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  1. I'm going to respectfully disagree that Albany is a lacrosse destination, but I do think the Danes are on the cusp. I say this regardless of what happens on Sunday. First the AE - I don't put much stock in the recruiting lists, see Fields, Irelan, McClancy, Simms, and others, but a school like Michigan with a big time conference and big time resources is having big time recruits seek them out. I don't think this is happening yet for Albany, Second - I'm not sure Albany is Albany if for some reason Coach Marr hung it up. Third - institutional support. Some of this is admittedly form over substance. It was telling and exciting to read the comments from the AD in the inside lacrosse article. Benson is now paying attention to the program and looks as if he is recognizing lacrosse can be the face of the school. If you've taken a kid on the dog and pony show Albany's physical plant isn't on par with the destination schools. As a state school Albany also has a built in advantage of a huge talent pool with very affordable tuition and even more so with the new NY legislation. Does that fluff stuff matter? It probably does on the fringe but does Albany want those kind of student athletes?? Coach Marr and Coach Gleason in particular, and now with Merrick have developed an amazing culture but to date if you exclude the Native American players I can't recall a big time local product spurning Syracuse or an ACC school for the Danes. Some of the deficiencies make Albany, Albany and from where I sit such a unique and special lacrosse program. This year's team is a 17 year success story in the making. I don't understand the institutional support that can be built to support a more aggressive travel schedule if we can't get more Maryland's to travel. Fallon is nice but could use a bit of an uplift or can Casey become the default home venue? Just random thoughts about the program and what's next.
  2. No idea, but at the moment I don't see another natural fit for Albany. In the short run it is going to require a really aggressive out of conference schedule and Albany isn't far off. Syracuse Maryland Yale I think you have to drop either Drexel or UMass and add someone like Army or Penn State. Penn State got lambasted for their OCC as well and I bet they would listen to a home and away and the same for Rutgers. Have to drop Canisius. Cornell and Harvard have to many strong classss coming in and I have to think they will be back soon. Army can't continue to play NJIT and VMI so you would think they would be receptive as well. That would give Albany a lot of great games to balance off the AE schedule.
  3. Inside Lacrosse article on the subject. http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/is-albany-the-gonzaga-of-college-lacrosse-in-2017/49560
  4. Loyola is an interesting school. Generally, I think most would put it a notch above Albany because of their National Championship and they tend to recruit more kids that you read about in the recruiting rags FWIW. Ridley is a great lacrosse facility, and overall the Patriot League is a stronger conference then the AE and Loyola year in and year out plays a solid OCC.
  5. I think you made the million dollar point about Albany having outgrown the American East. Kkds will go to a Rutgers to play in the Big10. That's why Albany has to make the out of conference games even tougher which means a lot of road trips.
  6. I ask this based upon a lot of the press I have read over the course of the season, especially after the seeding and win over UNC. I think everyone who watched lacrosse felt that Hopkins wasn't a 6th seed and Albany wasn't an 8th seed if you believed the eye test, but the eye test doesn't matter, and the current competitive balance in the AE doesn't necessarily help. To have an elite SOS Albany is going to have to radically change its schedule, although I think we will see Cornell and Harvard be much better which will help, but with the vast majority of the AE sub .500, most conference foes will be a drag. The conference has several great new coaches so I am hopeful this will change. Just some random questions 1. Is the program big enough to survive Coach Marr leaving? I'm not sure 2. Is UA appealing to non NY student athlete's? Needle moving in that direction 3. Is UA winning battles against Syracuse? Not sure 4. Facilities. Lagging the big boys. No bubble, no indoor facility, no dedicated lacrosse area like the Cordish Center. But does any of that matter??? 5. Is the profram sexy for lack of a better word? I think it is getting there. Need to get to the final four 6.What are the limitations of the SUNY system? No idea and with 17 years of team history UA doesn't have the alumni base of other programs.
  7. This team is deeper and overall more athletic then the team that lost to Notre Dame when they put a choke hold on the Danes with the 10 man ride. It wasn't me trying to clear the ball Saturday night, thank goodness, but in that stretch where UNC came back it looked like to me when JD was making stops he was holding the ball more which allowed UNC to get into their 10 man ride. Now I am sure the conditions had something to do with that as well. I sure hope the coaches are working on that, wing play, and our slides. I thought in the first game we created offense for Maryland, and the same on Saturday when we slid away from Cloutier and gave him wide open looks.
  8. No right answer. Usually you will see a team go two long poles on the wing if they can't win the draw. In our case IMO it is more about protecting TD when he doesn't win it quickly to himself. You don't need to do that with poles. Osika and McClancy as well as Zellen are big and strong enough to box out bigger ACC and Big10 bodies. While Reh is great off the ground he and Lasda can get pushed around a bit. The way TD wins the ball cleanly you'll actually see some teams go with 2 short sticks for even more offensive punch.
  9. Finally dried out and watched the game. Hard to be complain when Albany beats what many considered the hottest team in the tournament and defending champs, but a few nit picks after watching and to work on before the quarters. 1) how to attack the 10 man ride 2) tough when a shorty can lock down one of your attack guys 3) Wing play has been hot and cold all year. 4) have to find a gear between all out and totally pumping the brakes.
  10. We knew UNC would make a run after the way the rallied last year and in the ACC tournament this year. I just wasn't expecting a nine goal run! The big adjustment UNC made was double poling the face off and Kelly started winning a few. Balkham was put back in and made a few really nice saves and we caught a few pipes. The two things that were inexcusable IMO were letting Long poles run straight to the goal and leaving Cloutier.
  11. Here's the link to the interview https://youtu.be/fqmwORghxxU Great listen, especially the part about Zach Ornstein and Paul's son.
  12. I knew Albany wasn't going to get a proper seeding when Towson was ranked ahead of Albany in preview poll from the NCAA. I thought Albany would wind up a 6th or 7th. The AE just doesn't provide enough tough conference games, and when you win your championship game 20-8 instead of rewarding the dominant performance it just seems to reinforce how easy it is for the Danes. Everyone seems to forget that two weeks earlier Binghamton was a final shot from taking Cuse to OT.
  13. I think JD is going to need to be money on the high heat from outside.
  14. Fields vs Pifani Irelan vs Kelly Colarusso va Balkham Simms vs Cloutier and I am guessing Kluck vs Goldstock Those are some really good matchups and will be fun to watch. The Face-Off battle will be huge and I don't think Carolina's wings are quite as effective as Maryland's so hopefully TD can get Albany the possession advantage. This feels like a game where a Drake, McClancy and somebody else will have to carry the load, and Fields will have a tougher go off if the offense starts with the ball in his stick. I like our chances a lot better if he is getting the ball off of a pick or after the ball has moved around a bit.
  15. Great discussion, and on paper Coach Marr put together a pretty compelling schedule. I think everyone expected Cornell and Harvard to be stronger and within the AE Vermont was supposed to be on the rise. The easy teams to work something out with are Bryant, Army, Hofstra, in the Big10, Penn State, and hopefully we keep the home and away with Maryland. Until the Danes make the final four and hopefully win it, Albany will continue to be viewed as a mid-major as was said on the telecast yesterday. The recruiting pipeline is very strong and the Albany brand is growing and having a kid who was on the circuit I can say Albany is starting, not there yet, to be looked as a lacrosse destination. The next step is to expand the lacrosse facilities which is becoming a must have to take that next big leap. I'll defer to those closer to the school and program to weigh in on the finances and ability for a SUNY school to aggressively pursue a capital campaign to support the lacrosse program.
  16. I did see #40 go over to Fields after the game. Good for him. More importantly Connor ran over to the post game goalie hug so it would seem like he'll be OK.
  17. The Bingo fans at the UMBC game didn't show a lot of class and quite frankly glad the Danes ran them out of the stadium
  18. Pour it on Danes! Not sure I've ever seen Marr this intense and focused.
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