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  1. Hey there was an agreement in the Middle East today.............not that one but it's a start.
  2. I actually agree with Eli on this!!! His post and your response.
  3. Thomas Deagan, Somers High school, NY, 2021 • Midfield, 5'11", 175 lbs https://www.connectlax.com/profile/TJD10 I’m Very excited to announce that I have committed to play Division 1 lacrosse at the University of Albany, where I will continue my academic and athletic career. I would like to thank my family, coaches, and friends that have helped me throughout this process. #Godanes
  4. I think the goal was just to stay in touch with interested fans. They really can't say exactly how the spring season will be set up yet. They did say it was pretty much play it by ear!
  5. I did not see one. I asked about FB and Lacrosse and got a canned answer from Benson.
  6. Matthew Cordero, St. Joseph-by-the-Sea High School Staten Island, NY, 6’4 290 lbs., T - DT, https://twitter.com/MatthewCorder18 https://www.hudl.com/video/3/10801707/5d73c78ddfe2a512b8ef93a7 I am very blessed to receive my 3rd D1 offer from UAlbany!!! Watch his video - explosive quickness off the ball!
  7. Yes, your bias showing through. I love both but as a FB alum HAVE to see football first and then lacrosse.
  8. Sorry but you are not correct. MOST, way over 99.9% of younger people get infected and recover or are asymptomatic. Almost NONE of them need to be hospitalized or get worse. Many people seem to conflate new cases with hospitalizations and deaths. AND that is exactly what the so called 'mainstream' is pushing, mostly by avoiding to give the complete picture. Keep listening the so-called mainstream. Do you own research man. That is just not the case. In fact in two Florida counties. the health departments or whomever was reporting, reported 98% positives from testing and it was actually 9.8%. The numbers are being cooked even more than before. The following is just ONE case of correcting the reports! https://www.dailywire.com/news/florida-labs-found-significantly-inflating-positive-covid-testing-rate
  9. https://caasports.com/news/2020/7/17/caa-football-votes-to-suspend-conference-competition-in-2020.aspx Student athletes are NOT in a age group that has issues with the virus. If they catch it, they get over it with few complications. Older coaches and staff may be a different issue though. This is just gonna destroy some careers!
  10. Parris James Heath, Spring Valley, NY, U of Maryland, 6' 4" 325, G, T, https://twitter.com/heath_parris https://twitter.com/heath_parris/status/1254081913746309123/video/1 Thankful for the opportunity! #GREATDANES Transfer from U Maryland. Committed to U Albany
  11. Jaquan Dufour,Rockville HS, Vernon, Ct, WR, CB, 6'1" 170lbs, https://twitter.com/JaquanDufour_9 https://www.hudl.com/profile/8468064/Jaquan-Dufour After a great conversation on the phone with @Coach_Mince54 I’m blessed to receive my first Division 1 offer from the university of Alban
  12. "EDIT:Trump has been an abject failure, scattered focus, rhetoric and actions that are completely juvenile or worse. Complete embarrassment as a leader. " Your opinion which MANY do not agree with.... How is it possible for you to say what you say in the rest of your statement and then come out with this??
  13. Don't disagree but I still think it's mostly BS now - in my mind as much political as anything. The media keeps pounding on 'the number of cases continues to go back up" Of course as more testing is done, AND the virus will continue to spread; BUT the key thing to look at is the number of deaths, which continues to decrease. Even in states like Texas and Florida which have had a large resurgence of cases - most who are asymptomatic - because they are testing tens of thousands more folks - continue to show a decrease in the death rates. If one reads articles about the resurgence numerous figures are quoted about numbers and testing in paragraph after paragraph and then there will be be ONE LINE stating that raw numbers of deaths and death rates continue to drop. Just saying. I looked at several reports on Texas and Florida this morning.
  14. Malcolm Brown, Reservoir High School, Fulton, MD, QB, 6' 3", 205 Lbs. https://twitter.com/malc_brown https://www.hudl.com/profile/3012793/Malcolm-Brown Committed to Morgan State
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