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  1. I believe the Thompson's make a good deal of cash on endorsements (Nike) and their own lacrosse business. The amount they make from actually playing the game is just a nice bonus for the exposure they get. I beleive Rob Panell became the second player to ever ink a $1,000,000 in endorsements, I wouldn't be surprised if Lyle was the third. It seems to me like his entourage is living a pretty good life and they are all employed by TB Lax. During my time at UA, we got very little monetary support from alums (Though the moral support was always amazing). It takes a very wealthy person to be able to put up the serious bucks we are talking about here, and since UA has only been D1 for 18ish years, the OLDEST UA lax alums are only in their late 30's. They are more concerned with saving for their kid's college than building facilities at UA. But Hey, A guy can dream
  2. I am going to be looking to go departing from Syracuse if anyone is interested.
  3. I have heard there are great views in the second deck. I wouldn't be opposed, I just figured the best sections would be down below. Thanks for the info!
  4. If anyone has access to tickets and isn't planning on using their allotment could you please consider contacting me? I am alumni and would like to purchase at least 2 seats but there aren't any 1st level seats available and I would love to be down with the home team fans. Thanks!
  5. No - but consider Liam as good as gone. Mark it down. Michigan is a GREAT job and unless one of the current head coaches at a top 15 program decide it is a better opportunity ALA Tambroni w/ PSU, I think Liam is the next HC. All he has done is take a UA defense from being one of the worst in the country year in and year out and turn it into one of the best.....ALL while having to play defense against his own offense. When you play at the pace SUNY does, you expect a very mediocre D
  6. Just putting this out here as a heads up -- I am going to be running a NCAA Lacrosse Bracket Pool - Tentatively, the cost will be $20 per entry and prizes will be announced after I get a total number of participants. I have run one each of the last 2 years and there usually is a good amount of participation. Feel free to invite others. I will post more in the coming weeks but feel free to contact me with any questions.
  7. So does Fields win the Terwarrton if Albany makes the FF?
  8. @Albanyfan2018. I was on the team from Fall 2007 - Spring 2011..... which just happened to be the dark days of Albany Lacrosse - we always had the talent but not once in my 4 years did we not lose at least 2 major starters to injury. I know Merrick & Liam very well though. They are class acts and obviously very good coaches. One thing I can say is that when you send your son to UA for lacrosse the coaches are like second fathers and take a legitimate interest in your sons well being. Big game tonight, I think UA shows Bing they still have a ways to go.
  9. @UAlbanyFan2018 Bingo - I come from a family of 5 kids and thankfully my parents made it priority to pay for all of our undergrad education. Their delight at seeing (in-state) tuition bills of 3k a semester before athletic aid was palpable. While I feel like kids still don't full grasp the enormity of taking on potentially 100K+ in student loans, I feel like the rise in costs has brought more education and that is something that undoubtedly has helped UA. Whenever I step back on campus I am amazed at the transformation that has occured in such a short amount of time. My dorm on Indian was a complete dump, Dutch wasn't any better, the food was awful and when you moved off campus the market for non-slumlord housing was extremely limited. Now the dorms are on par with most schools, the food is very much improved and healthy (It wasn't a competitive advantage to eat a burger soaked in grease 20 minutes before practice) and there are very nice units to be had for $350-500 a month. I recall giving Siena serious consideration because their business school had modern touches like a giant stock ticker and mac computers, now UA has one of the finest business schools in term of physical plant in the northeast. All of this adds up to what should be a continuance of the golden era of UA Athletics. It's just a matter of time before Liam gets his shot at being the head coach of his own program. I wouldn't be suprised if it came this year. He probably has already had multiple opportunities but is smartly waiting for the right fit for him.
  10. While we don't have TOP wins, we do own wins over RPI 20,24,29,30,34,46,51 and potential wins vs 18 & 27 plus whoever we play in the AE Tourny. That could wind up being 11 top 50 wins and 2 one goal losses to top 3 RPI teams. I don't understand why everyone say we have such a weak schedule. Add in the fact that almost all of our wins have been complete beatdowns. How many teams can say they have 5 top 50 wins where they had the game won at halftime. How much of an impact will TD Ierlan have on recruiting. Being a former offensive player, if you were to tell me I would get to play in the free-wheeling UA Offense complimented by a near make it take it FOGO and a solid D for the next 3 years, I would probably put UA over all teams not named Syracuse, Duke, UNC, UVA, Hopkins & Maryland. As it is I am jealous that I didn't get to play in the current offense.
  11. I agree. It could really turn into a great Spring if UA gets a home game for the first round, returns to Hofstra for the Quarters, gets redemption and heads to its first final four. God have mercy on Foxborough if the Great Scoobies alumni descend upon New England
  12. I don't follow. I see Yale being ranked #11-- Which I think is very soft. Although they only lost to Maryland by 1, They also have losses to Bryant and UMass with their quality wins being over Nova (1st game of season when Nova was awful), Princeton & Penn. I'm not saying they're a bad team, I just don't think the #11 ranking is justified. I can't opine on Albany's ranking because losses are still losses and when your "best win" are 2 one goal losses, the jury is still out. Is Albany one of the 5 best teams in the country, probably, but they need to get a W vs a TOP team to solidify that.
  13. They HAVE to beat Yale to even discuss home game in the tournament. I like them to get it done against Yale and I think Yale is about as soft as a #11 team gets. That being said, any team 1-40 can beat one another this season so we will see how it goes.
  14. @GreatDane - I agree. If UNC finishes .500 they are in, and could even wind up with a home game if they win the ACC tourny (Imagine that). I have been going back and forth on that scenario all weekend. How funny would it be if they LOSE to ND - putting them at 6-7, Beat Syracuse... then lose in the championship. That would put them under .500. Side note: When was the last time UA had a contributing offensive player taller than 6-1? Back in my day the offenses average height was about 6-3. Caufield, Brock, Pompo, Cometti - were all about 6'4. Though I'd take less height and more wins any day
  15. Call me conspiracy theorist, but I believe that since we have proved that we can draw 4-6K people to Casey Stadium for big games the selection committee will move on from past snubs to give us a home game in the tourney..... so long as we run the table. That would put us at 14-2 with wins vs RPI 18,20,24,27,29,39,34,42,46,50 + 2 AE Tourny RPI wins & 1 goal RPI losses to #2 & #3. The real question is, if we lose in the America East tournament do we still get in? Assuming we win out we would have 0 top 15 RPI wins (though Yale is #11 in polls) 2 top 20, and 4 wins vs 21-30 RPI before AE Tourny. I don't think that gets it done, unfortunately. My current projected bracket is as follows: #1 Syracuse vs Monmouth (MAAC) OR Hobart (NEC) #8 PSU vs Duke #4 OSU vs Army (Patriot) #5 JHU vs Yale (IVY #3 ND vs Towson (winner of CAA) #6 UAlbany (AE) vs. Hofstra (L in CAA Championship) #2 Maryland vs Richmond (SoCon) #7 Denver vs Rutgers Right now it doesn't look like the bubble is very big - IMO. Given my bracket, do you see any BIG snubs?
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