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  1. Not sure of the exact rules in place this year, but most schools in their release stipulate that you can not transfer within the conference or to an out of conference school that is on the schedule.
  2. Actually, in this situation I am not sure years of eligibility matters.
  3. If you are a player with more than a year of eligibility and you have no idea who the new coach will be, you should put your name in the portal. You can always remove yourself. If the AD has not come in and said everyone’s scholarship will be renewed, do not assume you will have one. The first move of new coaches is to recruit back all the players from the team if they want them. They come in knowing that’s part of the deal.
  4. No need to debate. But am very comfortable in my statement. If Coach Brown wanted to trade in and leverage up he could have at several schools NEVER mentioned on this board. I don’t post behind an alias so I can’t and won’t say more, but my take is that he was too Loyal.
  5. Because Coach Brown could have leveraged his success and left several times. He could have easily moved on several times.
  6. Have to say I think it’s laughable that Coach Brown hasn’t been extended. The results you get at UAlbany in relationship to the budget, facilities and other factors is beyond measure. This does not mean from a coaching perspective it can’t be better, there is always room for growth and improvement. But second guessing a coach is one of the easiest things one can do. Based on what I know and have experienced, Coach Brown’s results far exceed the circumstances. He is likely a victim of his own previous successes. There was an inflection point with the program that the university missed that could have firmly rooted the program as a “Vermont” or similarly positioned low mid major. Instead the program was left to succeed seemingly on the graces of the coaching staff. And in today’s world of college athletics, you simply need more than a good coach to be successful. The support and commitment from the university and community are as necessary as Xs and Os. My children have participated in college athletics at four division 1 universities and I have personally been involved with the college selections of at least 50 other kids over the years. The fact that UAlbany has been closer to Vermont than Binghamton (sorry Mr. Terry) is due to one person; Coach Brown. You can change coaches and make other changes to properly support the program but why do that when you already have a good coach. Make changes around him to help him compete.
  7. I just started watching about half way through the first. Defense doesn’t look that bad. Every first switch has been solid, good communication on the switch back. A few break downs late in the possessions, but Hartford is making some tough shots. With the switch backs determined by the “scout”, they look spot on. Probably won’t see much in the way of adjustments just better energy and focus.
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