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  1. At least you're not the commentators getting paid to get everyone's names right and constantly getting it wrong 😄
  2. *Jamel Now that's a solid tweet
  3. Giving this a listen now. Really cool that they're planning on doing 2-4 episodes a month just about UA basketball and Killings
  4. I'm pretty sure everyone thought Odom was gone after the upset 16-1 upset a few years ago. Good for him Gonna be a lot of new faces on the sidelines in the AE next season
  5. You sound unhinged and totally divorced from reality. You're drawing connections between the name change of the Potato Head brand and concentration camps meant to exterminate Jewish people. If you brought this up at work, you'd rightfully be side-eyed by your coworkers because it is absolutely absurd. No one is saying you don't have a right to exist because you're an adult man that's obsessed with a children's toy.
  6. To Syracuse as probably could have been expected
  7. Love the Armory and think it is a great place to see a game (two years ago or whatever where the Pats won the championship was a ton of fun) but it is almost 1000 fewer seats. No way it would ever happen
  8. Really liked that he called himself the "caretaker" of the program Mike Kelly is almost certainly the best local sports journalist, yes?
  9. Playerwise, just spotted Chuck Champion. Keeping an eye out for others
  10. Here's the link for the introduction today at 1:45 https://ualbanysports.com/watch/?Live=8&type=Live
  11. That blistering 14% from three this season has me salivating at what he can bring, lol. Will see if he comes. Only one year older than Amica so you would think they know each other from the Cuse area and may have played each other. Never said he'd be an impact player here, though who knows, but the idea that he is leaving Marquette and might be following Killings here seems to speak to Killings as a coach. I can't imagine upending my college career to follow your assistant coach to a lower tier school unless you really believe in his coaching philosophy and character. And re: yesterday's discussion about whether entering the transfer portal means that the players are gone: https://dailygazette.com/2021/03/16/more-ualbany-mens-basketball-players-head-into-ncaa-transfer-portal-still-no-school-confirmation-that-killings-will-take-over-program/
  12. None of those things have been "cancelled". You can still buy Mr Potato Head, you can still buy Dr Seuss books including those six that they recently decided to stop publishing because they contain racist and offensive stereotypes. Every library in the country has a copy of Huck Finn. You're mad about manufactured controversies and it makes you look like Chicken Little
  13. "Renaming a campus road or building is not an attempt to erase our history. It is instead a signal that we will accept and learn from that collective past, and use that knowledge to forge more inclusive college communities where everyone feels at home." Good statement
  14. I'll say it here now, I think that naming Iati as interim coach is a pretty transparent attempt to retain Rizzuto for his senior year. Feel free to correct me if I'm misunderstanding the NCAA rules and waivers that have been granted, one thing that may be working in favor of preventing a mass exodus is that given that this was basically a free year of eligibility is that scholarship spots elsewhere are going to be more limited than usual. Unless players are willing to transfer to a new school as a walk-on and then compete for playing time against recruited freshman and already established players, I think that there could maybe be slightly less turnover than at first glance. Not saying that there won't be departures, I have a list of players that I think will not be on next year's roster, but it could potentially just be fewer than I thought there would be yesterday
  15. Charging up to $15 for parking was and continues to be a huge mistake. If you want casual fans and families to show up, you can't nickel and dime them to death Edit: Great minds
  16. Update: Greig is no longer listed and Hammill is gone too
  17. Looks like Iati is the Interim HC, Pelletier & Knotts are gone. Donnie Bassett is no longer listed as Special Assistant
  18. Brown must have seen the writing on the wall and I'm sure that, as much as anything to do with covid, played a part in Jackson attending UA this year
  19. For sure. I just seems to me like he'd recruited a good class this past year whose development was stymied due to covid breaks. Seems a shame that guys like Kelly and Rizzuto who on the whole played really well for us this year and came here because of Brown are likely to move on as well because Benson didn't like Brown
  20. Disappointing news, even if it doesn't seem entirely surprising. Always struck me as a high character guy that recruited high character players. I'm sad to see him go and I'll be sad to see the players that leave with him leave. Unless one of them is elevated to head coach, I'm assuming that most of the assistants will also be on their way out the door, as well.
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