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  1. I'm a little confused why you would even give that UNC example. They're ranked #8 in the nation. Yes, they should beat Hofstra by 46. I wouldnt exactly call the #8 team in the nation rebuilding or reloading. Unfortunately, we have been "rebuilding" for years now with no results. Since you are ever the optimist, at what point would you suggest that a change needs to be made or that the season is spiraling downward?
  2. As bad as we have played this far (and considering Black's absence), we could possibly earn a FREAK win, seeing as they barely beat Division 2, Clark AU by 3 in OVERTIME. They then lost to local school Kennesaw St., and never led in the game apparently. We are either in for a beating, or perhaps could pull off one of the biggest wins in our program. "Clark AU basketball proved it is ready for 2010-2011(at least in my mind they are) by making a nervous wreck of the Rambling Wrecks of Georgia Tech, forcing them into overtime before escaping with a 71-68 victory."
  3. Is anyone going to be going to the GA Tech game? Not sure if anyone else besides me is located in ATL, or plans on making the trip.
  4. Last year, I start dating a girl who goes to UNC, and alas, we had a game scheduled against the TarHeels. This psat year, I move to Atlanta, and we get a game down here. I'm on to something.
  5. I don't think our 4-10 record is truly reflective of the team's potential. However, it's obviously hard to gage how the team will fare against the AE simply because the level of competition we've faced for the most part has been rather intense. I guess this begs the question of whether or not a super difficult OOC schedule will benefit or harm the team. On some levels, I think that hte pressure of playing at the Dean Dome or up in Syracuse can definitely help the team. However, watching a team like UNC cause turnover after turnover, and having blowout games does not give the team the intangibles necessary to win close games - our ability to win once we're up has been questionable the last few years. There's no reason we can't be a top AE team this year, since the conference is clearly down. But we'll have to come up with the consistency we've been lacking the past couple of seasons.
  6. I think that conference affiliations can definitely help, but I would say that most mid-major success stories have a small football presence, if any...
  7. Just my .02 cents: I truly believe that the program is not headed in the right direction. Hopefully, this team will prove me wrong, and I will be watching them come March versus a major powerhouse program. However, if you notice, the program is shifting away from what we had success with a few years ago. For one, Brown is seemingly recruiting the more flashy/athletic players - not the ones who are outclassed (as was posted in an earlier post), or the guys who are mentally strong and willing to put it all on the line. As a program ascends, it should increase the quality of players it recruits, but I think the mental makeup should always be there. If you look back at some of the questionable players the last couple of years, in terms of recruits or those who have left the team, you can obviously see that is not there. In terms of Will Harris, the only critique that UVA fans had on him was that he seemed to mentally check out or not give it his all in games. They all stated he was very professional and a nice guy, but claimed he never lived up to his potential. THIS IS A ACC PLAYER - he should be dominating the AE. NO QUESTIONS asked. I feel that UA making 2 consecutive NCAA appearances is a lost cause. It is no longer the marketing tool it was a few years ago. Too much time has passed. We never truly ceased the opportunity from it to transform yourself into a program like Wichita St. or another mid-major powerhouse over the last couple of years. And the proof that this program hasn't changed simply lies in the fact that everyone says "the real season starts when conference play begins". NO. That is the logic of a losing program, which is content with mediocrity. I understand that winning at UNC or a similar program will be EXTREMELY difficult, but checking out until conference play begins just shows how much this program has NOT grown. We should approach every game as though it's winnable, regardless of the outcome, and come out with the same level of energy, even if we are totally outmatched. Until we start winning some of these OOC games, and perhaps steal a win here or there from a better team, we will be stuck in a vicious cycle. Going into Conference play, being well under .500 is not exactly a mental boost for the players. Regardless of wins or losses, the effort should ALWAYS be there. Thoughts?
  8. But have the first few games swayed anyone's opinion on the team's performance this year? Either in a positive way or negative way?
  9. Perhaps there is more to the story than we know - for all we know, some of these players could have had something to do with Tiki's "activities". Otherwise, if they hadn't been in line with KB's "standards" why would they have been on the team to date? Why not have cut them months ago? I understand wanting to shape up your program, but to me, it is a lot worse publicity to have 6 people now off the team (Tiki, Rivera, and the 4 others) than just Tiki. It really is like a nuclear bomb exploded in that program as someone said above. On a side note, what can be done for them - can they recruit current students between now and November and have them play? Or do they just ride with 10-11 players as the article stated? Hopefully thats another 2 W's for UA.
  10. Seems that Mr. Mayben has gotten himself and Bing. a frontpage story on SI.com: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/basketball/ncaa/09/24/binghamton.ap/index.html
  11. SoCal, I just moved to ATL from NYC. Can I find the game on local TV? I've been looking through the channel guide during that time slot and cant see anything. Also, would you recommend any good sports bars here to watch NY teams? (Yanks, Giants, Rangers, Knicks) etc. My GF and I just moved here - she went to UNC, and is a diehard Heels fan. I'm looking forward to my first bball game at UNC when the Danes come to the Dean Dome. On a side note, I really hope one day that UA football can have a following as football does down South. It truly is like a religion here. I met a Georgia Southern fan at a bar and he had nothing but nice things to say about all you guys who have been posting on their board.
  12. Hey all, I've been reading the board daily, but haven't had time to post in quite a while... Just for the sake of devil's advocate, do you think part of the reason that Raffa and/or others are transferring is simply because of managing expectations? Aside from playing time, Raffa was recruited in the midst of our 2 straight back to back NCAA appearances. Perhaps he assumed the program would continue in this manner and rise to be a SERIOUS mid-major power. I think we have progressed quite a bit, and that is obvious in the fact that we have been getting QUALITY OOC games, but we have had our fair share of setbacks or learning curves. I think some people as mentioned by others on the board, just aren't used to adversity. I feel as though Raffa is a very good player, but probably holds himself in a very high esteem (possibly too high), and though that Albany might be viewed in the same way that Siena is being viewed currently etc... Thoughts? Or am I just an idiot? ha
  13. In the spirit of watching the tourney games now, I wanted to watch the clip that was floating around with highlights from the 2006 game. I don't have the link on my new computer. Anyone else have it? Thanks!
  14. It says that Antoine Johnson is from DePaul and that some really tall asian player is from Albany, N.Y ... I'm guessing that's a mixup?
  15. I'm okay with the home and home with Bryant. Not that they are a stellar team, but we are going to need games that we can win and build confidence in. I'll take any "easy" (and we've lost many of these so-called easy games in recent years) win we can get. There are FAR more questions about this year, than last year. Last year we could count on Brent/Iati/Lillis and knew we had some veteran presence. With the exception of Connelly, no one on this team has really earned their stripes and nearly every player has questions surrounding them. While we are trying to build the fanbase, the fanbase won't come if we aren't winning. Albany is just not at that level yet where we can sellout games if we are playing pathetic. Plus, our RPI matters VERY little, unless we are up for the PIG game or NIT tournament - we're still a 1 bid conference. And while Coach's logic for the Bryant home and away sequence may be the only positive thing he can say about those games, he is partially right. Numerous times this past year we looked very different when playing opponents a second time. It would be nice to get some stability. While I am pumped this year and extremely excited, we are SO young. An easier schedule can't hurt.
  16. Not that I'm a fan of Siena basketball by any means, but if something is going to bring attention to the capital district in terms of basketball, I'm all for it. Oh, and one of the commentators (not Rafferty or Bilas.. the other guy) was talking about the Capital District and said "And also, let's not forget that Albany has a very good team, out of the America East as well"... Was unaware that Tay Fisher's mother had a stroke etc. Nice to see him as a Senior get a trip to the big dance. And to have win that right on his birthday, has to be something he will never forget. Seeing people rush the court makes me bummed that we won't be doing it this year. But it reminds me why I watch college basketball and how far our program has come and will go in the future. (Sorry GD84, took me forever to write this post - ate dinner inbetween hahah and then saw your post after I hit submit)
  17. I think that Hastings will start going forward. If he doesn't we are WAY too young. He is also our best defender - and without him in the lineup, we have Martin/Ambrose (both of whom, especially Timmy, haven't shown defensive capabilities). This season will be trickier than our past season because people will need to step up. While this was the case this past year, it was more of an issue of PROVEN roleplayers/scorers stepping it up. Now you have people who played small roles in the offense, if any, being asked todo a lot more. I'd like to see Jerel have a Siggers-like rise and be a solid 12 ppg scorer. And i think we will be much more of a run and gun team.
  18. For as many defensive lapses as Timmy had, I don't think you're going to be able to keep him from starting. With an offseason of studying tape and practicing his defensive schemes, Timmy will be nasty. Simply put, you need a real raw offensive player. Raffa can definately score, but is he strong enough to play the 2 at the college level? Or will he be more along the lines of an "AI" kind of player? I think Raffa will be the 6th man next year and change the tempo of the game. PG - Josh SG -Ambrose SF - Hastings PF - BConn C - Turley/Giff Raffa will be the 6th man in my eyes because he can play the 1 and also the 2 for brief stints most likely. I'm actually very happy that we will have an abundance of talent. The team left their heart out there today - just sad to see the last glimpse of our recent success setting off in the sunset basically. Here's to their success and what they have done for the program, and here's to the future of UA basketball. In all honesty, seeing the defensive lapses and the lack of judgement on some of the plays on our younger players ACTUALLY RELIEVED ME. It allowed me to accept the fact that this was somewhat of a re-tooling year and that the team is just very young and inexperienced and has a lot of growing up to do. Sad to not be able to watch the selection sunday show to see what seed we will be, but MORE than PUMPED for the future. No longer do I have to worry about whether or not UA will put forth a competitive team.
  19. holy !@#$!!!! IATI- WOW. jeez. My heart is in my stomach right now. He is leaving everything on the court tonight.
  20. THIS CAMERA.... AGAIN! last damn 6 mintues and i have to watch it like this...
  21. I need to see Lillis step up and take control of this game.
  22. i realize i'm probably speaking to myself... but we scored 3 points in the last 7 minutes, missing our last 9 shots. Bad news. This should have been a 10+ pt. game at the half. Unacceptable. Timmy's immaturity in terms of basketball IQ, as many like D96 have pointed out, is very obvious. We've had some horrible defensive laps. I'd like to see Lillis step it up and take some more shots.
  23. THESE CAMERA ANGLES ARE DRIVING ME !#@!#@%#$$%#$ CRAZY. They switch to this view where its from the corner of the arena and everyone is as tiny as ants and on the furthest possible distance from the camera. Sloppy play by both teams now.
  24. Great to see Jon/Brent on point so far. When they are playing well, we are such a better team.
  25. foul on morris/lowe so far early on... it would be nice if we can perhaps get them into foul trouble and force someone to sit...
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