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  1. Well the good news for lacrosse is that with Fallon having new turf, I would think minimum impact for the men and women. Could make for some tough parking if football is a go in the spring.
  2. Not sure anyone else caught it or not, but a spot on the Fan about Coach Marr and Hopkins. It was an interview with Paul Carcaterra. No new news, other than Carc saying of course Marr is on the list, and it is probably a long one.
  3. I would think the probability is pretty low as well, especially if his daughter takes the extra year. If Hopkins were to reach out, Coach Marr would have to take the call.
  4. Petro and staff fired at Hopkins. Marr's name will undoubtedly come up in the conversation as a possible replacement.
  5. I hope so as well for the program going forward. I know he has a lot to prove, and I hope it is in an Albany uniform and not a professional one.
  6. As of right now I think no more than one or two seniors may come back. I agree with you that the NCAA policy while well intentioned was a mistake with too many unintended consequences. No idea on Tehoka, but it wouldn't shock me if he doesn't return. The Native players are very tight, and his best friends are moving on.
  7. I wouldn't expect many seniors coming back for another seasons. In regards to TD, I think it wasn't handled well on his end it terms of how it was framed. IMO it was less about academics, and way more about how the program was structured and run.
  8. Panic may be a poor word choice, but it just seems like an odd way to manage the position and I think I said panic, because even in the fall games, when it is all about improving and seeing what you have, the coaches gave the fogo's little to no rope. The video from Maryland is usually like watching ants it is so bad, and it sounded like it wasn't great, but I may be wrong on Danny, but I don't think he had the chance to get into a rhythm. It takes a time or two to get the ref's cadence, and then to adjust and counter what your opponent is doing. Four face offs over the course of a game j
  9. The freshmen took 3-4 I am guessing. He was getting in on the clamp. I think poles took around 20 in total. The other problem is that they are losing confidence and know if they don’t win they are getting yanked.
  10. I tend to agree with you but hard to say when you don’t give them a real opportunity. Panic mode sets in and they go straight to the pole.
  11. Luke, appreciate your comments and I mean that with total sincerity. This venue is a way for many of us to vent, regardless of our affiliation, and if anyone had been at the game yesterday everyone's ears would have been burning. Not snide comments directed at the coaches or any players, but many of the sentiments I read from the in game comments from other posters were being expressed in real time. Whether or not the comments are correct, partially correct, or totally off base, the stats are what the stats are. In his own very professional way, even Mike at the home broadcasts has highli
  12. It is always disappointing to see how fast things can unravel. This team looked like it had a lot of potential and some unfortunate injuries.
  13. Hey Luke - sorry you feel that way. I don't call out players like many on this forum. What I have said is that I don't like players being put in positions where they can't play to their potential. What do you disagree with? In fact I was defending a player who was getting ripped because I don't think the poster understands what the player is being asked to do. This team has not been prepared to play. I am not sure how you can dispute this? We don't play good team defense, we don't face off well, we are not good at ground balls, and our man up offense isn't very good either. I don't say p
  14. I've said it before, and it probably isn't popular, this is a poorly coached team. Just look at how a player disappears and doesn't see the field one game and is in on the first or second rotation the next game? There is just about zero accountability for certain players. Seeing the same mistakes, over, and over, and over again. That is the on the coaches. The defensive philosophy or lack therefor is horrible. I know a lot of people are banging on Kunz, but a lot of what you guys are seeing is how he is being asked to play. It was the same with Perla last year. It was horrible l
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