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  1. This is when the rubber meets the road. The AE is a total crapshoot at this point, and with Stony Brook still unable to play in the AE tournament, it is all about winning AE games, and getting better. I understand from one of my last dad's on the team, there was a lot of challenging going on this week. Coaches challenging players and vice versa, in a good way, so let's see if they come out like the rest of the season rests with a victory and as important improved play against Bingo.

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  2. 21 hours ago, dslyank said:

    I know I sound like a broken record and maybe too optimistic. But I really like our freshman & sophomore attack & middies. If UA can bring in some defensive HELP, and with the Senior, 5th years & Grads Effects winding down, maybe next year UA will be Elite competitive again??

    D - you are getting your wish 😀 Coach just said going back to the two way middie system this week.

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  3. Not to pile on too much, but a quote from Coach Marr

    “I think we certainly have to regroup,” Marr said. “I told the boys after the game we all have to look in the mirror, including myself, and figure out what we’re going to do and how we’re going to approach next week with spring break. We’ve done a lot of different things since the spring, changed our system two or three times … We have to go back to the drawing board a little bit.”

  4. 9 minutes ago, Laxdawg20 said:

    Benson is not hurting the lax program at all. It’s not like they do not have administrative support & they don’t need help in getting admissions in on potential players, it’s a state school not Notre Dame. I still like having the very tough schedule have to give the recruits the visibility of playing programs like Maryland, etc. they always  have offensive players never an issue but they have to build up the D and have a legit D coordinator, not an offensive middle running it. The D has been brutal to watch to start this season. 

    Well said. It's long past time to find the best defensive coordinator/recruiter possible and if it is an alum great, but time to expand who is on the staff.

  5. 32 minutes ago, nysteve661 said:

    Bingo!  And we have a winner.  Usually comes down to management who are ultimately responsible for success and/or failure.  The criticism for these three men's sports had fallen to Gattuso, Brown, and now Marr, certainly most warranted.  Who is the one common denominator?  The man above them, Benson.  We may not see success till Rodriguez replaces him with someone who can make the tough decisions, provide the best leadership, and the best hires when necessary(too soon to tell on DK).

    I can't speak to Gattuso or Brown, but my impression is/was that Scott gets to call all of his shots with minimal to no interference from the AD. However, there is no about UA's facilities are not where they need to be in terms of having an on campus indoor facility, team nutrition, and a few other things, but that is probably more about life at a SUNY school. I am not sure what Benson could do, but it feels like the University missed an opportunity with the great 5-6 year run of improving the facilities and athletic coffers.

    There are too many high school players chasing a limited amount of slots so when it comes to lacrosse I think this is more about the coaching staff, how they train and prepare, recruiting, etc., than the AD.

  6. 29 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    You all said it. EMBARASMENT. 

    I really never understood why Scott  found it necessary to schedule 6 of 7 top 20/10 OOC games. A couple/3 maybe? But I am not giving up on this team though. Two much talent there and the AmEast teams including vT and Brook also getting beat today. Unless, as some say CONFIDENCE is totally down the tube, there is time and an avenue to turn this thing around. Maybe its' just blind HOPE? 

    I DO agree that UA whether it is lack of administration support, coaching, bad recruiting , or bad player development LOST an amazing opportunity, by NOT taking advantage of its final four appearance. We certainly can no longer compete with the elite.

    This schedule with this team is more than a bridge too far, but the teams we were on it would have been awesome. I do think the schedule can be a big plus in recruiting to a mid major school, but then you have to back it up. 

    I LOVE your support for the program, and you are right, the AE is such an up and down league week to week there clearly is a path to the NCAA, especially with Stony Brook being in the penalty box for leaving.

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I honestly don't see how this can be turned around this year or even next year. I can't remember if it was in the paper or the radio show, but when you hear the head coach saying we ran hard on a Monday before the first game on Saturday, then you don't have any hay in the barn. I just don't see the complementary parts on offense, in a set offense we don't have an outside shooter, and we don't have anyone who can dodge from X.

    Enough has been said about the defense. There are kids with a lot of skill on this team, but the hard work rarely gets put in during the summer and off season. I said it before, but how do you find out the week of the first game that you either don't have the guys to play two way middies or the team isn't in shape to play that style? Albany and teams like Albany have to be the hardest working teams in Div I lacrosse and the sad fact is we are not that. 


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  7. I had to walk around the park a few times to cool off from that embarrassment, and that is what it was.

    I think some of you guys maybe have felt I have been a bit too negative lately, but I saw the unravelling of the program several years ago, and this is where we are now. I am never going to blast people on a public forum, but all I can say it is probably time for some reevaluating the program, coaches, where players are recruited from, and the player development program.

    I have said a bunch of times that I saw this train wreck coming during Tehoka's and TD's freshmen year, and then it really went into the weeds when TD left. His leaving wasn't necessarily the reason, but why he left IMO said a lot about what was and wasn't going on.

    The biggest issue is preparation in the off season, and player development. For example, look how much Miles Thompson and  Blaze's bodies changed after Albany. The first year we played Maryland down in Delaware we got pushed around like rag dolls. There are some good guys standing around on the sideline that the coaches gave up on. It started when we lost to UVM three years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday when we were up 6-3 and Patterson hit the pipe on a wide open shot, the ball bounced to the UVM side, they scored, we lost the momentum and lost and it has been all downhill since then.

    IMO the coaches gave up on a lot of the guys on that team, and then we had the covid shortened season. I am very, very disappointed in the current state of affairs.  I said before that Scott has probably earned lifetime employment if he wants it, but I am tired of the coach speak, and it is time for some big time changes. I haven't had a player on the team for two years now, but still hear a bit, and this team has lost confidence.

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  8. 44 minutes ago, cwdickens said:

    While assistants go out and scout players  .... bottom line Coach Marr is responsible for recruitment .... problem is with more teams playing lacrosse ....talent tends to choose the power conferences ACC, BIG Ten and IVY .... the AE schools rarely recruit a top one hundred player .... and the transfer portal is an issue for AE schools

    This year and maybe next will be the final years we see the fallout from the 5ht years and transfer super teams which is what Maryland is right now. Only Ramos stuck around, and for whatever reason he isn't playing.

    I agree with you but am going to disagree a bit. I can't say what is going on now, but Gleason, Cox, and Eccles were very good recruiters and evaluations of talent. Marr was very hands off, and other than Desko back in the day I probably saw Marr the next least amount actually on the road recruiting. He was very hands off, and delegated a lot to the other coaches. I don't know if that is still going on or not.

    There is a ton of talent out there. There are more kids playing high school lacrosse in more places, and not a lot of DI teams. The ACC is going to get the cream of the crop, but with 8-12 player classes, and 70 or so teams there are a lot or really good players out there, and they are all not in NY anymore.


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  9. 2 hours ago, cwdickens said:

    I do not know why you are not on the sidelines as a volunteer assistant coach for the Great Danes..... the difference there was a period of time UMASS executed on all cylinders... in particular the ability to make the connection with an attacker running towards the goal with no one sliding to the attacker ....I do not recall this happening in the second half .... UMASS had great goalie play in first half.... UAlbany allowed UMASS to build a mountain in first half.... I saw a different UAlbany in the second half .... this team is a work in progress

    The difference in the 2nd half IMO was going to the zone and UMass not having crisp outside ball movement and someone who could can the 12+ yard shot. They continually tried to dodge GLE and jam it into the middle. Making that move was a great call, and through four games based upon the personnel we are going with, that probably needs to be our base defense or some combination of switching back and forth. We do have a lot of tall guys, with big wingspans who can disrupt passing lanes. We just don't play good team defense when it comes to sliding and ball watching. I find that odd, because we do play zone well which requires you to have a much bigger off ball presence. I haven't understood the defense since Maloney became the coordinator.

    I do think the offense will get a bit better with Yunker playing. He gives us that coach on the field to mix in with all of the young guys we are playing. I know UMass's best offensive player was out for the year, and another starter as well so we saw a pretty depleted team yesterday.  

    Maryland has the guys who can stretch a zone defense so it will be interesting to see how we try to stop them.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    Played better in second ½. But past issues face-offs (which seemed better until today) and ground balls (which is ALWAYS problematic) reared their ugly heads today—(7 for 24 & 22 to 30.) 

    But was most annoying no sense of urgency. Down 2 with under 5 to go & UA standing around watching/waiting for substitutions. O is so methodical afraid to make mistakes; so what do they do but MAKE MISTAKES. 

    What happened to Scott’s “free wheeling-let them make plays” style. I know I know, does not have the athletes. But IMHO if they don’t pickup their pace offensively, it is going to be a long year. 
    Also, I may be wrong, but everytime Pucci comes on the field he is looking back over his shoulder—-looking for the play?? or looking to see who else coming on??Should’nt theses be worked out before he/they come?? Be much more seamless??

    If we rely on zone defense against teams that can really move the ball it will really get ugly. I am not sure what UMass was doing. They have a great coaching staff, and it looked like they didn't realize we were in a zone just about the entire second half. I think part of the problem on the offense is we are four games in and still looking for the combinations that will work together. We really don't have anyone who is going to break down a defense so it is going to be pushing the ball as you say when we have the chance, which I think we did for the most part, and a lot of crisp passing and cutting.

    The defense is very good in spurts when it comes to one on one defense, then it quickly breaks down with bad slides and ball watching. Again, tip of the cap to Heller who really made a lot of good in close saves today.

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  11. 3 minutes ago, HOF2013 said:

    What kind of a game plan did our coaches come up with - this year???    Players seem lost.  Def was a little better 2nd half but offense is just awful.  Why do we play on the corner.  Nobody seems to be able to get inside or take a close shot.

    We switched to a zone early in the 3rd quarter and it seemed like UMASS didn't even adjust to that. Rather than passing to get the zone moving they tried to dodge into it. But that was a good switch or it would have been much worse, and Heller really stepped up his game today. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, HOF2013 said:

    Pepe has allowed three goals, very slow on his feet and on slides. Gash one that I saw.  Several just def getting caught flat footed and the attack stepping around them and scoring, being totally OUT HUSTLED, bad passes and unforced turnovers AGAIN.  How can our wings never get a ground ball????????        Coach keeps sticking with the same sub lines??  A LOT of Attack subs.................not jelling well.    How can we NOT take a shot 3 or 4 possessions??   What do I know though??  

    You know a lot. It is painfully obvious.

  13. 7 minutes ago, nysteve661 said:

    The defense is atrocious.  Defenders don't even see attackmen sneaking behind them leaving guys on the doorstep to score.  Add that to hideous passes on offense and we get a lousy team.  I know we were spoiled with the Thompson era and the Fields era, but we had other solid players to compliment them.  Just don't see any solid group out there to even build a winning team soon.

    I've been biting my tongue for awhile. I don't know what is going on, but the defense in particular while they have decent one on one skill, the overall lacrosse IQ just isn't there.

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  14. 2 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Not sure I agree or disagree with this. Definitely have to get better D. But trying to stay positive, still thinking 8 or 9 wins. Still think 5 wins in AmEast (+1 vt very beatable); Sienna & UMass(very beatable); and perhaps a supreme effort beats 1 of the power 5s (Yale & SU look beatable [SU D maybe even worse than UA].) Maryland hopeless, Penn?? So 9 maybe even 10 wins doable.

    Of course without some defensive/goal improvement could be worse; but do not think it will be as bad as 3-4wins?? 

    I would love to flat out be wrong!! But looking at the schedule, and what we have seen so far there looks like two for certain wins against Siena, and NJIT, and two probable wins against UMass Lowell and Bingo. Although Bingo had a pretty good game yesterday. Bingo beat Lafayette who beat Drexel so that is no gimmie. I've been following lacrosse for a long time, and Lafayette hadn't won a game in forever so to lose to a team who lost to them is not a good sign.

    UMass and UMBC are probably toss ups and right now we would be heavy underdogs against Cuse, Yale, Penn, and Maryland, and underdogs against Vermont and Stony Brook. 

    Seems like six wins is the best scenario outcome. If I were Vegas I would put the over/under at around five wins. 


  15. 9 hours ago, dslyank said:

    For what it’s worth vt lost again and umbc got beat by a historically very poor Mt. St. Mary. Brook is 3-0 but has played nobody & are out of AmEast anyhow. If UA can get Yunker back soon & can do something to improve the defense/goal tending there is HOPE for this team. 
    Of course a UA loss to an historically poor small private school this Wednesday and my prognostications will become exceedingly NON positive.  

    I don't see us dropping the game to Siena under any circumstance, but our defensive efficiency has to improve or this is going be a 3-4 win season at best. 

  16. 2 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    Did not see game; but followed on live stats. 22 TO’s. 5 in crucial 4th qtr. Goalie only made 6 saves total & had 1 of the 4th to’s.  Good news 20 out of 30 on face offs. Got some scoring from freshman middies (Morgan, Decker, Prezzi (soph).)

    Anyone at game or watched live, look for your thoughts 

    I watched it.  We wasted a big possession advantage, too many poor shots from a couple of guys, and the combination of defense and goalie play not good.

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  17. 14 minutes ago, HOF2013 said:

    Yong guys making big mistakes and a couple of seniors too...................................

    Going to be a very long season, especially when we seem to found a very solid FOGO who had another very good game and still lost. I hope someone presses Scott on the use of players and what is going on with the defensive scheme/goalie situation. I think the save percentage was about 30% and to give up 14 goals with the possession advantage we had is got going to get it done.

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  18. 22 minutes ago, jimbo said:

    I have no insight beyond observation. Tough opponent and tough conditions right out of the box. They took it on the chin early, but battled back nice after two periods. After that, they pretty much collapsed. Clearly the talent and performance difference showed. I think they are going to have great trouble if they don’t clean up the turnovers in a hurry. Big Red had to deal with wind and cold too, so no excuses there. Some of their recruits, who were highly touted, have not lived up to the hype. Mccomber comes to mind, but there are others. Could be he’s been slowed by injuries...don’t know. Until some one steps up and becomes “the one to be feared”, the defenses won’t have to shade over or double up and open players will be fewer. The goalie HAS to get better with more experience...right? FO was 50%+ so no complaints there. I think Whitcomb has the skills and size to be a force and I’m really rooting for him. OK...enough rambling. 

    I'm not one to question goalie play, especially with bad camera angles. Also, one of the things I learned along the way is that our defense will play to give up certain shots that the goalie is expected to save so a lot of times as fans, if we don't know the plan, it is hard to make heads or tails of save percentage numbers. That being said a sub 40% save rate with twenty five turnovers isn't going to beat anyone, even the guys down the road.

    With Yunker not playing for whatever reason the offense currently doesn't have a quarterback which is pretty much what Coach Marr told us, and it isn't clear to me that we have a guy who can break down a defense so it is going to rely upon really crisp ball movement, possession advantage, pushing transition, and causing havoc around the field. 

    The good news is against a decent Cornell face off unit, we won more than we lost without great wing play. Our FOGO won the ball a lot. No knock on Heller, but I would have bet money Ramos was going to start at goalie if for no other reason he is quick out of the net and can help push the ball. I wish I knew what was going on there, and don't know if Ramos is hurt again or if in the coaches opinion Heller is better at stopping the ball. 

    As far as highly touted players not living up to the recruiting press all I can add is that the coaching staff IMHO doesn't have a great track record of player development. We had several guys who slipped through the cracks, and then the Thompson's who were generational talents, but I just haven't seen many guys get a lot bigger, faster, and stronger.  There has also been a current trend of moving on to different guys IMO. Now that could be to failures in recruiting. I don't know, but I just see a lot of spaghetti. As many of us have been moaning, how do you not figure out your team DNA in the fall and early pre-season?


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  19. 10 hours ago, dslyank said:

    WAY too many TO,s. Can’t pick up a ground ball. Can’t clear. And players running up & down the field thinking the ball is in their stick; but it ain’t. I know it was cold out there; but you’d think at this level you have a feel for the ball in the stick. Not to pick on him but Gash at one point was still running towards the Cornell net; while a Cornell player was breaking in for a goal. Looked weird like he had no idea the play & ball going the other way???
    He was not the only one; I’m sure I’m wrong; but just seemed the the whole game UA players did not know where the ball was. As a fan i often have trouble keeping track of where & who has the ball; never guessed players had the same issue. 

    I wish I could shed some more light on it, but was just able to rewatch with a good internet connection and it just looked like a team with no identity that didn't play well. I had no particular insights, but ever since the final four loss, and TD leaving it has been a team in search for something.

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