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  1. When I saw Reddish check in, I scanned the bench figuring that must be the case. Probably out with COVID
  2. Looking better in these second ten minutes, so far. Neely has been the difference maker
  3. Maybe it is just me, but I'm feeling that there's almost no chance this game actually happens
  4. Right? What's he doing? Aiming for ANOTHER Rookie of the Week award?
  5. Missed the first few minutes, did Champion get the start over Horton?
  6. If anyone else has an issue, it looks like if you click the option called "Men's Basketball vs Albany" rather than the one that just says "vs University at Albany" that you can get video
  7. Is today's game going to be streaming or is it a radio only affair? Edit: Digging a little, it seems like there may be video here -https://purpleeagles.com/watch/?Live=1463&type=Live Don't blame me if the link doesn't work!
  8. You may not get fired for it, but you are often forced to walk around with the equivalent of a dunce cap. I briefly worked at a hospital and employees who weren't vaccinated against the flu had to mask, wear gloves, gown, and face shield when interacting with patients and preface every interaction with a lengthy speech about how they opted to not get the flu shot. The shame of it forced a lot of people who may have otherwise been on the fence into getting the shot. Unfortunately, people seem to be a lot more immune to shame than they were even 10 years ago.
  9. Also found this Rivals thread, but it is "premium content", so if someone with an account wants to post choice quotes, be my guest: https://bostoncollege.forums.rivals.com/threads/game-tonight-albany.42927/ Reddit game thread: Reddit post-game thread:
  10. https://247sports.com/college/boston-college/board/59454/Contents/bc-vs-ualbany-game-thread-178243728/?page=1
  11. Probably directed at white polo shirt who keeps pacing the near sideline. Deserves it
  12. I was trying to figure out whether it was "competent" or "confident". Decided the former was funnier
  13. Gotta feel great heading into the locker room right now. Hats off to Cerruti. Looking like the sharpshooter he was billed as on those last two possessions
  14. That's a shame. Maybe you'll be able to stream it after the game is over? They're playing well tonight. They've had good stretches on offense and good stretches on defense, but rarely looking as solid on both sides at the same time as they have so far tonight.
  15. With Justin Neely's 3rd AE Rookie of the Week, he has now tied Joe Cremo and Cam Healy for 4th all time. Their third ones didn't come until February, so good chance he matches Luke Devlin with 4 or even Jamar Wilson with 5 Very cool, honestly. I'm excited for him.
  16. Amica's out for the season since he needs hip surgery. I feel for the kid. That sucks.
  17. I can't help but feel like something is serious up with Amica that hasn't been shared since he's basically been reported as "day-to-day" since last season
  18. Can someone share with me why Doles isn't in the starting lineup? He just seems to offer a lot more on both ends than Newman does
  19. Glad they got their first win, but really a bummer that it wasn't available to be streamed anywhere. Really a shame, even if everyone's reports from the radio broadcast make it sound like an ugly game
  20. It was nice seeing some of Perry's shots fall tonight. Trey has been more than solid all season. He's a real tough, hard nosed player and I'm glad to see him succeeding so far after last year's ups and downs. Agreed with the consensus that there really aren't many guys on the team that you can rely on for their shooting, but until they got gassed tonight, the defense has mostly been really strong. I like that they're throwing out a lot of different schemes. They've forced a ton of turnovers through this first bunch of games. I think, and maybe it is wishful thinking, that the shots will start falling by conference play and if they don't, the defense should grind down some of the bottom half teams
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