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  1. Of that group, I believe that Doles has already expressed interest in staying for another year
  2. There were absolutely flashes of his ability to get inside the past two years, but he's so more complete of a player now. I'm really happy for him Also, i like UNH's announcers. One dude is a real goofball. Did i catch them say that we're the top rebounding team in the conference? That's something that's been missing
  3. That rim sounds awful I haven't had issues once I'm connected, but basically every time I go to open the app and watch something I have to activate my account. NBA app on my phone also had a huge downgrade at the start of the season
  4. Wyland needs to stop calling Antonio "Tone" just because he saw it in the paper It is so, so grating
  5. Did anyone catch who on SJU is my dude Kyle Lowry's brother in law?
  6. Feels like we've already had more TOs than the past few games with 30 minutes left
  7. On Sling, which i had to jerk around with my subscription settings and switch to their other package in order to actually watch today, it lists Albany as playing
  8. WB essentially said in one of the articles after the Vermont games that he would prefer to get the team healthy to forcing an additional game on the schedule. I'm guessing that across the board, most teams will be prioritizing making certain their conference games happen to adding non-conference games
  9. Good start to today's game. Loving the drives. If the refs are blowing the whistle, use it
  10. I think he took an elbow to the face at practice earlier this week, but was on track to play
  11. Wish he were a better FT shooter, but he's played really smart basketball this second half. Right place, right read, all the right decisions
  12. This basically confirms my theory that Ahmad willed the team to every win they had last year
  13. ๐Ÿ˜„ If I'm still saying "well, the other team has played twenty-four games and we've only played twenty-oneโ€ feel free to roast me
  14. Because this is such a weird season i think we've all got to try not to dwell too much into the bad moments and instead focus on the positive stuff. There are multiple players that can score and create their own shot. The two man game with Taylor is really strong. To me, the scoring droughts and defensive lapses look like more a result of conditioning than actual ability. Three games in four days seems like a lot even if the team were in late season form. I just don't think that you can read too much into anything at this point
  15. That's good defense there forcing that turnover in the baseline
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