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  1. Same old story on D. Give 'em 8-10 yds of the LOS - easy out pass! EVERY team in the league knows this and takes advantage - easy 5-8 [or more yards]
  2. And Davis calls Mofor up the middle run AGAIN on 4th and 1. What the hell!!!!
  3. Yep but watch the second video to see what caused it. OUTRAGEOUS. And the guy who took out our kid only got a one minute penalty!
  4. Bottom video shows what caused it and all he got was 1 minutes. Older guys protecting younger guys. I for one love it. Luckily we won today without them today!
  5. GREAT over-all effort. Freshman at FO did a lot better as did the wings. Gotta stop the UNFORCED turnovers. Almost killed us.
  6. Not ready to to agree with that. Mostly very young wide receivers, new OLine. 12 penalties last week we lost by 4 - shot ourselves in the foot. We had too many mistakes yesterday, that with some very poor play selection by Davis???!!!. Plus lots of new guys who haven't gotten it together yet. We'll see how they finish. Even then..........The officiating was really bad yesterday. Key Non-calls. Eg. Interference was not called on a KEY 3rd down around Mid-field - OBVIOUS. We have to punt. If we had maintained possession, who knows. They did not call the RI defenders all day for interference, just awful. We finally got a couple of hold calls....We had one they did not call too. But most were RI DB's that were not called. Those things change the outcome of a close game and at this level they should be called.
  7. I think as much is the receiver and play selection by Davis....... Oedekoven did not play yesterday. Wide open guys dropping balls. The 1st INT was not his fault, Our receiver tipped it to the RI guy. The second trying to throw it away I think down the middle instead of sideline,
  8. Davis is a good QB coach but a terrible Coordinator. His play selection sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Officials were awful too!!!! We got screwed on at least 3 KEY NON-calls..... Kept RI drives alive each time. Gatuso has a right to be pissed!!!
  9. I do not like Davis' play calling at all.........................bottom line, runs up the middle when he should pass, even in critical situations. Throws deep when he shouldn't - against the wind...
  10. Every year 8 yards off the LOS, can NEVER stop those short passes!!!!!!
  11. Pass coverage is weak............... pressure by Defense causes issues. Not much else to say really
  12. Nova and Rhody are tied just be before 1/2. Perfect weather though, Same weather with Delaware and Stoney Brook. Delaware is having their way
  13. Bring the TE across the middle, or flood the middle with two and have someone step out to the corner. Rather than that fade all the time. However, if Jeff threw it high and outside it was a TD. Did that last week but the ball was dropped. Greaney has a HUGE height advantage.
  14. 6'7" TE and Jeff throws the ball at his waist - NO TOUCH. JMU QB did the exact same thing at the end of the Finals game last year..
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