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  1. Agree - if it were called like a regular game there would have been 15 or so man ups. Personally, I liked the way they called the game, but definitely inconsistent.
  2. UVA was one horrendous call from being knocked out in the quarters. They made the most out of their opportunities, but had a few gifts along the way. Starting with the run in 2012 or so, I want to say UA had one top twenty recruiting class.
  3. The refs definitely let them play. In a regular season game there would have been laundry all over the field. TD's numbers were good, but the stats IMO were misleading. To his credit he won a lot of contested ground balls which improved his stats. When it mattered most UVA won the face offs.
  4. If anybody watched the game yesterday, UVA put on a clinic on ground balls.
  5. The team just never, ever came together. I've gotten a bit of a debrief on some things, but it just wasn't their year.
  6. Yes, three on top of the graduating seniors, and I am just about certain that Gleason and Lyons went ahead and graduated and will not be back for red shirt senior seasons.
  7. Looks like three guys leaving the team, and there are increased expectations placed upon the team this summer.
  8. Tehoka's game absolutely needs to evolve for him to fulfill his ranking and potential as a player. When you are as skilled as he is, and 235lbs in high school you can run over and through everybody and pretty much do whatever you want. In college when you are playing against other men, what you were able to do in high school often won't translate at the collegiate level. Tehoka has the vision and skills that I know he can do that. The days of him just being a bull dodger isn't going to work when teams know they can double or triple him. With Connor last year you didn't dare slide off of him which gave Tehoka a lot more one on one's to do his thing. If you watched the Townson game, Casey could be a Sunday for us. What Sunday does better is use his size. Too often, Casey shoots from the side or three quarter and effectively gives away his height advantage. At 6'4'' if he shoots over the top and gets to 5 and 5 that shot is just about impossible to stop or if he develops a question mark. He could shoot over just about every defender in D1 lacrosse. The big question for me is who can run the offense from X? I haven't seen enough lately of the incoming class to say, but I think right now the leading candidate is Yunker. Laffin and Diamond excel at off ball play, but Davis does have the ability to run at X, and I think he hit the lone question mark dodge I can recall all season against UVM. We seem to have a log jam of off ball guys. I just don't think Jakob is well served by making him the quarterback.
  9. Having coached a bit, watched a ton of lacrosse, and been through the recruiting process as a parent twice, I don't put much stock in most of the rankings. I heard early on that Yunker, Weathersby, and probably McComber were the three freshmen who could come in right away and make an impact. Often times things have to break the right way for a guy to get his shot. I would have like to have seen more consistent runs for Yunker and McComber on offense and see Weathersby play more close. I think Hay's future is more at LSM unless he really hits the weights. Based upon what I had heard I am optimistic that Swingruber and Palandjian can play a well, but both were hurt most of the season.
  10. We had two top 100 recruits this year, one five star - unfortunately neither of them made an impact. Arguably the two best freshmen were not ranked or mentioned by anyone coming into UA. I am very optimistic that our two, touted 2018 recruits will be pan out and make an impact, and the two who showed the most promise will continue to improve.
  11. Given the success over the last five plus years, anything less than not qualifying for the NCAA's should be considered as falling short, but it is going to get harder and harder to do that as teh rest of the AE catches up or has caught up, and our ability to schedule and beat teams which would give us an at large resume. Towson this year is a good role model for UA. They made the final four I want to say two years ago, fell off last year, and were a sixth seed this year and would have received an at large big if they hadn't won the CAA. Academically Towson and UA are probably more academically similar in terms of overall profile, both are in lacrosse hotbeds. Having been to both campuses several times I might give Towson a slight overall nod in terms of the whole package but it is close. We've just about flogged the pony to death about what did or didn't happen this year, and I still don't know the whys and why nots. Overall I think it was a perfect storm of events from a vastly new staff, major hits to graduation, injuries in the fall, and it never came together. I'm worried about our facilities on a national level, but not so much within the AE. I think i mentioned this in a very old recruiting topic, but UA has to do a better job of selling its academic strengths. In recent years Coach Marr really delegated a lot of the recruiting to his assistants. I think Maloney will be great on the recruiting trail, but with an overall younger staff he'll need to get more engaged. We have a very good rising senior class which I think will lead the way during the off season.
  12. I think you nailed it. I would say it was more of a security blanket for the staff than the players. The coaches knew we could start or stop a run. It just stressed things in a way that no one was ready for IMO despite having all summer and fall to figure out how to move forward.
  13. Lot of good thoughts and questions. I do think we have a lot of talent, not as good as in recent years, but to me it was the inability to find and stick with the right complementary players. For example, I never understood the attack of Laffin, Casey, and Patterson. Then we started the season with our traditional two way middie system, scrapped it for a bit, and then went back to it. This is making excuses, but it just was a messed up year. Starting with injuries, the ball just took weird bounces, and what not. We have to get more athletic in the middle of the field if we stick with the two way system. There are not a lot of guys who can play elite offense and defense and the ACC gets most of those guys.
  14. I think the Maryland win over Towson was the only game where the team with the clearly superior FOGO lost. Woodall for Towson is great at winning the clamp, but not a stud with the ball either. Towson had a better plan for dealing with his athletic shortcomings by having him getting the ball to a wing player rather than trying to carry the ball. I can't recall how many times he whiffed trying to pick up a GB with a one hand. Even when our offense was really good I don't think it was every great in settled situations; pretty good, but not great. Just look at the loss last year to Yale in the semi's and to Maryland the year before in the quarter's. TD didn't have dominate games in either of them, and we got whacked. Sure there were other issues, but I think some of our offensive woes were present when the Dane Train was really humming. If I look at the teams who are still standing most of have elite or really good face off units. Penn St, Penn, Yale have All American FOGO's. Maryland and Notre Dame have good Face off units with solid FOGO's. Duke and UVA do it with what I would say elite athletes across the board, and Loyola on the shoulders of one of best to every play and a great goalie. I think more than anything this year's team had no identity. I think it started in the fall with Tehoka's absence, and I'm not sure he was ready or if he could carry the team. I love Jakob and he works really hard, but he is very quiet. When the offense couldn't gel in the fall and pre season, and without a dominant FOGO or face off unit to cover up the flaws, it was a mess offensively.
  15. Yep. During the Cuse Loyola game they put up a graphic when Spencer broke the all time assist record and it was a picture of Lyle and Connor. To have two players like that over the lifetime of a program would be pretty special, but to have them play together for a year, and for Connor to follow up Lyle and Miles was special. The precision just wasn't there with the exception of the Cornell game. There is a lot of new blood coming in next year, but upperclassmen lead teams to championships. A core group of Patterson, Nanticoke, Yunker, McComber, Diamond, Casey and Laffin. Some guys at the midfield position need to take the next step. We saw some nice things from Schwab, Bradley, Ramirez and Goldsmith at times. Alex Burgmaster needs to take the next step as an offensive player. He has a cannon for a shot. Need to see more of that in the future. The key from this group in improved consistency.
  16. We do have a strength and conditioning program, but not to the degree of most top tier programs. Usually teams give players a very specific workout regimen over the summer, have run tests and what not, but at least recently at UA that hasn't been the case. It certainly didn't hurt over the great run, but think it would be good to instill a bit more discipline at times.
  17. I think I saw it reported in the press as well or maybe a quote attributed to Coach Marr when he said something about having to practice inside which seems like a lame excuse because unlike in past years the team was able to practice and scrimmage in a full field facility. You would have thought that of all the teams in men's lacrosse UA would have been as ready as anyone which is why I would like to understand if the shot clock was an issue, then why? Even if teams didn't go into a full blown zone, just by packing it in a bit, our inability to score in transition this season and shoot effectively from the outside would certainly make it hard with defined period for each offensive possession. There are other teams with good offenses which struggled in man up situations, but in our case I do think there was a high correlation between the settled offensive struggles and what we saw in EMO's.
  18. I know it was frustrating to all of us, but I have to think there were things none of us know about that were driving what looked like odd coaching decisions. It was a poor year, especially going from final four to first round exit in the conference tournament. I expected a down year, and early on thought we would be a mid teens sort of team, and this group had the talent to do that. I think Coach Marr will do a thoughtful, honest assessment and reading between the lines it sounds like it will start with a rigorous strength and conditioning program which the program has abandoned in recent years.
  19. https://dailygazette.com/article/2019/05/07/marr-i-take-full-responsibility-for-ualbany-men-s-lacrosse-s-down-2019-season
  20. Could be a very talented group and lots of bodies for sure. Lots of opportunities in the middle of the field and FOGO.
  21. Youngest Burgrmaster who decommited from UA now going to Notre Dame.
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