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  1. Vote for Trpcic and Tate: http://www.americaeast.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=14000&ATCLID=210433397
  2. Wow congratulations to Cassandra, to be able to accomplish this level of academia and play D1 Womens Basketball is amazing! I wonder what the other majors are for these girls....well done!
  3. By the time you decide to hold the coach accountable she'll be gone. You can't be too hard on a coach if the mistakes are happening on the screen right in front of you. We lost two players to graduation (one a star, and a guard who was a key piece), normal changes; one player decided to leave albeit a very strong player. The incoming group were all Coach Abe’s retooling for another run at a championship, one left and her numbers at her new school are probably comparable to what Trpic would have been doing had she not had the foot injury. Coach Mac is not rebuilding a team where she gets time, this was an established team and a very very good team she took over, Tate is a superstar (I still remember watching her as a freshman and still can't believe how's she's developed), Hixson barely played last year and she’s taken over at crucial times this year, Forster is a stud. This is D1, by the time a few years goes by we’ll be meandering in the middle of the pack or lower and wondering how we got there. When you’re D1 you don’t get the luxury of making in game mistakes, your players notice; you don’t get the luxury of not playing players that should be on the court, your team notices; you don’t get the luxury of a few years, you’ll be replaced …. that’s how continuity breaks down, how you lose recruits, how transfers happen. Vermont tonight, let’s watch for those types of errors, let’s watch 4 on 5 and how far off they play on each of the guards, let’s see the play calling if it’s a close game, what will be the in-game adjustments? I’m critical because I don’t want to be meandering through seasons again and I’m seeing mistakes just spectating, it took a long time to reach the success we have, it was painful before the Abe regime. I still don’t understand how a perennially winning program, with a solid team, picked by Obama to go to round 2 (lol), couldn’t retain a strong, established D1 assistant/associate coach in the first place.
  4. I think Coach Grimes interviewed as well. Any thoughts on the Maine Game, I missed it due to a family event?
  5. So I went to the UMBC game with 3 friends and they all said the same thing.....so I'm changing my grade to a ‘D’. I went to the game with 3 friends. The first quarter they put personnel in to run and you could see the panic for UMBC trying to get back, two were chasing that Aiyalogbe girl back. The spread in the score was going up and then subs come in and those players barely see the court in the 2nd quarter. The offence completely died, no more running, no more movement. Playing 4 against 5 again, no room for Tate to move around and do her magic when it's 4 on 5. No idea why? Then there’s a new play called pass it to Tate and have her create on her own the rest of the game, poor Tate I don’t blame her she’s an incredible player but who can’t see what’s happening! UMBC's coach prep'd them to slush off and take it away from her, if you don't keep the other team honest they will take advantage. Then the coach doesn’t call a timeout when Forster is on the floor and in trouble, so Forster picks up a foul! Runs a play at the end of the game and Stokes turns it over, then doesn’t have another play and runs the same play. Of course UMBC is going to get a jump on blocking the shot, it’s the same play. That’s just bad coaching. Whoever said we got the wrong coach was right! D! Oh I forgot why are we fouling with so much time left at the end, play good D there’s lots of time, we weren't playing some offensive juggernaut of a team…We couldn't believe all these mistakes happened in one game at the D1 level. It wasn't the girls who lost this game game!
  6. Hey - thank you for changing my username, much appreciated!!!!
  7. I think you made a mistake in signing up here. Is your username you email address? Sorry, I know it's off topic. No Idea why that's happened, that isn't even my email address it just changed to that after my first post.....my username should have been venice1020....but it works so it doesn't matter.
  8. Coach Abe did know her players and the roles they had to play to be successful, watching those teams over the years was a treat. I watched the 2nd half of the UCF/USF game, it was textbook Coach Abe, going from 7-23 to 16-9 with none of the players being her recruits, shows her coaching prowess. My point on Trpic isn’t even starting, her minutes should be far higher…..you’re right about since her being back and the 6 wins. Even more prevalent is without her we lost to UNH by 13, with her we won by 9 (24-point swing); without her we beat Stony Brook by 10, with her by 18; without her we beat Binghamton by 6, with her 17. Hixson gets the ball in her comfortable catch and shoot position, versus spot and shoot; Hixson is running knowing a pass is coming. Tate has room to maneuver with teams having to stretch for Tripic. Aiyalogbe is playing amazing since Trpic’s return and running in transition…. they are fun to watch. Look at her +/- numbers, her PER, and now being back in game condition her regular stats are coming back too. Let's see tonight, last time we played UMBC was the home loss by 8. Forster is going to be a big key to winning the conference, if she can stay in the games, she does a lot at both ends and a stat leader despite limited minutes sometimes. She is so strong and never flops that she get the raw end of these players bouncing off her and falling down around her all the time that the calls go against her. I'm in Baltimore on business so my timing is good and am hoping to leave meetings on time to go watch them play.
  9. I wouldn't give her more than a C grade, the cupboard is full, for instance why isn't Trpic starting again? We are playing 4 vs 5 on offence everytime down the court when she's not in there, you can see they don't guard the other guard and pack the key. When Trpic is on, they have to guard her. Plus, the entire team runs when she handles the ball, look at the flow of the game. What's happened to the Canada girl, is she injured too?
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