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  1. I fully agree, and assume that the people rallying would also agree, that if he struck a player that he needs to go. I apologize if that wasn't clear (one of the pitfalls of trying to board on my phone in between things at work), but I think that there needs to be accountability at all levels here if what the rumor mill has said is true. If DK is being treated as the sacrificial lamb when there may have been unethical things done at all levels in the program, that's not justice. That's cowardice and people scrambling to save their six figure jobs and reputations.

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  2. Everyone's reactions to this latest wrinkle says more about them than the leaders who are rallying. I don't think that there's any indication that they're excusing the physical altercation that was reported, but you're kidding yourself if you think that a first time coach, especially if he's Black, is going to receive the same level of due process as a fifteen year veteran white coach. There's a two tiered system of justice in this country whether it is criminal or part of an internal HR investigation.

    Frankly, it is either naive or willfully ignorant to think that DK isn't more likely to be thrown to the wolves to save the jobs of the folks in the athletic department who seem to have committed the more grave sin of covering up whatever incident may have happened.

  3. 6 hours ago, Clickclack said:

    Imagine getting fired for not taking a flu shot. 

    You may not get fired for it, but you are often forced to walk around with the equivalent of a dunce cap. I briefly worked at a hospital and employees who weren't vaccinated against the flu had to mask, wear gloves, gown, and face shield when interacting with patients and preface every interaction with a lengthy speech about how they opted to not get the flu shot. The shame of it forced a lot of people who may have otherwise been on the fence into getting the shot. Unfortunately, people seem to be a lot more immune to shame than they were even 10 years ago.


  4. 4 minutes ago, blorp said:

    Also found this Rivals thread, but it is "premium content", so if someone with an account wants to post choice quotes, be my guest: https://bostoncollege.forums.rivals.com/threads/game-tonight-albany.42927/


    Reddit game thread:

    Reddit post-game thread:


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