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  1. Yep, the worst thing to do in the CAA is to go into a game favored, apparently. The solution is to just lose all conference games then you'll never be favored! Yes the CAA is a tough league top to bottom and you're going to get everyone's best shot but that's just the way it is here and why it is the best conference in the nation on the FCS level.
  2. Greg Gattuso Teleconference Highlights (Lowlights?) 11/5 We played a hard fought game, we competed, we had a chance to win the game. We've lost 3 games in the final 30 seconds. The kids have battled through. We have to recover and play New Hampshire. I talked to my team about how stubborn I am to change. We lost the game because of penalties at bad times, not converted in the red zone. Shot themselves in the foot. Haven't been healthy since the first game. The effort has been outstanding and he knows the team is believing in what they're doing. Played better in the back end defensively and their style of football. Ran the ball effectively. More physical. Eliminated a lot of big plays defensively. Started a freshman QB, who played extremely well. Interception wasn't his fault. Kept making plays. Made some mistakes in the 2nd half. 2 RBs played well. They were more of themselves in this game than any other. Committing to the run game, Ran the ball well. Talked about Military Appreciation Day. Have to play well against UNH, have to play their best game to have a chance to get a win. Took one of the top teams in the CAA to the wire. Worst thing is to go into a game favored. Competitive top to bottom. Lost a lot of close games, frustrating, know they're on the right track to win those games. (Did not blame the officials any never gave any credit to the other team at all for coming back and winning the game, though. Interesting.)
  3. Greg Gattuso should be given another extension. 10 years this time. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, ---The Rest of the CAA.
  4. The rare 6 (not 4) false starts in a game epidemic. Just need some more time and patience to overcome it. ?
  5. Testaverde did not practice today and it will be Undercuffler starting and Burns will also play.
  6. So we are all in agreement that Delaware winning is a win-win for us all? Agreed?
  7. The records don't mean anything in this conference. Expecting another battle. Looking forward to finally getting to Albany game for my first game in person.
  8. Mark Singelais is tweeting out that Testaverde is in a walking boot due to his ankle injury. Brunson is in concussion protocol. Testaverde isn't out just yet but if he is then Undercuffler will start and Burns will also play. Joe Casale might play this weekend as well at LB. No word on if they will be practicing with nerf footballs or if it will be Gattuso's selected offense, however.
  9. The opening line is Delaware -20 - don't know about that one. FYI, Gattuso actually said that it falls on him during the teleconference.
  10. So at Albany games does the visiting or home team provide the Nerf footballs?
  11. I could almost guarantee you that Mancuso will be starting, BTW. Just a hunch since Richmond's HC seems to think he played well despite throwing 5 INTs.. If they are going to fire Gattuso can they at least wait until Nov 4th? ;-D
  12. Richmond hasn't just been losing, they've been losing badly to teams. Don't let last week's final score fool you or the statline, it wasn't really that close. And, Richmond isn't bad if they're playing against Delaware's backups trailing by multiple touchdowns. Amazing that just 12 years ago Albany came in and upset a team with Joe Flacco on it. Was moving to the CAA the right move?
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