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  1. Can someone share with me why Doles isn't in the starting lineup? He just seems to offer a lot more on both ends than Newman does
  2. Glad they got their first win, but really a bummer that it wasn't available to be streamed anywhere. Really a shame, even if everyone's reports from the radio broadcast make it sound like an ugly game
  3. It was nice seeing some of Perry's shots fall tonight. Trey has been more than solid all season. He's a real tough, hard nosed player and I'm glad to see him succeeding so far after last year's ups and downs. Agreed with the consensus that there really aren't many guys on the team that you can rely on for their shooting, but until they got gassed tonight, the defense has mostly been really strong. I like that they're throwing out a lot of different schemes. They've forced a ton of turnovers through this first bunch of games. I think, and maybe it is wishful thinking, that the shots will start falling by conference play and if they don't, the defense should grind down some of the bottom half teams
  4. Hutcheson has been great today. Really appreciate how aggressive he's been on both sides. Hoping Horton isn't hurt too badly, though Little has been distributing the ball well so far.
  5. This is going to be a long, long year for this team and a short year for the fans
  6. About a minute or so behind, but this audio is terrible. Clip city. Woof
  7. Agreed. Reddish seems like he has the best vision on the entire team - a real bright spot in a miserable second half. Granted, he was playing against the end of Towson's bench. General thoughts: -Defense was really poor. It seemed like they were gambling on everything and leaving guys in the corner open -I'm looking forward to seeing what Neely can do given time -Very glad that Doles stayed. He always plays hard -Something needs to be done to address the parking situation. Cars were backed up all the way out on to 20 from both directions because people kept turning into the lot closest to SEFCU only to have to turn around and go to Dutch. When the signs say "Basketball Parking" people are going to think that's where they are supposed to park.
  8. I don't even see them in my ticket account? Is it because I just did the math and ordered my season ticket tonight?
  9. That's how it always should be for every sport. Absurd that it ever wasn't free for students
  10. If I can get conspiratorial here, sorta feels like the bleachers are broken is a cover story to hide lagging ticket sales the past few seasons. Fewer total seats offered means that the sections that are still open look more full. Plus, it lets them test out whatever the strange lounge behind the baseline and see whether people will pay extra for that and whether it is worth building in for the eventual next arena.
  11. Solid read for the conference, even if it listed some players as returning that have left the program. Feeling very excited to have my butt in the stands on Tuesday!
  12. Did anyone make it there today? How was it? Early hype about any of the new guys?
  13. High likelihood that something like this gets said by the broadcasters every game.
  14. Tried to post the full schedule earlier, but it timed out each attempt. Literally said "wow" when I read through
  15. Not to be a complainer, but the spacing on these emails is awful and makes them look like a word search. I find them incredibly difficult to read. I also haven't had a single one NOT marked as spam
  16. Stinks. Feel bad for Hartford fans
  17. A terrible situation. It was bad before when we just knew about the one instance on the basketball team that UVM seemed to be covering up, but now it is that much more shameful. Disgusting when the systems meant to protect and assist those who've been harmed are instead used to protect and enable those who do the harm. I don't think anyone is naive enough to think this is a problem that's limited to only UVM, just that the other shoe is dropping there now. Hopefully there's an actual reckoning and not the typical hiring of an "independent" outside investigation that ends with a hand waving report absolving everyone in power of any sort of responsibility.
  18. This is an exciting signing and, I'm not sure if Justin selected the music for his reveal video, but Soul II Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and DMX were good choices. I already like him Exactly. It just seems like this is standard language that is used in these press releases by UA. If you dig up the one for Will Amica, it says that exact same thing. Same for Ny'Mire Little's announcement from last week: No one was in a panic last week and no one should be panicking this week either
  19. Think it is just a guess. Like I said in one of the other threads, there really hasn't been much sign one way or the other about Kellon. I'd love for him to be back because I really liked him this past year. It was nice having someone with such a strong inside game that could play physically after a few years without (maybe since Greig Stire graduated?) Also totally get it if he isn't back since I think it'd be his sixth year in college (four at Duquesne and one here) and he's ready to move on to the next part of his life
  20. Good read from The Athletic, if any of you have a subscription: https://theathletic.com/2531964/2021/04/23/black-head-coaching-college-basketball-hires/ DK and Coaches for Action are mentioned a few times.
  21. That dunk at about 0:20 in the the video 😤😤😤 Some of those passes were really nice too. If Drumgoole can be half the player his highlight video showed, he'll be pretty successful here. I haven't seen any indication one way or the other on Kellon Taylor returning. Doles on the other hand has been in almost all of the practice videos that have been posted on social media and has been retweeting basically all of the UA stuff - couple that with his saying he'd like to return while keeping his options open and I think that we'll see him back next year for sure
  22. Bummer for us, but good for him. He was impressive this past year and I wish that we all had the chance to see him play in person. All the best to him
  23. Dunno whether this is the best place to post this or whether it deserves its own thread, but it sounds like Hartford is seriously considering going to D3. https://www.courant.com/sports/college/hc-sp-ncaa-uhart-20210409-20210409-jtxabswhcfearbzxppffkxtnse-story.html As frustrating as games against Hartford are with Gal barking the entire time, this would be a huge blow to the conference and I really hope that it doesn't happen.
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