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  1. I enjoy the banter (minus the name calling , but I'm a big boy ...lol) Good luck to Albany Basketball and a return to the top of the AE.
  2. It was just to say he did not work out. More as a joke . But a good guy.
  3. No . They didn't . ( but better then this current recruit ) But I had a ton of respect for Brown. But a guy known as a recruiter I look forward to better. (Recruits) Brown was a very good coach. I think his loyalty to his staff and the university was his downfall. Maybe a pipe dream for better recruits . I also took Browns strengths as coaching. From what I heard and read , Killings strengths are recruiting. (Right now) . I'm not trashing him or Brown. At least not my intention. It was just to say I hope for better recruits.
  4. I'm sure this has gone on long enough. I'm not disgusted . I said it does not get my excited . That's all.
  5. I'm not into name calling. But I knew they were 1 year guys . And they did fine . I prefer to develop players but I understand the reason behind this recruit . Also I was one of the first to say it was a good hire and look forward to the season .
  6. Great question. Coach Killings is known as a recruiter that has deep roots in the northeast. I hoping that we can compete with some slightly higher conferences go get better players here. Recruiting is his strength. So I guess I expect to see better recruits.
  7. For the most part they played very well . I guess what I'm saying any you may be missing is that there are over 1000 players in the portal and a 5 point a game player as a grad transfer does nothing for me yet ! Of course I know nothing about the current players. If he has 10+ scholarships to give then this guy is fine . If not I would rather see a guy with multiple years to develop. You cherry picked a couple of guys., but it normally takes a year or so to get used to to system. That's basically all . I wish him the best and look forward to better recruits. And if you mean pull some facts up I'm sure a could . Lol. But it's too late for that. Haha
  8. Sorry buddy had to do it . Mic 🎤 drop. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.timesunion.com/sports/amp/Jarvis-Doles-eyeing-a-long-future-with-UAlbany-15850760.php
  9. Again .... there was an article written by the "Record" last year and thayd exactly what he said he wanted to do. Does that mean he will of course not . But he said he wants to. I follow the program closely .
  10. As a UA fan I truly do. But if my time on this board does not tell you I love facts. If I have an opinion I love to back it up. No feelings. Just facts. If he has a Doles like year this year it would be great.
  11. I agree but the conferences are basically similar . Again I hope it works out .
  12. No . U are wrong . He was a graduate transfer . However he also got hurt and got another year. So again I will repeat it . He had 3 years left last year . So now he has 2 left. This guy has 1.
  13. Doles also had 3 years left last year!!!!!!!! This player has 1 !!!!!!!!!
  14. Absolutely. I could not agree more. I like Doles. Doles has 2 more years of eligibility left. This recruit 1. Doles played in a better conference (slightly but better). Doles was hurt. Doles can shoot free throws. Doles can stretch the defense with the 3. Doles averaged 5 a game as a sophomore not a senior. I have about 4 more but I think my point is made and then some .
  15. I truly hope you are right. 2:20 in highlights over 4 years. I bet I can find that on just about any player. Again 5 points a game for a grad transfer in a comparable league. If that gets you going great.
  16. I completely understand that. There are over 1000 players in the portal. We have a "recruiter" for a coach . Which I support by the way. I guess I was wishfully hoping for better then a D2 player (who can shoot, but is very very slow) and a 5 point grad transfer from a comparable school.
  17. I'll pass .... really a comparable league . Imagine we took a 5 point scorer from Siena as a grad transfer. Yikes. I guess we don't know how many kids are really transfering . I'm hoping that most of the kids who are still practicing with us will stay. If they do this is a horrible signing. If we need to fill 10 + scholarships I guess I can understand it.
  18. Poor commitment. Shot like 35 percent from the free throw line and never attempted a 3 pointer in his college career. Doesn't really rebound either. No good so far.
  19. So far 2 underwhelming commitments. Was really hoping (wishful thinking) for a couple of big splashes. So far more like drops in an ocean. Hopefully will pick it up soon.
  20. Looks like a decent pick up. Looks like a 1 year pick up unless there is something I don't see. Shoots it well from the line and from 3.
  21. I may be completely wrong but I this 1000+ players in the portal is great news for us . Killings is suppose to be a recruiter. That's suppose to be his strength. As a new head coach he will make some in game mistakes and things like that but he should know how to recruit. I truly expect to bring in "better recruited " players then Brown did . Brown has zero pull and needed to develope that as is went along. Killings should be light years ahead of him. Again maybe I'm wrong but if this guy can't recruit significant better then Brown (his speciality) then I think we will be in trouble .
  22. Very nice to see . At the 57 second mark is that Iati? It can't be right ?
  23. It's my understanding that any player can enter the transfer portal at any time . (365 days a year) . Of course there is a cut off to enroll in schools and a scholarship limit. However to answer your question there is no cutoff date that I know of. Several players enter the transfer portal mid year.
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