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  1. This one is put on by Denver and Hofstra. IL seems to concentrate on their events these days, The Albany pipeline appears to be in pretty good shape.
  2. Yep - the improvement, especially on the offensive side was amazing as Coach Thomson was teaching the boys the Albany offense.
  3. I think anything is fair game with 2017's and 18's and as long as it is instruction the same with the younger guys. I want to say Denver and Hofstra have been hosting this for 3-4 years. A few schools that also have club teams are "encouraging" their recruits to play there and have made prospect days and other sorts of camps pretty much mandatory.
  4. Denver hosted it in Philadelphia. We drove down and some of the kids flew out for it. I want to say Albany had 20+ recruits there but Nanticoke did not participate. I am guessing there were 8-10 teams that participated with their incoming classes. The coaching staffs had several practice sessions with their players and the teams scrimmaged and Albany played games against Ohio St, Monmouth, and Denver. There were no rosters of who showed up for the different teams but based upon the games with Ohio St, Denver, and Michigan the size, speed, and skill of Albany was at least on par with the teams who are recruiting aggressively.
  5. Little Danes played great today. Not sure what the final score was but took down Denver. The future Danes really came together with some great coaching and looked really sharp.
  6. A quick report from Philly. I'm not sure if I'll be able to catch the game against Denver tomorrow, but a pretty nice day for the future Danes. They looked really good against Michigan, got beat pretty bad by Ohio St and won against Monmouth but it got a little ragged in the end. There are some really nice players coming in. We didn't get a roster so it was hard to know who was who, but several of the attackmen look like classic Albany players and I want to say most of them were 2018's and 2019's. Several potential two way middies and definitely a few guys who can get up and down the field. We didn't hit a lot of outside shots but Burgmaster and Schwab have nice outside shots. Both goalies were 2017's and will provide good competition down the road. One of them just recently switched from a service academy to Albany. The defensive guys were all good sized and played well as a group except during the Ohio St game where the they had the ball most of the game. There were several guys cycling between LSM and close defense and one of the poles also took a few faceoffs.
  7. A lot of good talk about UAlbany last night during the UA AA game. The announcers are expecting Nanticoke to be an immediate starter, no big surprise, and also to be an 80 point player next year. It will be interesting to see how things are adjusted next year with him on board. Where does Patterson's role look like? We all know about Tehoka but looking forward to seeing a lot of the other guys next week. Oil is changed and hotel is booked for Philly next week.
  8. Hoping to make it to Philly next week for Denver's committed tournament. Just saw the schedule and the future Danes are playing Ohio State, Monmouth, and Denver, with a practice with Michigan. Not sure who is going to be there but thinking most of the incoming class and 2018's.
  9. Peter Schwab 2017 M highlights https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Io4SUxrdCes
  10. Summer update on 2018 A McComber https://recruitingrundown.com/2017/06/13/10-who-impressed-from-nlf-power-of-will-the-main-event/
  11. http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/swezey-s-way-ahead-2018-rankings/49763 Inside Lacrosse too early rankings
  12. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/lacrosse-blog/bs-premature-lacrosse-rankings-2018-part-4-story.html Ed Lee of the Baltimore Sun's rankings.
  13. Nice update on 2018 A Corey Yunker https://twitter.com/yunkadunk1/status/868609765911527426
  14. More on Victor's Tanner Hay with a guest appearance from TD Irelan. http://13wham.com/sports/hs-sports-report/victor-boys-lacrosse-gets-revenge-in-sectional-final-victory
  15. Yes, sitting with an ice machine on my knee after getting it scoped.
  16. Owen Weathersby 2018 LSM/D https://youtu.be/mbK0dfOM-Ds https://youtu.be/V7BIch24xfA
  17. Owen Hill 2018 M 2017 US Lacrosse All American https://youtu.be/BOUBrv4N61o
  18. Tanner Hay 2018 D Ty Xander's 94th ranked player https://recruitingrundown.com/2015/11/03/17-18-and-19-standouts-from-sundays-quaker-lax-fest-photo-gallery/amp/ https://youtu.be/zY5Nw0BK3Zs
  19. Teioshontathe McComber 2018 A Ty Xander's #63rd ranked player http://www.laxlessons.com/2015/03/04/teioshontathe-mccomber/ https://youtu.be/4_IacgPKfuM
  20. Matt Eccles A/M Have to love the family connections. http://www.twcnews.com/nys/central-ny/sports/2017/04/6/scholar-athlete-of-the-week-matt-eccles.html
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