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  1. Good games guys, sorry for the delayed response. Biggest thing to me in this game was coaching, and of course special teams. Albany will take a ton away from this game and wouldn't be surprised to see Albany in the playoffs again next year with a guy like Undercuffler at the helm. Was impressed with how Albany contained our run game, but like I've been saying to anyone who will listen in the last 2-3 weeks, Tucker Rovig isn't a guy you want winning games for you but the man can throw a football and he stepped up and delivered his best game of the year, which is a huge sign for us as we cont
  2. Yea those stats are pretty respectable. Obviously you guys watch the games and have a better gauge on it, but that as at least middle of the road, probably top 1/3. But the best rushing team you've played is Albany who is 23rd in the country at 201 YPG, but you impressively held them to 100 even. Next best W&M at #30/186 YPG and they ran for 184, so right at the average. Then of course the head scratcher at Delaware, who only runs 156 YPG but ran for 225 on Albany. All in all it looks like on paper Albay has a pretty good rush defense. But in the last 4 games the Cats have rushed
  3. It's kind of funny how inverse the stats are - Albany has only given up 15 rushing TDs but MSU has rushed for 39 touchdowns. MSU has only given up 15 passing TDs and Albany has 39 passing TDs.
  4. I noticed Albany gets a ton of TFLs, and forced fumbles. The DL isn't all that big so I'm guessing they are extremely active and attempt to jump gaps with twists, stunts, etc.. Is that an accurate assessment? You almost need to treat MSU like a triple option team. You need to be extremely gap sound. If an DL or LB twists or stunts into the wrong gap I mean you're talking a huge gain for MSU. Honestly that is the #1 reason we've beat our rival Montana 4 years in a row, is because they do a ton of post-snap movement and we exploit that to the max. We've beaten them 4 years in a row.
  5. MSU certainly has some weaknesses. On defense they just aren't glaring. Our biggest weakness when you look at it statistically is certainly pass yardage given up, but MSU has played the #1, #6, #17, #15, #23 and #26 rated passing offenses in the country in terms of yards per game, in addition to Texas Tech. But of course 3 of those were losses - Texas Tech, #26 UND and #15 Sac State. But defense wasn't the problem at UND, as we only gave up 16 points and 7 of those were a blocked punt TD (the other TD was a trick play). But If we're looking at yards per game, Albany would be 8th in the Big
  6. MSU averages 304 pounds on the OL and the shortest non-center (center is 6'1 285) is Taylor Tuiasosopo who is only 6'4 316. Mitch Brott is 6'6 300 and likely will get drafted. The unit as a whole has had their ups and downs but have played really well since the UND loss. Pass protection would be their weakest point but we run the ball nearly 65% of the time. Our WRs are very good blockers as well, but are very capable receivers when called upon. At RB you'll see plenty of Isaiah Ifanse who was all-conference last year as a true freshman and the former Gatorade player of the year in WA
  7. I understand, the timeliness of penalties and/or turnovers is a pretty big deal but not sure any coach at the FCS level is going to analyze when and how they occur and affect an opponent. There isn't an army of analysts like there is at the FBS level. You'll just watch some game film and look at stats, and the stats certainly point to a team who doesn't make a ton of mistakes - Albany has a really good turnover margin, good passing efficiency, not many penalty yards against, but turning the ball over 20 times certainly is not a great stat for Albany. Just kind of funny, that might be the
  8. Howdy Albany fans! MSU fan here. I know there are a fair amount of us hoping to register here to post, but not a single one of us has been successful (which means any Albany fans trying to register likely can't either). Certainly some fans are taking this game too lightly but many of us certainly aren't. People are still riding high after the 48-14 dismantling of our rival Montana who also happened to be the #3 team in the country at the time, but I'll be the first to tell you we could play that game 100 times and never win by that big of margin again, it was a perfect storm. Th
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