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  1. Just a list of every person in the portal and their destination. https://watchstadium.com/college-basketballs-2020-21-transfer-list-10-26-2020/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  2. I believe he is '22.... it seems we are recruiting a lot of atheltic kids and a lot of kids in general.
  3. Ok . I'll try to be more specific. The base pay between the two Schools is around 100k different. That is a lot . I'm sure almost every coach has incentive money built into the contract.
  4. Something minority off topic but still relevant to this topic: I read the head coach at Siena only makes 285K. We are paying our head coach almost 100k more. That's crazy ! Now I know why coach's jump ship over there with even some success. That just seems very low for a school what is suppose to be the leader of the mcaa!!!!
  5. I'll turn it around on you. Give me any mid major that plays every game in the other person's home gym . I truly don't know the answer but I'll wait for that. If you can give me that I'll listen for sure.
  6. I'm guessing this just does not apply to basketball. It would be every sport . Like football? Where they only play once a year ? I could give you several dozen if you want? Or are we shortening it to just basketball? Because a rival is a rival.
  7. That's not correct. Now with so many teams in the ACC there is an unbalanced schedual. So they may not play 2 times a year and under your scenario if they only play once you would never allow Duke to play a home game. That's what's your saying . Nope Nope Nope. The ACC knows what's fair thank God.
  8. So let me ask you this? Duke holds 9000. UNC holds 18000. By saying the above you believe Duke should never play a home game again against their rival . Yikes. I agree with a ton of your posts so don't take this the wrong way but thank God your not in charge. Games around the country would only be played in the largest arenas against rivals. That's not right.
  9. I agree . We can take every Great Dane fan we can get but your posts are everywhere. Like literally all over the place. As for recruiting, this guy is suppose to have a ton of connections. If true I don't think he will have trouble finding recruits. Will be even more interesting who he fills his staff with.
  10. It should be but it's Albany . So I'm sure it won't. Haha. Look forward to seeing where he goes from here.
  11. He said it because we offered him .... THATS ALL....
  12. I agree a lot of the time . However stony Brooks new coach about 5 years ago had almost everyone in the portal and I believe 6 or 7 stayed on. It's not as uncommon as you think to stay. Of course they may all leave but also don't be surprised when they stay either.
  13. The new coach needs to talk to them and they need to talk to the new coach. I have no issue with the portal because what if the new coach does not want them / does not fit into his system or plan. It's a two way street with a new coach. It's the new coaches job to talk them into recommiting if they want them.
  14. Expect almost everyone to enter the portal. Hopefully Killings with keep several of them . There is talent on this team . Sprinkle in some of his "own" guys and we hopefully will be a good team. Hope to avoid a complete rebuild but sometimes that's what happens.
  15. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Like I said I'll go on record and be the first to love this hire. Time will tell. But when we are winning a ton the next few years remember this post. Hahaha ...
  16. We were never getting a guy without head coaching experience. If you would have told me we are getting an assistant from the big east, I would have said he'll yeah.
  17. Dude ... you said the hire would be mid April. I said this Friday... I don't see anywhere where it says he was fired .... Anyone who is an Albany fan needs to give this guy a chance.
  18. No .... I believe this is a good hire.... he won at temple...then moved up to uconn... then has had some success at marquette.... in other words he is going up ... Oliver being an assistant for almost 30 years sinks ... somethings not right there.... plus the up and down worries me ... I'm on record is saying I LOVE this hire ....
  19. I like both... but both come with risks .... Desmond Oliver got passed over at Kennesaw State (one of the worse D1 programs). If he is so great I would think we would have had a head coaching job by now . Killings is coming coming of a sub par season at a slightly lower school (still the big east). I would consider both of these guys good hires from high conferences. Both have had success. I don't know much about either but I hope Benson gets this right.
  20. I don't hate the name . I really don't hate any of the "top 3". He has been to several schools and they have had success. Both Tennessee and Villanova are in the tournament. I'm guessing if it's one of those guys we won't name it until they are eliminated. If it's the Marquette guy we will know very soon.
  21. I really do . Great kid ....but was slow... could not shoot... ton of heart.... I think if we get the guy the team could be better...yes. Brown recruits the same kids ..they are steady. We could go either way but with the right coach and the transfer rules we could be better.
  22. That is a joke hire. An easy hire. I expect a new head coach my next Friday. Mid April would but atrocious.
  23. With the exception of the llc name those are some names from some big schools. We will see.
  24. St rose was a joke .... because he said he might stay in albany. We will see what happens. Him wanting to play 2 years more will be interesting. If he stays in our conference he could be a really good player next year and after. But he will do what's best for him.
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