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  1. Same Altimari, seems to be better at standing BUT flips the ball too hard or can't pick up the ground ball! He got into it and did better the second 1/2 and goy more ground balls. The Freshman was 50% wins - Altimeri was 52% got to be better!!!!
  2. Jacob stil the same - working with younger guys - missed two passes already - taking eye off ball....
  3. We a little bit older guys................seem to have similar problems.
  4. Working fine on my Computer. Young guys and transfers looking not bad!!!!
  5. First game, missing guys, not real crisp on passes yet.
  6. TURN THE BACKGROUND MUSIC OFF when the announcer is speaking or any other time during the telecast!!!!!!! What the hell!!! A bunch of the starters out so we'll see how good the young guys and back-ups are I guess
  7. Great article. Just read it. Was pretty sure you had already posted it.
  8. To be fair I wasn't speaking with the AD, a couple of assistants. BUT I agree. We should be in the stands!
  9. AD has no idea on fans yet; for lacrosse, football or any other sport I talked on the phone for some time with the office two days ago. We'll see I guess.
  10. I am actually not surprised there is no mention of the transfers. Big lineman, RB, and FAST WR who came in. No need to let the competition know if they are doing well in practice and learning the system.
  11. No mention of the two big JUCO kids who transferred in!!!!!!!!!!!! One a center?
  12. Luke Garrelts, Columbine High School, Littleton, CO, WR 6' 5", 190Lbs. Very excited and grateful to receive my first Division 1 offer from the University at Albany!(PWO) https://www.hudl.com/video/3/15211447/5fa0d416c11a2c023c68d477 Missed him. Having problem posting twitter for the last month or so.
  13. Tyler Merwarth, Quakertown High School Quakertown, PA, WR SS 6' 185 Lbs. https://twitter.com/tyler_merwarth https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9734933/5fb6c632578ddd06a41c2667 Committed Feb 4
  14. Yes but he QUIT the team - Luckily they took him back. BUT he is not on scholarship - once you quit it is hard to make it back -Dev will likely have a tough row to hoe - he'll have to prove that he is better than others AND have a completely different attitude to get any playing time. Tyler Oedekoven was outstanding the last 5 games as a freshman too and he is quick! Two FBS WR's came in as grad transfers plus a couple of other kids on the team from the playoff season.
  15. Also, there always are kids who can not cut it in the classroom. We talked about that last year [or was it 2 years ago???] Kids who were brought in seem to be as good and MAY be better. We got some outstanding transfers in - several grads from FBS schools. I'm looking at it as an over-all upgrade; always optimistic. Grad Student RB from Dartmouth, O and D linemen transfers, 2 or 3 WR transfers, DB transfers, DE just signed as a transfer, great freshman kicker and a transfer in. I know there were plenty of graduations on FB and Lacrosse - a few guys on each decided to come back as grad students. Most did not. Wells aid>>"The program is full steam ahead...building a culture that people want to be a part of and stay in." EXACTLY correct!
  16. Absolutely - got some great pieces in including a few really good WR it looks like - With Odekoven returning and these added guys Jeff should have some great targets!
  17. Thanks. I also put them on the 2021 thread. Lots of new guys on the roster too!
  18. Dan Whaley As a former HS Track coach I can tell you these times are pretty good - He is obviously fast! !!!!! "Sprinter attended The Haverford School... Had personal bests of 22.43 in the 200m and 48.77 in the 400m... Placed fourth in the 200m and third in the 400m at the PAISAA championships as a senior... Multiple PTFCA indoor state qualifier... 400m runner up at the 2018 PAISAA championships... 400m Inter-AC League Champion." He is on the Spring Roster
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