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  1. No they aren’t. I’ll post where I want. Thanks!!! I see you already took care of that though, as always. Please consider this my last information sharing effort. As you know, most of the kids I post here aren’t on any lists. Go Danes though!!! Great news about the QF!!
  2. Ben Wimmer, midfielder from Oregon. Conner Gerlach, dman from Jersey Both recent 22s
  3. Alex Pfieffer, midfielder from sachem, Li luke grove, midfielder from Michigan both 2022
  4. Jack Nichtern, A/M from Massapequa, recently committed. His brother is the star on Army right now.
  5. 2021 Thomas Decker, a big athletic midfielder from Farmingdale LI, recently committed.
  6. The link I sent is from his freshman year in college. His sophomore year just got cancelled so he’ll have 3 more to use as he chooses.
  7. Elijah Gash - 6-4 athletic dman just committed for 2020. I believe his father is Sam Gash, a former NFL player and coach. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sWmwY7dvHL0&feature=youtu.be
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wYxeZWOHv2w New highlights for a 2021
  9. I believe he was making fun of the site that said it was breaking news when the kid made the announcement a month earlier.
  10. Last I heard, it was Patterson, Kunz, and Ron John also looks like mccomber and skidders are out
  11. Correct and I agree. I’ll add that everyone isn’t always on the 4 year plan to graduate. It wasn’t the strongest class in the world and the replacements are already on board or coming. Probably better use of the resources to just move on. I would be surprised if more than 2 stay but not surprised if none do. I suspect there will be plenty of transfers from expensive private schools. If we take any on, that would eat into the allotment but that’s when SUNY prices become an advantage. In my opinion, the NCAA should’ve just said it’s very unfortunate but it’s a lost season for all involved.
  12. It will be interesting to see which, If any, seniors decide to come back after graduating already and If the school pays their scholarship, if they were getting any money. My guess is very very few and I would hope the school would cover it since it is partial scholarships but that might be a conference decision for all schools.
  13. Parents come and go every few years. I’ve been through years and years and years of them and have had a blast with a good percentage of them in tailgates and other gatherings. With that said, I would never sit with any parents during a game, especially with the higher rated players that have come in along the way. The comments In the stands are a lot different than when this all started and so is the play for the most part. Early days, kids would run through a brick wall to pick up a ground ball or stop someone from scoring. Does anyone see that now? Early days, there were no All America
  14. 2021 midfielder from Oklahoma recently committed. Trey Goins. Big time athlete.
  15. Sam Stratton, 2019 dman from FM, committed for next year. Coming in from West Point. 2 hornets on the team in 2020.
  16. Davon Johnson, a 2020 Middie who came up through the Harlem lacrosse program, committed the other day. 2019 who is taking a PG year in Vermont. You can see the potential below. He’s mostly practiced on city cement so I’m curious to see what he becomes in 2-3 years.
  17. Just a confirmation that Peter Salit is Indeed a 2020 now. Signed his NLI at the hill academy recently. I think he’s quietly a very good player and this extra year will do him a ton of good. That team is stacked.
  18. Connor Fundis, big dman from Fairport, commited last night.
  19. The roster isn’t updated yet but the guys are there. I think Salit joined next years class though. More brothers on the team since 2021 midfielder caedan lapietro recently committed. He is a great athlete that’s been impressing in football up here so far. Reminds me of a Bertrams type of lacrosse player.
  20. Lacalandra will be playing for Dane alum Eric Wolf at Post with his brother in their first year of D1. Thats right. Dane on Dane crime. This is quite unfortunate. Lets blame roster issues for the others.
  21. 2 new Long Islanders join the 2020 class; Defender Kevin Groom from Bethpage and Midfielder Ty Shook from West Islip. 2 nice athletes.
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