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  1. 34 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    Actually overall I thought UA played pretty well. Offense will be as good or better than ever {final four year excluded.} Defense as usual will be the BIG question mark????????Ramos looked good after his slow start; even spectacular @ times. Two or three others used, all made some tough saves and tough to tell if goals allowed were their faults or not. But other than Ramos, all the goalies seemed to have issue with their clearing passing. 

    BU was a monster of a team and when I commented they had to out weigh us 20 lbs per man, a father I was sitting next to said maybe 30. This initially caused some issues with UA's clearing game; but when UA stoped trying to run threw & over them, UA was much more successful. UA was definitely superior to BU, passing, making plays and finishing. BU scoring was a lot of one on one and brute force.

    Like last weeks alumnae game, UA seemed to be making a conscious effort to NOT slide defensively. I am sure this caused some goals in both games; I am NO expert but I think working on sliding less or at least when to and when not too will benefit UA's defense in the long run.

    Regan looked very good at the X; except he appeared to be favoring a leg a couple of time running off the field [looked like cramping maybe]; but one point he had to helped off with looked like a knee injury {but he did return later.} #27 & 36 both took a lot of FO's with mixed results. 27 appears very quick but is small and gets beat up physically and had numerous face-off faults (maybe he is too quick for the officials?) As mentioned in my other posts he had back to back 30 second penalties in the second game.

    The starting attack and second attack if you will were assume. The midfield seems deep with a lot of weapons; some issues with clearing; but once on offense they can score and pass. #22 Jacob Moran was very impressive, as were a number of other of the new middies. Did not see Peter Salit at all who often stated last year. The real question can any of the middies play defense and help the in-close guys who appear in need of a lot of HELP.

    #41 Winky-Wade a 6'5" attack might be fun to watch. Don't think he played much early; but in the second game they were feeding him high [almost like Ali-ops in BB]; he fanned on a couple but also nailed a couple in.g

    Great to hear that Ramos played well, and hope he gets the opportunity to play a full season. Disappointing to hear about the defense.  That will have to improve with the AE improving.

  2. 2 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Games were played @ turf fields outdoor @ Afrims. Game 1 UA vs BU.  Side by side was Vermont vs Marist. In game 1 UA fell behind immediately 0-5; but got going and qtr scores were 3-5, 4-3, 6-3, 3-5; for a 16-16 tie. I actually had the score 18-17 UA. In game 2 UA again immediately fell behind by 4 and lost by that exact amount to Marist—2-5, 5-3, 3-5, 1-2 =11-15.  UA did use a lot of 2nd & 3rd string in game 2. Also, gave up 3 straight goals in the 3rd period because of 2 straight 30sec face off penalties.

    On the other field Vermont beat Marist 18-7 I think. And then BU beat Vermont by 3 or 4 I think. 

    Will write some comments & highlights tomorrow and hopefully others @ the game will also!

    Thanks, I had to fly down to Atlanta at the last minute so couldn't make it. You can never tell too much from these fall games since teams are trying to look at different things, and there were always surprises in the depth chart when they start back up in the new year.

  3. On 10/16/2021 at 9:58 AM, dslyank said:

    I went to the alumni scrimmage last night. Not much gained to report. Played in a downpour mostly and players wore different numbers than the roster indicated and some #s used for multiple players. First observation #6 Regan Enders won every face-off he took--obviously he is definitely an upgrade over previous Danes at the X. #36 also took some face-offs but with mixed results. Will Ramos was introduced with the graduated seniors from the covid years in the pre-game ceremony . Scott gave a nice speech & introductions; but could't the university provided him a mike?? Only younger goalies used; Ramos did not play at all, plus being introduced with the graduated seniors--not sure what that means for this year??

    NO DEFENSE was played what-so-ever which is pretty typical in a game like this.[at least no-one was needlessly sliding.]  Passing was perhaps the worse I've ever seen--which is/was expected from the alumni; but even this early, is a little unsettling from the regulars. Offensively, #23 or maybe 24 nailed a couple really long range shots and #0 Pessemeti (I think) had some nice goals. Hogg & Tucker each had at least one. Did not see Yunker at all; not even sure he suited; but with number switching hard to tell.

    Scott did mention next weekends Fall Ball tournament. Boton U, Marist & Vermont I think; but did NOT offer any info on TIMES & PLACE??

    Anyone else there last night want to ADD/DISAGREE/WHATEVER greatly appreciated!




    The games are scheduled at 12:30pm and 3pm at the indoor facility out by the airport. I don't know the order of who we play, but that is the latest I heard from one of the current parents.

  4. On 10/13/2021 at 12:14 PM, dslyank said:

    2018. As always, thanks for your insights and assessments. Have you heard any more about the alumni scrimmage? Is it still this Friday, and time/place??

    Nothing new to report from the original info I received that it is Friday 8:00pm at Fallon. I haven't seen anything on social media or on the UAlbany web site promoting the game.

  5. 22 hours ago, dslyank said:


    2022 Roster NOW up. Looks like stocking up on middies?  Reading Bios, no one stood out as a "future star" {maybe Winky-Wade?}.  Interested in your comments, seems you have/know more incites on recruits? Interesting, brought in another grad transfer goalie? Seems we could use HELP on defense; but I did not notice much there?? Hope I'm wrong.

    Good to finally see the roster up. I haven't seen as much club lacrosse, but know some of the guys from high school. I think it is a solid group, and I personally like the big class of middies. IMO post Osika, McClancy the midfielders as a group have been the weaker link. You have to have studs in the middle of the field to not only provide a scoring punch, but to allow the poles to play defense. One of the things that has confounded me for years has been the slide package. Going back to when Perla played the middle and the last two years or so with Kunz, the pole in the middle was sliding like crazy and IMO creating offense more times than not for the opposing team. 

    I thought the poles as a group were actually solid, but the breakdowns happened at middle, usually with smaller guys who just couldn't match up against the elite teams we would face in the NCAA's. It was rare to see a pole actually get beat, of course it did happen, but to me it was what the poles were being asked to do, and middies getting beat on alley dodges which then forced the poles to slide.

    I don't know anything about the transfer goalie, but I always have liked Ramos and thought he got a bum deal when he was thrown in during big games and under the circumstances did well. I hope he earns the starting job, and gets to play a full season.

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  6. 17 hours ago, cwdickens said:

    You are ranting to the wrong people, many threads within the BigPurpleFans forum about the dysfunctional UAlbany Sports Administration .... Focus for lacrosse on Social Media, has been on Trey, Blaze and Miles.... In part to our relationship with the PLL.... In addition lots of interest about one Great Dane in the NFL on the forum... Hope you are feeling better... If not why not email Scott Marr directly...actually one of the few who will respond

    When you are the parent of a kid in the program while they are playing there really isn't room to say anything even if it is well intentioned. You would be surprised even at this level how many parents in one way or another politic, but I don't think it ever swayed any of the coaches.

    After we were done I did share some comments. Scott is always very pleasant, and genuinely a good person, but as a mid major sort of program Albany has to work harder and do it better.


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  7. A quick rant now that I can.

    For Pete's sake update the roster. I know it is a little thing, but speaks volumes about the program and selling the program. I looked at a ton of rosters and of the top 30-40 teams Albany is the only program with no updates.

    STOP living in the past. Just about every bit of social media is about former players. Great to honor them because it was a great run to be part of, but time to move forward an focus on making the current roster better rather than dwelling on the past.


    Rant off

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  8. No longer have any skin in the game, but this was passed on to me.

    Looks like two opportunities to see the team in Albany this fall.


    October 15th is the alumni game, and I understand there will be some sort of ceremony for the graduating classes which were disrupted because of the virus. I think I may make it to that for sure to see some of the guys. Then on the 23rd will be the fall ball scrimmages. I was told the indoor field out by the airport, but that seems odd, but maybe the other facilities are booked.

  9. 1 minute ago, HOF2013 said:

    And senior Middies get beat repeatedly in the middle, Goldsmith every game, Ron John every game. Like you said after the last game NO accountability.  Just leave them in there.

    Don't get me started. Ramos is going to have to stand on his head in the 2nd half, and offense is going to have to be even better. Probably our most efficient offensive performance in recent memory.

  10. Just now, HOF2013 said:

    Not gonna happen


    Happy to see Ramos get action. Should have happened sooner, but you throw him in with little game time in the most important game of the season? Even the announcers are slamming our face-off strategy.  Just really random coaching decisions in the biggest game of the season.

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  11. 2 hours ago, dslyank said:

    If the poles don’t slide out, doesn’t that put a lot of pressure on the middies? How do you defend teams like UMBC & Cuse, who get most of their scoring from the outside? Never played Lax, so I’d really appreciate your thoughts on when to slide & when not; and how to defend long range shots

    First off I have no idea what they team is being asked to do on defense. I had some insights but not now. My impression has been for years is that Albany is willing to give up the outside shot and not let anything easy in close, especially in the middle. That isn't a horrible philosophy IMO if that plays into your goalie's strengths. But today and for the last couple of years we do a lot of ball watching IMO, and just way too many unnecessary slides when the opposing player isn't a scoring threat. There were two plays today where 48 collapsed in the middle when no help was needed and it was a skip pass up top and an uncontested goal.

    I don't think I am stretching it when I am saying that Kunz was running out 15+ yards at times for no apparent reason. When that happens he has to recover or the defense needs to rotate. There definitely is a time and place to slide, but show me that a certain player needs to be slid too, prove to me that someone is hot with the outside shot, and show me that they can beat my goalie from outside. It just seems that we have guys out of position way too often, and it isn't like UMBC is a super athletic team. They are known for good defense and a really methodical offense.

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  12. 2 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    That was ugly but I’ll take. UMBC 1 goal from their attack. I guess UA D decided to sit back; deny everything in close; & let UMBC fire away from long range—some VERY long. 

    UMBC doesn't have explosive attack men. The slides today, and for the last number of years have been hard to understand and we created much of their offense. Kunz was sliding to guys 15-20 yards out, and when we make those slides it causes the the defense to start chasing. I have never understood what is going on back there. Overall just way, way too sloppy.

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