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  1. Hartford beating Stony Brook at half time, 38-26, at Stony Brook.
  2. I agree, nysteve, and sincerely hope it’s not a family member or personal illness. Here’s a link to the article by Pete D., in the TU — Will’s quote is right at the end of the article. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-beats-Binghamton-despite-limited-play-15033772.php
  3. However, Will said it had nothing to do with academics, nor nothing to do with basketball, that it was a personal matter. (??)
  4. It’s official — UNH knocks off 2nd place Stony Brook, 81-64. Hartford plays Vermont, in Hartford, at 7:00 this evening. Game is on ESPN+
  5. There’s still a whole half to go, but UNH is currently beating Stony Brook, at the half, 35-14, on UNH Alumni Day.
  6. Sportswriter Michael Kelly’s article in today’s Schenectady Gazette... https://dailygazette.com/article/2020/02/05/walk-on-fruscio-provides-spark-in-ualbany-men-s-basketball-win
  7. With UMBC beating Hartford tonight, 70-59, UA — at 6-3 — moves into a third-place tie with Hartford.
  8. “The Frusc” mic-d up... 🙂... https://wnyt.com/u-albany-basketball/show-2---micd-up-with-ualbany-senior-guard-nick-fruscio/5616181/?cat=12854
  9. The Long Islands Nets re-acquire Joe Cremo... https://www.netsdaily.com/2019/12/12/21013618/long-island-nets-bring-back-ismael-sanogo-and-joe-cremo-waive-jahmal-mcmurray-and-angel-nunez
  10. In case you missed it — CB on Big Board Sports.... https://1045theteam.com/ualbany-head-coach-will-brown-joins-big-board-sports-4/
  11. In Michael Kelly’s article in the Gazette — CB says that Yale will be ... “the best team that will step foot in this gym all year long.”
  12. https://dailygazette.com/article/2019/11/30/ualbany-men-s-basketball-posts-comeback-win-against-american
  13. How exciting for him to have the opportunity to play in front of 20,000 fans, tomorrow, for the ACC championship!
  14. Dave is having himself an awesome game — leading scorer, at the moment, for the Seminoles with 14 pts.
  15. In the Gazette article, Kelly said it was a “sell out.” That must be the capacity with the one set of bleachers now closed. https://dailygazette.com/article/2019/02/02/healy-stars-in-ualbany-men-s-basketball-win
  16. IMHO, late in the game,, I think they played much better “team” ball when Miller was at the point. There was one play in particular in today’s game—at about the 8:40 mark in the second half—where Rizzuto (I believe it was him) was wide open off to Clark’s side and calling for the ball as the shot clock was ticking down. Instead of passing, Clark kept dribbling and heaved up a last second desperation shot that didn’t even hit the rim.
  17. I’ll never forget the dunk he made, where he took off from near the free throw line and floated to the hoop for the slam!
  18. Siena drew 4908 tonight, for their home opener at the TUC, against Lehigh.
  19. Funny quote by Will Brown, from Michael Kelly’s (Gazette) Twitter page... Brown on Healy, who had 22 tonight: “He’s just out there, smiling. He gets beat for a backdoor layup, he smiles. He turns it over, he smiles. He hits two 3s in a row, he smiles. I pat him on the back, I yell at him — he smiles. He’s just a free spirit out there, having fun.”
  20. Interesting article by Michael Kelly in the Gazette... https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/11/20/ualbany-men-s-basketball-shows-growth-in-overtime-loss
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