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  1. Dont know about Lewiston, but Lewistown was a trading post and winter camp to the Metis. Metis are the offspring of french trappers and Native American women, They were not accepted by either the white or native people and formed their own culture with cultural background from both. I have read your thread and seem what you guys think but here are my brief thoughts. You stacked the box and forced us to throw, we are not bad when we have man to man and didn't give up on the run. Our defense tightened down and did as I had hoped they would. YOu have a good team, I know the score
  2. getting ready to leave on the 160 mile trip to Bozeman, game time forecast is 44, 13 mph, 3% precip Great football weather. Hoping for a good game with a Cats win, Its been great talking to you guys this week.
  3. I see your team is going to visit Museum of the Rockies, and some of them don't believe in dinosaurs. Its a great museum that houses the largest collection of dinosaur remains in the US. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-football-has-T-Rexes-Genghis-Khan-on-14881392.php
  4. Yeah, I wasn't insinuating that weather was a factor in this game. I think both teams are from a similar environment. Good to hear that your team is back on their own field today as of now the forecast for KO is 40°, 12% chance of precip, 7 mph wind, with the temp dropping a few degrees by game end Perfect football weather
  5. Its always funny when we have -20° weather and snow for 2 weeks and nobody hears a thing, suddenly someplace like Denver gets 0° and a little snow and it national news about a major winter storm.
  6. So, I am wondering how its going with digging out of the snow, Is your team going to be able to practice on the field today or are they in the indoor soccer place again? I am assuming that your guys are like us, when a storm like this hits you just deal with it and move on, the rest of the country gets 1/2" of snow and below freezing and everyone loses their mind
  7. I forgot, yeah our Gov was running, nobody knew but us, trying to get a Washington job if a dem wins. At least for awhile he was campaigning and couldn't mess up anything else at home.
  8. Yeah, 1- its hard to compare using national stats, different leagues have such different types and levels of play. 2- we have heard this from most games we have played this year, UM's SOS was great, and they had one of the best rushing defenses in the Big Sky...... until MSU ran for 385 on them. All I can say is that your rush defense rating will go down after you play us. Stats don't always tell the story. MSU is the Big Sky leader in rushing by almost 20 y/g over the second, a triple option team and almost 70 over the third. MSU's top individual rusher is #10 in the league.
  9. Everybodys plan against MSU is to stack the box. It works better for some than for others. If they stack the box and we still are able to run the ball it is what our coach refers to as "stealing their soul". Another phrase you will hear is "drag them into deep water" meaning keep it close and see how they do in the the 4th quarter. The thing about teams that stack the box is that when we break through, often there is no one between the RB and the endzone, allowing for explosive big gaining chunk plays. A good defense that plays us much like a triple option team is the best bet to slow us
  10. Hey Albany fans, another Bobcat fan here. First, thanks for fixing whatever it was that blocked us from registering, we just want to talk football, no ill intentions. So with a big storm hitting your area in the last few days, do any of you think that there might be some distractions in practice and planning. I know you coach kind of brushed it off when asked, but it can causes some issues. I heard your team would be in an indoor soccer facility I'm wondering if that facility is close by or a bit of travel is involved. Forecast for the game looks great, 42°, slight chance of sno
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