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  1. Was thinking the same thing about Kayla being a mini-version of Shereesha. She seems to get a lot of layups against taller opponents. BTW, think they will ever get around to retiring Shereesha’s number? Don’t know about Hahne. As usual, women’s injury reports are not as readily known, or made public, as the men. Hope we get her back soon.
  2. Outstanding win on the road vs. a 4-0 team, once again without 2 good starters. Lily Phillips 7 assists. Team shoots 50% from 3 (7-14). Kayla Cooper great again with 21 points and 15 rebounds, her 2cd straight double-double. Now 3-0, in 1st place, and take on a winless Hartford team on the road Monday afternoon. Life is good!
  3. Thanks for the info. We shall see. He obviously would help next year, along with the 1st year players we have, and the anticipated good recruits from Coach K.
  4. Awful turn of events. Just when we were starting to get some hope that this team could be very dangerous by season’s end. Do we get Perry back next year, on a redshirt, or no?
  5. I don’t think Perry returned after picking up his 4th foul? We saw him being helped off the court and into the locker room after the game. Hope this is not bad news after such a good win.
  6. Also without another starter, Ellen Hahne. Kayla Cooper 13 pts., 14 rebounds and 2 clutch jump shots near the end, after we almost gave up a 10 pt. lead. Team was just 8 of 15 on FT’s, but a real nice road win. NJIT next.
  7. Agree on more minutes for Neely. 12 rebounds in 23 minutes!
  8. One game does not make a conference season, BUT the defense obviously has to improve. 79 points should win a lot of games. Perry was outstanding, and Horton’s game was encouraging, although just 1 assist. Next up—at N. Hampshire, who lost to Vt. last nite by 14 after a tight 1st half. BTW, Bing. and NJIT both 2-0—play each other tomorrow nite. Conference opener for the ladies on Saturday.
  9. Agreed! The last play of the half a glaring example. Binghamton on pace for 90 plus, and they will get it if we keep playing D like this. We shall see.
  10. This is bad. Now 3 AE games PP’d. Try again Sat. at home vs. New Hampshire. Hope we get some make-up dates soon.
  11. All was well with both our teams up until now. Unfortunate timing just before AE play. Women should handle Hartford even with just 8, but their 2cd game with Vermont will be tough, especially short handed. Men’ game in Burlington very much up in the air. We shall see.
  12. We win 88-37 for what it’s worth. Not sure why 5 players not there. Assumed Covid but not sure? BTW, Kayla Cooper 11 for 11 free throws.
  13. UA ladies up 70-31 start 4th gtr. A blowout as expected, but we only have 8 players. 5 out for Covid. AE play starts Thursday. Hope no one gets hurt the rest of this game. Out: Heeps, Lee, Robinson, Sims, and Hanner.
  14. Agree about Kayla. Real good player, lots of energy. A scorer. She has a real good stroke from the floor—her short, turn-around jump shots are high percentage. Hasn’t translated that stroke to the FT line though. Have to believe that it will as we move forward.
  15. I asked Nate Mason about the possible Union game on the 28th and he said it was not a done deal yet. They are reviewing COVID protocols. We will get an email if it becomes official and you can use either the UA-Canton ticket or the UA-UNION ticket for the game.
  16. Well, CCS did not hit 16 3’s tonight. Made 4. Don’t think they even took 16? Their coach tried to draw up an 11 point play with 16 seconds left. Did not work. Abby Robinson good tonight off the bench—8 pts. We do really need to improve against full court pressure. On to AE play.
  17. I guess you can live by the 3 against teams like Hartford. Hopefully they won’t get off 26 or more of them against us. Would be nice to get a win, go to 6-4 and then open up AE play against those Hartford Hawks. Usually go to Hartford for weekend afternoon games, but Thursday at 5:oo might be a problem. We’ll see.
  18. Cent. Conn. St. next up for our ladies. CCS is 2-6. Pretty tough schedule, with losses to a real good Quinnipiac team, U-Mass, Rutgers, and Syracuse. Have played 3 AE teams: lost to U-Mass Lowell and NJIT by 7 and beat an 0-10 Hartford team by 23. They have an interim head coach and a junior guard (# 1) named Forever Toppin. That’s right, Forever. BTW our Freja Werth named AE Rookie of the Week.
  19. Well, I’ll just say this: today’s game, to me, proves that the BC game was indeed a mirage. Pretty good D, poor, inconsistent O wins how many games? Poor start, we come back because of our D and some temporary, new found O, and then the O settles into reality and......we lose. Now 3-8 and this IS CK’s team. IF this team could score 60-65 a game for the rest of the year I would take my chances on a good conference record. But, as we saw today, that’s probably not going to happen. Is 11 games a good enough sample size? I think so.
  20. Why did they schedule Canton? My guess would be some kind of coaching connection somewhere between the 2 staffs. Agree on HVCC .Almost seems like a local natural, Troy vs. Albany. Don’t think they should reschedule this game though. Getting close to conference time.
  21. Ladies win 65-46 over an apparently short handed Canisius and go to 5-4.
  22. Canisius ladies are 2-6. Beat Detroit and won by 3 over Colgate, who we beat by 21. Lost to Binghamton by17, but only by 8 to an 8-1 Stony Brook team. Who knows? We COULD be 7-4 before conference opener at Hartford.
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