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  1. 1 minute ago, HOF2013 said:

    And senior Middies get beat repeatedly in the middle, Goldsmith every game, Ron John every game. Like you said after the last game NO accountability.  Just leave them in there.

    Don't get me started. Ramos is going to have to stand on his head in the 2nd half, and offense is going to have to be even better. Probably our most efficient offensive performance in recent memory.

  2. Just now, HOF2013 said:

    Not gonna happen


    Happy to see Ramos get action. Should have happened sooner, but you throw him in with little game time in the most important game of the season? Even the announcers are slamming our face-off strategy.  Just really random coaching decisions in the biggest game of the season.

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  3. 2 hours ago, dslyank said:

    If the poles don’t slide out, doesn’t that put a lot of pressure on the middies? How do you defend teams like UMBC & Cuse, who get most of their scoring from the outside? Never played Lax, so I’d really appreciate your thoughts on when to slide & when not; and how to defend long range shots

    First off I have no idea what they team is being asked to do on defense. I had some insights but not now. My impression has been for years is that Albany is willing to give up the outside shot and not let anything easy in close, especially in the middle. That isn't a horrible philosophy IMO if that plays into your goalie's strengths. But today and for the last couple of years we do a lot of ball watching IMO, and just way too many unnecessary slides when the opposing player isn't a scoring threat. There were two plays today where 48 collapsed in the middle when no help was needed and it was a skip pass up top and an uncontested goal.

    I don't think I am stretching it when I am saying that Kunz was running out 15+ yards at times for no apparent reason. When that happens he has to recover or the defense needs to rotate. There definitely is a time and place to slide, but show me that a certain player needs to be slid too, prove to me that someone is hot with the outside shot, and show me that they can beat my goalie from outside. It just seems that we have guys out of position way too often, and it isn't like UMBC is a super athletic team. They are known for good defense and a really methodical offense.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    That was ugly but I’ll take. UMBC 1 goal from their attack. I guess UA D decided to sit back; deny everything in close; & let UMBC fire away from long range—some VERY long. 

    UMBC doesn't have explosive attack men. The slides today, and for the last number of years have been hard to understand and we created much of their offense. Kunz was sliding to guys 15-20 yards out, and when we make those slides it causes the the defense to start chasing. I have never understood what is going on back there. Overall just way, way too sloppy.

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  5. 3 hours ago, dslyank said:

    This is going to sound lame; but I still feel UA is a far superior team overall to VM. Sure VM has won 4 straight but there has been extenuating circumstances each time. Two were played in absolute downpours in Vermont {I know weather is same for both teams, but home team really has an advantage knowing the field conditions, especially in inclement weather.} Both games this year really decided by one bad UA qtr (2nd first game, 3rd yesterday.) I know everyone {me included }is sick of the excuses; but yesterday VM was playing for their season a loss to UA and brook (IMHO VM will lose to brook) would end their season. With the Hartford cancellation UA win or lose yesterday could finish no better than tied for third. THIS had to have an effect on the mentality and focus {or loss thereof] of both teams--VM in a positive way and UA negative.

    The inconsistency of UA's game is simply maddening. Sure they have flaws, all teams do. The defense seems to lose focus at times & prone to errors and missed assignments {especially when fatigued.} The offense seems to lack a leader and prone to the mistake of TRYING TO HARD. Except face-offs and goalie save %age UA won pretty much every statistical category including ground balls, caused T/Os and clears, and shot ON goal. Coach in the TU article says he KNOWS UA is a better team than they showed this year. IMHO opinion he is correct and IMHO certainly a better team than VT, in spite of our record against them the last couple of years.

    ps. Have I recently mentioned that UA is a very young team overall and young often equates to inconsistency.

    Can't explain the inconsistency other than coaching and preparation. I think the team is young on the fringes, but the main guys are not. Attack Patterson, grad student, Yunker, Jr. Hogg Sophomore. Most of the middies other than Salit and Tucker are on the older side with John and Goldsmith, 5th years, Burgmaster a senior. The defense is not young, and we have a grad student as the goalie. I'm not trying to split hairs with you, but I think the issues are much more than this being a young team.

    Completely agree with you about the lack of leadership on offense, and I think some of that was the revolving door of trying to figure out which pieces work best together. I have never understood the idea that Patterson could be that alpha attack guy with the ball in his stick. I don't know how Marr saw that, and Patterson always seemed to better on the move and having someone feed him. I'm willing to cut them a bit of slack with the Tehoka situation, but they probably should have made a more decisive decision sooner, and I don't know what happened at this point that caused the staff to act, but clearly Tehoka not being on the team was going to have an impact because he had the ball so much in his stick.

    I have felt this for a while, and have said that with the loss of that last great class as well as some key coaches was a big hit, and it has just seemed that since then there has been a helter skelter aspect to this team.

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  6. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-men-s-lacrosse-closes-regular-season-with-16137232.php?utm_campaign=CMS Sharing Tools (Premium)&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral

    Most everyone has been saying what Coach said in the article about the mistakes, turnovers, defense standing around, etc. I love Coach Marr, but it seems without a legit star player who can lift up the guys around him they can't get it done. I am just tired of the excuses. 

  7. 9 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Wonder why Tehoka was not drafted? Was he NOT eligible?? I wonder if he plans on playing another year of college LAX somewhere?? Any insight or thoughts on this; greatly appreciated.

    No insights, but my guess is that while Coach Marr would have good things to say about Tehoka to potential GM's and coaches, getting dismissed from the team certainly didn't do him any favors. Why draft a guy where as the superstar player he was still asked to leave the program? and there were other issues prior to his eventual dismissal.

    Honestly, I don't think he made the players around him better.


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  8. 22 minutes ago, jimbo said:

    Watched the whole game. Syracuse was just better. Their defense more aggressive. Their execution better. Decent effort by the Danes, but they were outgunned. 

    That pretty much summed it up. I don't know if it has been injuries or not, but different guys back in the rotation. I am sure there are some growing pains in the post Tehoka era, but the most glaring issue is the team doesn't really have someone who can initiate the offense. Despite Coach Marr trying to put that label on Patterson it is pretty clear against top tier talent that isn't his skill set, and the offense bogged down. Hogg and McComber have more wiggle in their dodges, but McComber in particular sees significant time, disappear, and then reappears.

    While the face off wasn't horribly one sided we got killed on ground balls.

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  9. 11 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Did UA forget how to play defense?? Difference in the game IMHO--brook played D, UA did not!  Looks like brook #1 pre-season correct. Vermont offense good but they don't play D. At this point, brook looks like the best balanced team, especially if UA can't figure out how to win some face-offs and how to play some Defense.

    Also UA plays DEFENSE in QTR 1, like they don't have an idea what the other team is going to do. Maybe because of covid NO scouting??? 1st qtr vs vt and brook cost us both games, Even vs umass the D let in 4 quickies. {good thing UA offense also off to a fast start vs umass.}

    ps. Did not like that Scott pulled Donnelly; even though Ramos made some great saves @ first. But overall Donnelly was NOT THE FAULT!  IMHO the D did not give him a chance on 5 of the 6 he allowed.

    Starts and stops with coaching, player development, and how complementary players are put on the field. Team defense has been lacking for a while now. How many times are we going to hear we were not ready coming off of the bus, bad slides, no slides, ball watching, guys watching on offense. The Stony Brook announcers did a good job of calling the game and highlighting all of that.

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  10. https://dailygazette.com/2021/03/19/ualbany-mens-lacrosse-looking-to-shake-off-vermont-loss/

    Interesting comments - we are heading into the fourth game and hearing younger guys will see more playing time. Honestly, I have pretty much seen the same positives and negatives in the first three games. The only big difference was a quality opponent in Vermont.

  11. 25 minutes ago, cwdickens said:

    I am surprised no one mentioned this article of interest earlier (sadly no one reads the T-U well almost no one).... Scott Marr spoke to the Times Union about the Transfer Portel

    UAlbany lacrosse coach wants to get rid of NCAA transfer portal

    No surprise here where he stands....

    I disagree on the this. Other than TD the team hasn't been hit really at all by the transfer portal, and TD's situation really had nothing to do with what is going on now,.

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  12. 1 hour ago, dslyank said:

    Agree 100%   Just maddening how good they can look at times and how bad/confused they look other times. Not that I had any say; but I have been harping since the covid cancel last March, how some sort of expanded/enhanced fall ball would be critical. Not just UA obviously, but so many teams are up and down so far. And for what its worth still think UA Lax got/gets the short end of the stick with football and Casey stadium and limited resources allocated. {but that's a loosing battle I've been complaining about for years.}


    Even as a former parent I didn't know 1/4 of what was really going on, but the one thing that drove me and a lot of crazy, and still does today as a fan, is the reappearing act and disappearing act of players. Now there could be injuries we don't know about, academic stuff, maybe effort in practice, but there has been a common theme IMO the last several years which just seems odd, and not good for cohesion, and on the field chemistry.



    2 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    Watched the first half from behind the fence. Went home to watch second 1/2 on amtv. Should have stayed home for entire game. As someone said UA got taken to school by Vt in   1st ½. Could not believe it was the same UA team, I watched week 1-2. IL article yesterday said VT better than their record. I think VT believed it & UA did not. Still think UA superior team; but dug themselves too big a hole. Glad we get to play them again. No Patterson today—anyone know WHY

    I didn't drive over to stand behind the fence today, and at the start of the broadcast the announcers said Patterson was held out due to an injury, but don't believe they gave any specifics beyond that. If it were Covid related he wouldn't; have been at the stadium.

    I kind of think for the most part what we saw today is what we have seen the past several years - a lot of one on one offense that can be effective if the shots fall and they didn't; go in today. I had hoped that with the new rules the face off situation would improve, but the wings were not involved much at all. I haven't understood the plan post TD. I don't recall Altamari taking a draw today. There could be other injuries we don't know about.

    I for one didn't buy into the early defense hype. 

    I still think this is a very deep and balanced team, but with so many players being close, and not a fall ball, and normal preseason I am sure it is tough finding the right mix across the board.


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