real deal. We just need the OL to block. Gotta win the close games this year
  10. Our athletic programs are circling the drain. Most of our sports teams are below average and now this.
  11. Undercuffler should comeback to the Albany program. if there are no takers at the FCS level I assume GG would take him back. I also assume he has no interest in D2 or D3 as he would of transferred somewhere. I know D2 or D3 would scoop him up in a second.
  12. We are due for wins over Maine and Rhode Island...aka last season should of won. I would sign up for 6-5 right now.
  13. With the exception of Baylor we can win all of them. Villanova and Monmouth will be tough but a fairly easy schedule overall....in theory. I think we will be undersized on D this year unless they still have to update the roster.
  14. Without question!!!! This could be a massive beating. Does anyone remember last season when CCSU played The Hurricanes of Miami? it was a 70-7 final I believe. Baylor just won the Sugar Bowl and I believe would blow Miami out. They make Syracuse look like a D3 team. Let's hope they have class and play their 2nd & 3rd strings at the start of the second half.
  15. I actually agree with you on this 100% and is a shortcoming of this staff. They are not getting the right level player. I would say Undercuffler and clearly Verse w would qualify as the right kid.
  16. Another player goes down a Division. He is probably better suited for that level. Before I hear about how great New Haven is remember back when we were D3 we would regularly defeat D2 teams such as Springfield (they were D2 back then), Southern Conn, Central Conn etc. Only the one player stayed on the same level.
  17. As a "glass is half full' kind of fan I believe you will find that we are very close to having a good squad. I'm not saying the coaching couldn't have been better but they really were in most of their games. Once my fan board beating ceases I think you will find they are not that far away. They will be coaching for their professional lives this year. If they had better special teams coaching they probably have 3 more wins but i will not review the season. I think this new QB will be a lightening rod as he is also trying to resurrect his playing career.
  18. He will be a starter day 1. Jeff who?? Undercuffler made a big mistake leaving. Any idea where he landed?
  19. With the exception of Verse who is going big time as predicted the majority of transfers are below Albany. Robert Morris and several with no schooL in place. One transfer on the same level (Villanova.-Towson) I bet you see a couple stay with UA. Even money says Undercuffler stays with Albany. I would have liked to see GG bring in some high quality asst coaches. He has 3 years now. If we get the guy from Delaware he will be coming with players!
  20. At the end of the day the program has regressed but the sky is not falling.(LOL I know I’m going to get pounded for that comment) This upheaval is normal and will happen EVERY year. This will provide multiple opportunities for kids already in the program and transfers from other programs. Alot can change in a year... I’ve seen it happen before. An influx of talent and new players will bring new energy and may be what the Dr. ordered These kids that transfer out I say good riddance with the exception of Verse. A 2-9 team with all these “thoroughbreds” really hasn’t impressed me. Yes they were in every game and if not for special teams failures the record would be different. A coaching change is probably going to happen but most kids don’t care they want to play college ball and if they can get a scholarship even better. These kids for the most part already know the NFL is a pipe dream. Kids that have visions of the NFL go to Auburn or Alabama not Albany. The program will be better with new players and it is not quite the dumpster fire people think. As Ford would say the sun will come up tomorrow and the grass will still be green, life goes on. A new coach may be inevitable and there are plenty of quality coaches that would jump to coach this program. I will go out on a limb and regret it later but I believe they will be much improved next season because they are all coaching for their football lives.
  21. Dane 96 remember these guys are transferring from a 2-9 team. How good are they really? Undercuffler probably sees the writing on the wall with his backup breathing down his neck. He didn't exactly light it up without his NFL caliber receiver. You know as well as anyone "next man up." How much worse could next years team be? I actually went to the Stony Brook game and frankly SBU wasn't very good but we looked like the kids didn't care from the opening kickoff. Kids laughing and joking on the sidelines while they are getting their asses handed to them by a 4-6 team. Dancing to music during timeouts. I was ashamed to be a former player. I left with 7 minutes left in the second qtr. Absolutely HUMILIATING. My 13 year old son looked at me and said "Dad they dont care. I thought your team was supposed to be good."
  22. Good for them and their transition. I am dismissive because the key point is they are all doing better in D2 or D3. It tells me they were D2 or D3 talent. Hanks left to take a shot at the NFL through Chatanooga, not Alabama...so far have not seen him on an NFL roster. He was on a couple of good team while he was here. I haven't seen anyone play better at an FBS program or an FCS program. The fact that they are excelling at D2 or D3 makes the point they weren't good enough at the FCS level.
  23. I am looking at the glass as half full! These comments are my opinion. Some of these guys not named Verse may regret leaving. Verse was leaving even if they won a National Championship last season. He has the NFL on his mind so he needs a high profile program and needs to compete against Power 5 competition. The rest of them will probably land in D2 or D3. Not one player that I know of that left UA has made a splash anywhere. The stud RB from a year or two ago (cant remember his name) left and went to Murray State or a higher profile program....never to be heard from again. The QB left and landed at D3 Hobart I think and has never been heard from since. The Troy WR left and went to New Haven...never to be heard from again. The WR from a few years ago left after marijuana trouble to a PA D2 school...never to be heard from again. If they are leaving to get away from this staff and just be small school student athletes without the pressure of FCS football I understand it. Most of these guys were getting playing time so it probably is due to the questions surrounding the program. None of these guys leaving with the exception of Verse will have any impact on this program at all. Programs at this level just reload. This happens every year in FCS football and its much more common at the FBS level. So far all of the guys leaving will prove the point they couldn't make it at this level. Maybe they should not have been recruited. I think cleaning house of these borderline/troubled players is good for the program. they will bring more JUCO transfers and 4year program transfers "to hold the fort" until there is a new staff or when GG & company gets the ship off the rocks.
  24. So far the only transfer out of UA in my opinion that means anything is Verse (96 I believe). As good as Verse is he will be smallish for the FBS big boy level like Florida State. Wouldn't shock me if they moved him to LB. Its not like he dominated and completely took over games in the CAA ...aka Lawrence Taylor type performances. This Walker kid as Dane 96 stated will be tiny at the high end of FBS and the LB (44 i think...forgot his name) didn't impress me as he was often blocked against the run. He really should think twice about leaving. If anyone else leaves next man up. It was a 2-9 season so how good could they have played?
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