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  1. Mine did not work as well . But I fully expected that. Very very sad.
  2. Hutch needs to shoot 1000 3's this week . With Healy coming back we should be peeking at the right time. If Hutch is playing the 5 and can knock down some threes then we can really space the floor. With the players we have now it should not let them play Healy really close, allowing him to see some opening looks .
  3. Hutch will play a little because of our lack of size . Healy is still playing his way back and I believe will play a nice roll. Anderson is absolutely lost and will not play much . They are taking their time with Amica. Apparently the head injury was relatively bad and they want to make sure he is ok .
  4. We played a lot better . But they play little defense. Next week will be the test to see if we turned the corner. We play that soft hedge on defense and it drives me nuts . I may be by design but against the better teams they will eat us alive . Nice balanced scoring should give us confidence going into tough games next weekend.
  5. So if we win today. A big if... sweep binghamton and Maine. Spilt with everyone else, that I believe puts us a 11-7 in the league. I think that would be acceptable. Want better but that would not be too bad . It starts with a win today.
  6. Another terrible terrible reaction. I don't name call or put people down but again wrong . He never said that. U just thought that. WRONG! I could say u must support burning police stations and taking over cities... but I believe you don't (most responsible people dont) . Just don't put words in people's mouth and excalate the situation. That's the problem today. Disagree with someone and do something about it . But don't spread things that may not be true please.
  7. Don't wanna take away from the game but.... Isn't it funny with someone has a different view then someone else .. you get a post like this... this is exactly what my last post was about. He is just saying he doesn't support it . Nothing wrong with that. Its an Opinion. Right or wrong. I say do what you want. But respect the other side. You wanna kneel great. It my right not to support it . And vice versa. If you like the kneeling give more !!!! But posts like this is the problem with this country. Its saying "IF YOU DONT LIKE MY POINT OF VIEW, GET OUT" That's wrong
  8. Last year I was 100 percent with you . I really really was. And I 100 percent agree everyone should stand. But at this point the moral compass of this country has gone sideways. We are soft, take offense to everything, want something for nothing, don't care about consequences, on both sides... How is it ok to take over a city or a police station?.... (never heard anything really negative about that) both sides are wrong .... I will also not be sending anything more . But I'm glad the coaching staff all stood. Young adults are impressionable. I give them a little pass. I will co
  9. Good game . Any win is a good win. Hopefully we come out playing hard tomorrow and get another win.
  10. Did not work out for sure . But at least that's an excuse . No excuses here . I even have my doubts that Healy ever returns to form . I hope he does, and if he does we will see if its a different team.
  11. If we take a step back and look at Siena. (They are suppose to be a pretty good midmajor.. good attendance ... facilities...) They have been terrible for a decade. There are very few schools at our level that are good year in and out (Vermont). That being said I refuse to accept below mediocrity. In my opinion (and we have said this several times ) JC transfers is no way to build a team . If we were starting all freshman, that's one thing. But we are starting several upperclassmen . I think a healthy Healy could be deadly . Antonio has been awesome. We do have better pieces this
  12. A really bad team beat a really really bad team . Brown not calling timeout on either late possession was another coaching mistake . 20 year coach continues to make mistakes. A healthy Healy will help but not sure how much.
  13. Some observations (Facts) -St Joe's is terrible. All they do is drive and look to dish . They want nothing inside . They would not finish in the top half of the AE. -Trey is not a D1 player (Yet). Very slow, can't shoot, can't pass, can't defend . -Doles is a good player. A times union article stated he might wanna play 2 years after this. He would be awesome if he does that.
  14. Our defense is atrocious. Defense is all about effort . Coaching brings effort ... enough said .
  15. Dickens.... your confused. Nobody is saying anything. You need to relax and enjoy the win .
  16. Good comeback . Need to build on it . Better defense in the second have. Kelly is a very good offensive player . Goes to his right hand a ton . I hope teams not adjust to it.
  17. I 100 percent never said he should have a life contract. I believe you earn your contract like everyone else needs to .
  18. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but this is the last year on Browns contract. Don't need to fire him . Just let him walk . Find a young hungry coach .
  19. I agree with the above post . Something that does give me hope is that the team started to attack the rim late last game . If that continues I think we will be OK. Call me crazy (those who read my posts know I realistic not a fantasy guy) but I think we play very well at Vermont. I hope we don't schedule a game until Vermont . Get a good week of practice and see what happens. I believe there is talent and we will grow into it .
  20. If u watch the replay the assistants were yelling to foul . Brown put his hand up and would not let them . According to the paper Brown wanted to foul with 15 seconds let. Either way it was a terrible move by a very seasoned coach.
  21. Lulka only played like 10 minutes in the first half . He is not atheltic but he is always in the right postion on the defensive end. I like him , I really do. Time will tell I guess .
  22. Another close loss . One positive at least was at the 10 minute mark in the second half they started to really drive to the hoop. I like that. Need to attack the hoop. Something they have not done consistently this year .
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