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  1. Take care of business today. I'm expecting Bing to really slow things down, and for them to really be physical.
  2. It is hard to say how the NCAA is weighing RPI versus the other factors. If the Danes take care of business tomorrow I imagine it would be unprecedented for the #6 RPI team to not host a first round game. The RPI gets better if Yale and UMass can win out as well,
  3. From my vantage point it looked like his left shoulder had popped out and the trainers popped it back in, but I was fifty yards away from where they were working on him. He was in quite a bit of pain, but later he had a big ice pack taped on, and seemed in pretty good spirits FWIW. I can't say again how much Kluck has improved over the season. He and and the poles had great games last night. What can you say about Irelan? What a night. SB was doubling and even tripling Fields last night. There might have been a few too many jammed passes into the middle. Patterson had a sleeve of sorts on his lower leg and looked a little timid. It was also a great sign that the middies were aggressive in getting to the cage. We were able to catch most of the first game and all I can say is the Danes can't lose to Binghamton. I am sure they have some great fans but they did not represent themselves well last night and I expect a rowdy game on Saturday.
  4. I think Liam is going to get his shot, and soon, but if I were a betting man I think Michigan goes with an established head coach given the huge investment they have made in men's and women's lacrosse. I think they go after someone like a Joe Alberici from Army, Cassesse from Lehigh, Chemotti from Richmond, or Polley from BU. I bet Liam is on the list at Delaware and St. Bonnaventure. No inside info, but with his daughter at UA, and Kyle in the Big 10. I say no on Marr leaving, but you have to think he would be on Michigan's wish list. I don't have a clue what the salary bump would be, can't hop on the train and catch a Ranger game from Ann Arbor!
  5. I believe nothing new from the committee until we see what happens on Sunday.
  6. With the strength in the ACC and Big 10, Coach Marr is going to have to rethink some of the traditional OCC opponents. Have to hope that Yale wins the ILT and somehow UMass can pull an upset in the CAA, and with Carolina's AND Rutgers wins more than ever, the Danes have to win the AQ. If we lose the AQ it is no sure bet of getting an at large bid with no top 5 or top 10 wins. The fact that Albany continues to breeze through the AE probably hurts them in the eyes of the committee, and the rest of the conference has to up their games. Great what Bing has done, and Moran has done a great job this year at UMBC. Feifs got off to a hot start, and despite not having Mackay this season UVM should have had a better season but they really fell apart.
  7. Hard to say since DU jumped back to #7 in the RPI, and even the committee had Albany slotted 10th. With the Syracuse loss that probably puts them at 2nd or 3rd depending on how the other tournaments play out which puts another trip to the Carrierdome back on the table for the Danes. A 14th or 15th seed would be an insult, but it is all about logistics and saving money once you get beyond the 8 seeded teams. Have to win the AQ!
  8. Checked the box score and didn't see his name. Wasn't at the game and didn't see #24 in any of the sideline shots so don't know what was going on. He had disappeared the last few games so was surprised Laffin or someone else hadn't been given more playing time sooner, but hope Jakob is a OK because the Danes will need him down the home stretch.
  9. You are correct, hadn't had my 2nd cup of coffee yet!
  10. IL's. latest bracketology has Albany seeded 12th, now paying Penn St.
  11. I agree with you, especially if Albany maintains the 7th spot in the RPI rankings.
  12. Latest Patrick Stevens Bracketology has Danes 11th at Hopkins. http://www.uslaxmagazine.com/college/men/bracketology-at-large-bid-within-rutgers-reach
  13. I don't know how sensitive the changes are in the RPI, but since Albany was 8th in the RPI and the NCAA had the Danes 10th in the most important ranking before the Hofstra loss and win against Yale, even if things break our way at best Albany is probably the 8th seed. I think Cuse's luck is going to run out and Duke is going to knock them out next week, and while I know Albany can beat Syracuse there is something about that damn dome, and if Garnsey is hurt that really hurst ND in the ACC tournament. The 8th/9th seee probably gets you a game with Duke who seems like the hottest team in the country right now or DU of Carolina catches fire again.
  14. Last year the selection committee seemed to follow the RPI to a fault which is why a lot of people had heartburn over Marquette getting a home game Andy the 6th seed. This year RPI doesn't seem to be carrying as much weight in the polls or by the committee which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing. The RPI Iis flawed in a lot of ways so I would rather see the committee have a bit of a subject component. As long as the AE is a weaker overall conference Albany is going to benefit more times then not from the eye test and subjective measures than blindly following the RPI, but it may hurt the Danes this year.
  15. Yep. 7th in the latest RPI, but 10th in the latest NCAA rankings which came out before Albany's win and Towson's loss which probably bumps the Dane's up to 9th. Still have to win the AQ, and even with that might be on the road once again. Still want Cuse to be the overall number one seed so they get the play in game winner and want the Danes to get them outside.
  16. Need Rutgers to do us a solid tonight and then Cuse, Yale, and one of the CAA teams Albany beat to win the conference tourney to lift our RPI.
  17. Great to see Coach Marr give props to Troy Reh. He was so clutch, and while the wing play has been MIA at times this season the wing play was key in the win last night. Simms was magnificent holding Reeves to one goal and the goal he scored was on a ridiculous shot. Kluck had his best game of the season and also had several huge gb's and poaches. I was glad to see Laffin get a shot and he came up big. Looks like Patterson may have hit the freshmen wall?? Saw a lot more initiation from Drake, and I think the offense will see more and more zone defense and they seemed to handle it better last night.
  18. Albany hopped in front of DU to. #7 in the RPI after the win last night. Interesting based upon the NCAA's initial top 10, RPI doesn't' seem to be the number one criteria this year. Looks like Albany has to run the table to host a tournament game. Latest bracket projections the Danes at Homewood against Hopkins.
  19. Troy Reh also. Great to see JD having a big night once again.
  20. We are crossing our fingers that Liam sticks around, and we were worried he might get the Bingnamtom job, and you have to believe that he is on the St. Bonnie's list. If you are a 2007 grad you played with a Liam and Merrick, and they are both great recruiters and ambassadors for UA. I'll be honest when UA first contacted our son I was a little hesitant to make the run up there, and was skeptical, but after his first visit and really kicking the tires, for a lot of the non lacrosse reasons you mentioned, we all came away very impressed. As we became better educated about UA I am a bit surprised that more kids who are considering Syracuse don't opt for Albany, especially given the cost of tuition, and most Syracuse players are more or less forced to redshirt so they are looking at around $300k unless they are getting a lot of need based aid. The coaching staff does an amazing job when they get a kid/family on campus, but as a fan of the program and the university that's why I selfishly wish the program was better marketed as the premier Div I program on campus, and maybe wirhin the financial constraints it is, but just seems like an opportunity is being missed.
  21. I totally agree with you and before the season started Cornell and Harvard were getting a lot of hype. You figured Cuse, Maryland, and Yale would all be top 20 teams. Vermont was a pre season darling and was a fringe top 20 team after their 3-0 start so going into the season the schedule did look formidable. UMass has been a hot and cold team the last couple of years but has given some top teams fits as has Drexel. Albany recruits a lot in the Buffalo area so maybe that's why Canisius is on the schedule, but I don't understand why we don't see Army which is a short ride down the Thruway away or why Bryant fell off of the schedule. I'm not sure the staff knew what they had with Irelan. At least in my experience the coaches are selling the academic enhancements big time, especially the new and improved business school, and if you are a bright, out of state student you are allowed to stack merit and athletic money which makes Albany very affordable for an out of state student with good grades. The coaching staff is very down to earth and when you visit the style of play you are talking about comes through big time. NY state, especially with the new education law which just passed, is always going to be the bread and butter for recruiting, but I would say Albany could be a little more aggressive in terms of marketing the success of the program, but that doesn't seem to Coach Marr's M.O. which I think speaks to the understated success he has had at Albany.
  22. I think a lot of Yale's ranking is based upon preseason perceptions and now they appear to be rounding into form. IMO all the better when Albany gets the win.
  23. If the Danes run the table I think we'll see a first round game in Albany, but a loss to Yale, even with a win in the AE tournament and I think it is another road playoff game. IMO Albany controls its own destiny. We don't need JD to save 60+%, but he needs to start seeing the ball better.
  24. Now up to 8th in the RPI with Hofstra's loss to Drexel.
  25. OK, not used to seeing UA in a 10 man and I'm a relatively new LAX fan. When they did it early in the game it was right in front of me and the Md attacks were screaming and pointing. Looking at the stats it appears we should have had a good chance to win and it was certainly close. Can't blame it on the shots or the FOs. They have some great athletes and very aggressive defense when our players got close to the goal. Can't kick about the officiating. Fields showed his wizardry. Rambo is built like a bull. Not sure what this will do in the rankings, but 1 pt losses to two teams in the top 3 should not do too much damage. As far as I could tell Albany broke out the 10 man ride for the first time against UMBC last week. I would be interested to learn why, especially since TD was more than holding his own on faceoffs so I don't think we needed to necessarily try to create more offensive opportunities through a 10 man ride.
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